Stock Market Crash, Putin’s Potential Term Reset & An African Locust Swarm | The Daily Show

Stock Market Crash, Putin’s Potential Term Reset & An African Locust Swarm | The Daily Show

The stock market. It’s like a casino
without the buffets. And for the last 24 hours,
it’s been on a wild ride. -♪

-Breaking news tonight. Market meltdown. -(bell ringing)
-As the coronavirus spreads, stocks take a nosedive, the Dow closing down
more than 2,000 points, the market’s worst day
since the 2008 financial crisis. REPORTER: Wall Street’s
wild ride continued today. The Dow surged
after President Trump talked about
an economic stimulus plan. You can see stocks rallied
in that final hour of trading, up 1,100 points,
to finish the day at 25,018. Man, the stock market is crazy. Yesterday, it crashes.
Then, today, it surges again. Like, it’s so extra right now. It’s always weird to me
how the stock market never seems to have
any sense of history. Right? ‘Cause it’s like everything that
happens is happening forever, and then everything that’s good
is happening forever. It’s almost like the way
dogs think. That’s who seems like they run
the stock market, right? ‘Cause that’s how dogs are.
Whatever’s happening is happening forever.
When you leave the house, they’re just like, “Oh, no.
You’re leaving? You’re going? “You’re going forever.
I’m gonna starve. I’m gonna die! Oh, my God!” And then you come back.
They’re like, “You’re home! “You’re never gonna leave!
This is so great! “We’re gonna do so many–
Wait, you’re going again? I’m gonna die!” Just breathe, stock market. But, yes, the stock market
dropped 2,000 points yesterday, wiping out $528 billion, which– I’ll be honest–
I never understand. ‘Cause, like, where did it go? What do you mean
you lost $528 billion? Like, what does– what does
that– Every time they say that, I’m like, “Have you checked
your other jeans?” That’s where most
of the money is. And a lot of people are afraid
of the market these days, but I’m-I’m making money
consistently on the stock market. I’ll-I’ll
even share my tip with you guys. Forget investing in companies.
What I do is I put all my money
in green lines that go up and red lines that go down. Yeah. I make a fortune
no matter what. I also don’t understand finance. And I normally don’t feel sorry
for Wall Street, but, with the coronavirus, I feel like they’re going
through a lot. Yeah. Because the one thing
guys on Wall Street like to do when Wall Street is crashing
is the one thing you’re not allowed to do
because of corona– put your hands on your face.
Yeah. So they spent all day yesterday
like, “Oh, no. My money. “Oh, no! Corona!
Oh, no. My money. Oh, no! Corona!” (shouting) (cheering and applause) All right, but let’s move on
to some international news. Because, while corona
is shaking up the stock market, Vladimir Putin is shaking up
Russia’s constitution. Russian President Vladimir Putin
has suggested that he is not against
a proposed amendment to the constitution that could keep him in power
for many years. REPORTER: Vladimir Putin came
to parliament and said if the constitutional court
says yes, then it should be possible
for the current president, him, to run again. And that means he could run
for two more terms in office. That’s 12 more years
of Vladimir Putin. He could be in power
until 2036. Yes, Vladimir Putin is trying
to change the constitution so that he can stay in power long after he’s supposed
to leave. And that is bad,
but at least now America can see that there’s nothing personal, because Russia even meddles
in its own elections. And this is big news. Because– you realize–
Putin is 67 years old now. So if he gets
these additional terms, he’ll only leave office
when he’s 83 years old, which is just young enough
to run for president in America. I do feel bad
for the Russian people who care about democracy though,
like, especially Putin’s supporters,
you know? Yeah, because what do they chant
at his rallies? Huh? You don’t even know
what to chant. Just like,
“Four more years! Four…” He’s like, “Just four?”
“Uh, eight more year…” “Just eight?”
“Uh, you tell us! You tell us!” What’s interesting
about this story as well is that Putin is a dictator,
but it’s interesting how he still goes
through the Russian legislature and the courts
to try and change it. It’s a reminder
that constitutions are only as valuable as
the people who safeguard them. Right? I mean, like,
that would only apply here if America ever got a president
with a bunch of lackeys in Congress who let him fill the
courts with whoever he wanted. Then Americans would be
in big trouble, but that can’t ever happen. I mean, that’s not real, right? Uh, let’s move on to some news
coming out of Africa. Because climate change has been
affecting weather patterns across the globe,
some people in the motherland are experiencing it
more than most. It is a locust invasion
of epic proportions, and it is swarming East Africa
right now. So, the United Nations says
that these insects could decimate
the region’s food supply, and it’s concerned it could
become a full-blown plague. REPORTER: For three months now,
swarms of desert locusts have been eating their way
through East Africa. Here in Kenya’s
Laikipia County, people bang utensils
to try and ward off an increasing menace
to their livelihoods, all to no avail. The locusts keep coming. A voracious appetite means
these locusts eat the equivalent of their own
body weight in a single day. Beans, maize,
pasture for animals– nothing stands a chance. -Oh, hell, no.
-(laughter) First corona, now locusts? I hope we’re not seeing a reboot
of the Old Testament. Yeah, because, then,
as first-born sons, -we’ll have to worry.
-(laughter) Although Trump is probably
gonna be like, “Can we do second-born
this time?” (laughter) “Go with Jesus, Eric.
He’s a nice man. Go with him. Go with him.” (applause) And this is one of the things that’s really sad
about climate change, all right? Although
it’s affecting everyone, the effects are felt in very different ways
in developing nations. Because
in a first-world country, a lot of climate change
is abstract. It’s like, “Did you hear “that Aspen might not have
the best snow for skiing this year?” Whereas in Africa, it’s like, “Can you hear anything
besides the locusts?!” “What? I can’t hear you
over the locusts!” It’s a lot harder
to deny climate change when locusts are eating
all of your food. Like, that’s maybe one thing that Americans need to do
to get everyone on board. Just have the locusts
come to America and start taking all the tables
at Olive Garden. Yeah. Then you will see
Congress take action. “I couldn’t get anything!” Yeah, and once they show up,
locusts are crazy. They can decimate
a field of crops. Then they fly 100 miles
to eat another crop. Yeah. It won’t be the same
in America, though, ’cause, like, food in Africa
isn’t modified. If locusts try to do that
with American food, they would eat at one place,
and then, they’d be like, -“Uh, I-I need to sleep now.
I need to sleep.” -(laughter) “I can’t…
I can’t fly anymore.”


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    Things fall apart.

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  14. The stock market did not crash, an elite group is profiting from these well orchestrated plots to cause these panics and hence if you are not in this group you lose a lot. Do some digging you might see a portion of the truth.

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  25. Update: from before Trump was Appointed
    To 4/11/2020

    Re: The 7th Plague Begins

    Looking back, you can see how Trump Won The Election
    He Presented the Image of a Master
    And Nobody Could Match – What was Needed

    This is Not the Same Guy toDay

    His Power Lies with Truths to Deceive
    And THATS THE SECRET On How He Won

    He’s not the same Story teller today,
    that He was when He Entered The Stage

    But he talks like Artificial Intelligence, Now
    As Everybody Seems To Fears Him,
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    Stephen Hawkins Warned Us About Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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    The Trump Back Then
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    I Can See Now, Why He Says
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    The White House, Judicial System Are All Destroyed
    Before the Plague/Virus is Released

    The Purpose
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    The End of Humanity & All Future Elections

    ITS THAT TIME OF DAY 11/2020
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    Into The 4th & 5th Dimensions
    The Official Opening of the New Aquarius Age

    It’s Very Visible That this is the Self Mirror Cleansing Period
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    He Represents the Choice To Stay in the 3D Era
    “He Who Owns the Gold RULES on🔥”

    While Tulsi Gabbard Represents the Other CHOICE
    (The Golden Rule of Karma) Aloha ❤️

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