Steve Kornacki Charts Bernie Sanders’ Difficult Path For Delegates | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Steve Kornacki Charts Bernie Sanders’ Difficult Path For Delegates | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Bernie Sanders is pull the same bull sh*t that he and Jill Stein pull in 2016 election but this time it Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard another woman they will be on the ballot to take vote away from Joe Biden russian alway repeat the same old sh*t from there playbook an will melt in the election too.

  2. joe has the ben franklin getup, and joe has hillary and the crew, praising her sacrifices and leadership behind closed doors, eager for the day it can all become a respected mainstream norm once again. like sars, joe represents tradition and history and culture. the kind chief warren and the japanese guy never could claim. so the career independent can either offer joe a few cans of coronavirus sanitizer and ask for a boarding pass or he can leverage the debate showdown to his favor through recognizing joes pay for play priorities. or a perfect tomahawk toss.

  3. Congratulations CNN/MSNBC, you got your man.

    We’ll be facing viruses, wars, economic crises, etc. with a guy with dementia or Trump. This is on you.

  4. We started out with a number of potentially decent candidates and it seems we've narrowed it down to the worst possible one. 😖

  5. Ok America. Once we get thru the Coronavirus. We can get thru the DEMOCRATS and fake news. We can do it. I love you America. PEACE

  6. Perfect time to cut Social Security and Medicare. Both Dementia Joe and
    Trump are willing to do it. We can't afford socialism for all of those
    old people, let them survive in the free market.

  7. Perfect time to cut Social Security and Medicare. Both Dementia Joe and
    Trump are willing to do it. We can't afford socialism for all of those
    old people, let them survive in the free market.

  8. Biden is being set up for the DEMOCRATS fall guy. Once he loses they will throw him under the bus. Biden doesn't deserve this.

  9. I'm voting for Bernie,  no matter what, even if it's a write-in ballot.  – And so will millions of Bernie supporters. That means that if Corporate Joe Biden gets the nomination, Trump cannot lose. AND SO BE IT.  Let the damned country burn to the ground!  Maybe then something actually good can eventually  rise from the ashes.  – And no, I'm not kidding.
    Screw Joe Biden and the corporate lackeys that are propping him up.   The moronic Biden supporters will get what they deserve. I’M VOTING MY CONSCIENCE, AND SENDING A MESSAGE.

  10. It's a waste of time Steve. Bernie's path to victory is at 0%. It's now time for you people at MSNBC to get your White Boards and Computer Presentation programs ready to tabulate President Trump's Massive Electoral College Landslide BLOWOUT Victory in November. The tabulation of this Landslide Reelection Victory for our President should be an easy call for you people to make.


  11. By nov elections, there won't be a country to be president of…I'm predicting 250 million infected, 8-12 million deaths.

  12. I think Joseph Stalin said it best I don't care who cast the vote my concern is the one that counts the vote… either that or Trump supporters are voting for Biden… what you think.

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  14. They still have delegates to assign from California, Colorado, & Utah 8 days later. Yet they called Missouri and Mississippi for Biden within 5 minutes of polls closing.

    Something stinks.

  15. Some in gov. support trying to harm disabled and handicap.. I'm not handicap I,m disabled. They don't like Microsoft. They steal Xboxes.

  16. They told Me to hate Microsoft, send signals they don't want Me to get Xbox, they want Me to play Dreamcast.

  17. Illness I think is from signals, that certain illness.
    I'm healthy , little uncomfortable from the signals from A unattractive group.

  18. TRUMP and his boot-lickers on-call at FOX News PUSH Bernie – NUFF' FN SAID!!!!! He only got the LITTLE vote he got because it was all EARLY. This is NOT 2015. This Bernie BS fake news- needs to STOP if the Dems are to prevail.

  19. When all you socialist are done feeling the Bern can you donate all those useless T-shirts you guys wear? I need spare rags to clean my car😉🤣🤣

  20. Bernie only won California because of election fraud. All of the young voters just got back in line and voted using fake IDs

  21. I think you would want to know this; … Exit Polls show Election Fraud.

  22. I am amazed that people think if they vote for this one, this will be accomplished and if they vote for that one, that will be accomplished, like they are playing chess on a chess board. They think if they have the right pieces in the right places that their lifestyle, a lifestyle that is contrary to HIS purpose and will, would be secured.
    They forget that The Lord own the chess board and that HE can over turn it at any time.
    We must remember that HIS ways are higher than our ways.
    HE has spoken, "Be holy, because I am holy".
    HE created us for his purpose and not our own self-centered purpose.
    HE needs workers in HIS Kingdom, HIS universe is a very large place, and our life here on earth is an internship. HE watches and takes notes how we live and how we treat each others. As we go thru this life we are writing our résumé to present before The Lord.
    We must remember that we will be servants of the Most High in HIS heavens.
    I ask you, will The Lord Jesus Christ hire you to serve in HIS Father 's Kimgdom.
    The Lord Jesus Christ came to earth not to do HIS own will, but the will of HIS Father who sent him.
    Who's will are you living for today? What does your résumé' look like.

  23. Will Sanders supporters submit to the DNC machine? IMOP Those prone to be subs will fall inline with the DNC, but many see Trump as an anti-establishment candidate just like Sanders, so they will stay home or vote for Trump….the real anti-establishment street fighter. Trump and Sanders are very much alike….both were attacked vehemently by the RNC/DNC. Debbie Downer Sanders preached doom, gloom, envy, confiscations, and hate. Trump preaches American Exceptionalism, success, sovereignty, and full employment. Psychologically, Sanders message is an omnipresent downer and straight out of Goebbels playbook. He relied on support from sophomoric thinkers with uninformed and unformed minds, many of whom were too lazy to vote in the primaries. This was a major Achilles heel for Sander’s campaign strategy. His strategy people failed him miserably…probably blinded by ideology. I’ll miss watching Bernie scowling and flapping his arms about. Quite the act indeed.

  24. What Ever Biden Has It Was Handed To Him…He Did Not Win Anything Himself…Bought And Paid For By The Deep State…You People Are Sad.

  25. WOW! NBC is sure enthusiastic about Bernie's loses—obviously they're part of the FACICIST CORPORATE POWER STRUCTURE behind Biden.

  26. America doesn't deserve Sanders. This is an absolute affront to journalism. Trump is right about all mainstream media

  27. MSNBC again has failed Americans by unfairly fear mongering about Bernie and covering for Biden. But I'm sure MSNBC prefers Trump for another 4 years of ratings and not having to do actual journalism or "news"

  28. Bernie's entire argument for winning against Trump is that he could win the swing states and he hasn't done that. Heck he isn't even performing well in the swing states. Not only that but the only states he has won are either definitely going GOP or definitely going blue. He also hasn't gotten the core group of young people out to vote like he said he would and this is in a primary that has had large turnout despite a pandemic going on. This is the opposite of him getting screwed out of the nomination. Not to mention claims of Bernie getting screwed out of the nomination don't really hold water as an argument when if you think the democrats are willing to be shady to keep him out what do you think Trump and the GOP are going to do when they already do all kinds of shady stuff to keep ANY dem from getting office?

  29. If Biden looses, the Bernie supporters will be blamed regardless, even after voting for Biden, come 2024 who are they going to pick? Bloomberg? And try to sell it to the boomers that he is the most electable

  30. I feel so bad for Bernie. The Dem establishment has christened Biden as the insider who deliver us from King Trump. Those super delegates are gonna give him the candidacy and they're gonna screw Bernie over as they did in 2016. They'll probably also lose again like 2016.

  31. Bernie Sanders is holding the Democratic Party hostage.
    Bernie held the Party hostage and helped elect Donald Trump in 2016.
    Bernie is holding the Party hostage again.

  32. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  33. Do people really want someone like Cowboy Joe that may even have a hint of a growing mental illness to be in a position to make decisions like dealing with nuclear war or involving us in more wars or keeping your existing health insurance that you will lose if you lose your job ?

  34. This is a other apocalypse.
    "Biden" with him it other liar.
    Doesn't change anything from Biden, for the people.
    We go be sorry, will be very sad.
    Another bad example for Humanity liar.
    Very sad what people are doing, wake up my people now out of the Biden and Trump.
    How can the journalist people those who lie , about helping to do good for all can sleep liar.
    The people are human it will not happen, another disaster, we have to embrace the nation for everyone already.
    We are tired suffering with so many lies
    So many diseases, and the government they are for trillionaires, and dirty companies are killing the world.
    Look what is passing and our planet, around us all
    does not invest in the health of the people….
    Predict a future, but provide health for all life, together we can help everyone etc now…!!!
    Wake up my people look at this opportunity for everyone, God is showing our opportunities now.
    Bernie Sanders for President already now, please this is our opportunity for everyone..!!!!!
    Wake up Before it is too late for everyone in the future our sisters and brothers are our children and general..!!

  35. Reposting: HPMcQueen
    Remember, Obama lost CA, MI, TX, FL, PA, MA, AZ, NJ, OK, OH, TN, AK, NY, & more in 2008. And only won 1 state on 2nd Super Tuesday.
    This isn't over, we're just a field goal down at halftime. And there are too many unique variables that can flip this overnight. We can still win this.

  36. Kornacki needs a new big board. Sounds like a repeat of 2016. He never seems to get it right. Biden needs to up his meds and go back to sleep.

  37. Like people actually believe they are still counting? 😂 they won’t let Bernie win unless something happens to joe. Then suddenly all the missing Bernie ballots will show up

  38. I have no faith in Dementia Joe against the greatest insult comic in the world, even if trump has alzheimers. Joe can't handle medicare for all, he can't handle climate change, and he is too sleepy to handle coronavirus. BERNIE 2020. FIND A VP and rally BERNIE!!!!!! TIME TO START THROWIN BOWS BERNIE!!!!!

  39. Biden didn’t pull off some miracle. He’s getting by because of the propaganda your network is pushing, and the coalescing of the other democratic candidates. He’s barely done any campaigning, and he’s riding the coattails of Obama this whole time. Why don’t you at least realize that if Biden gets the nomination he needs Sanders supporters to win? Oh, right. Corporate money.

  40. It’s the establishment/oligarchy and state TV which has conned voters into the making the same mistake of 2016. Bc the establishment would rather have Trump than Bernie. If Biden is the nominee, I won’t be voting, at least not for president. 🖕establishment!

  41. It was amazing how the evil DNC prevented millions of young Bernie Bros from voting by making them stay home instead of going to their polling places.

  42. You lying schmucks! Look at Bernie's rallies and compare to Biden's! Look at their funds and the sources where they come from! Look at the ideas!.. you wont to tell us that most people like their insurance companies instead of universal care? People on the Fox News, mostly Republicans, applauded Bernie!.. You prostitutes payed by rich, paint Biden's fake winning pols, and other prostitutes called DNC is counting peoples' voices, and you both cheating on us, schmucks! Do you remember what Kennedy said, if you do not let peaceful revolution happen, you will face the violent one? And you, lying Steve, will regret that you are doing that! MSNBC, you are prostitutes!

  43. Folks, watch this:

    BERNIE & BIDEN will NEVER be the PRESIDENT of the USA!

    Have a great day to y’all

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