Stadia – Official Launch Trailer | Now Available

Stadia – Official Launch Trailer | Now Available

Hi, I’m looking for… Stadia! What? What’s Stadia? Stadia is only the newest, most logic defying, mind-bending, absurd gaming platform on Earth. Forget boxes. Forget consoles. Just your games, your screens and electric air. And this electric air is Stadia! Unlike consoles, Stadia doesn’t take up any space. It makes no noise. It has no smell. Watch. Go find Stadia boy. Don’t worry He’ll never find it. Ok. You can play Stadia with this. Stadia likes to party. Up to 4K/60FPS Stadia has the games you’re looking for. What? He’ll show us. 4K/60FPS With Stadia, you can go virtually anywhere Live any when. Play with any who. So we’re inside a game I think I know that guy. Gary Stadia is gaming for free range humans Gary Stadia travels across screens Gary No downloads, no updates, no waiting. Stadia bends time and space to take you straight to your game. So Stadia is the pencil Technically, this is Stadia. Stadia streaming pipeline leverages decades of Google research. Is that a dog? He actually found it. Stadia has the games you’re looking for. Stadia is so impossibly mind-bending, so free to move from screen to screen So not dependent on downloads and updates It’s like nothing Nothing you’ve ever played games on before Unthink the things you think are things Free your mind, at the one place for all the ways we play. Stadia So wow. Do you guys maybe have… Stadia!


  1. Im a lumberjack and im ok , i cut down trees and play in 4k . Hes a lumberjack and hes ok , he cuts down trees and plays in 4k ????. I wear high heels and pantyhose and play stadia like my dear mama. He wears high heels and pantyhose and plays stadia just like his dear mama??? boooo get off……. and now for something completely different. 🤮🤮🤮

  2. I was watching this casually but when I saw the like/dislike ratio, I thought to myself, "Why all the hate?" Then I saw the comments, then I totally realized I forgot one of the most annoying things in online streaming. Being lag.

  3. Me before seeing comments: Oh this seems cool! 🙂

    Me afterwards: THANKS FOR THE LIES MR FAIRY-TALE! Let's waste our money on something else!

    Edit: Mr, not Me.

  4. Klar kann gut sein aber mal ganz ehrlich wo kommt genug Internet für sowas in Deutschland schon an trotz einer gut genugen Leitung

  5. Wow it actually got so bad that they had to get bots to like the video. If you look at the likes and then the comments, you can see literally nobody actually likes it, they’re definitely bots

  6. Here's what we have:

    -Worse visuals than other consoles/gaming pc's

    -Terrible input lag

    -tiny selection of games

    -hardware failures

    -the few games there are expensive as well as the service itself

    At this point you might as well invest in a decent pc and get a better experience.

  7. Idk I don’t mind a console taking up space! I love downloading or simply going to the store and buying my games. Idk growing up that was the point of having a game console

  8. Do you want to be at a disadvantage at every game you play?! Do you want to pay money to acces games you already own?! Do you want a garantee for always online even when its a single player game?! Do you want input garanteed input lag?! Then get stadia! The only place i can see stadia have a chance is on the phone market… since phones have bad performance compared to any solid machine… though even then it most likely suffers from input lag etc so…. yeah nah

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