Sql is not Connecting and could not start SQL Services

Sql is not Connecting and could not start SQL Services

in this video we are going to talk about an error when we go to connect our sql this error comes when we go to start any service then this error comes the agent service cannot be enabled nor the ms sql service gets on so what actually happens when we go to connect our sql server then this error comes in front of us which is written here which is network related error comes and when we go to on any services write services.msc in run command your services will open if you type ‘s’ then sql services will come so WE WILL FIND IF MS SQL and our agent services both are off we have to enable them so that our sql gets connected and then when we go to connect them then we get another error ” windows could not start the server on local computer” and if we enable agent service then the same error comes so what should we do with it so first go to the configuration manager go to start and sql you will see tools there you will see the the configuration manager click on it . the configuration manager will open in you have to see protocal for sql server. you have to open it . which you will wind in sql server network okay and when you go to services you can run it from here and when i run it from here then this error comes in front of us “request failed” or “the service did not respond in a timely fashion” and when we run the services from here then this error comes. even if you run the agent service the same error comes look the same error came . so we so to solve this , i told you that you have to go to network protocol and there you will find via virtual interface adapter, you have to disable it okay and then go to your two services ms sql service click on start it will start immediately , refresh it it will get to running stage after starting immediately look the running came. after that after that do this to your agent service too, its stopped right now after starting it will come in running stage now both are in running stage there’s no issue now close it and open our sql and connect from here as soon as you connect , your sql will connect and all the databases will come no issue so by this your services will work and sql will connect without error


  1. sir mera to VIA hi ni hai… main kiya kro.. just 3 hi protocols hai 1) shared memory 2) Named Pipes 3) TCP/IP…. sir please help me

  2. Hello Sir, I am using SQL Server 2017 Developer version. And it seems there is no VIA in SQL server configuration manager. Need your assistance over this issue.

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