Sophia Calate KALENDER 2/2 Shooting | Behind the Scenes

Sophia Calate KALENDER 2/2 Shooting | Behind the Scenes

Hi guys and welcome to part two of my making-of Sophia Calate calender video Today we take photos of R8 Decennium besides some other cars It’s a limited car. Only 222 cars were built I put clothes on that look like a racing suit with red hair we are at the harbour of Düsseldorf by the way Location is nice, weather is nice, we are good to go! Today we take photos of the Aston Martin DBS. It has 725 HP We are at the car dealer Moll in Düsseldorf The background is very cool, because the wall and the floor have the same look and that’s why it feels more like a classy environment. Today we are in a very special garage as you can see it looks so cool. it’s not only a very special garage, but also with very special car like this Mercedes SLR behind me. There are not many cars like this on this planet. This one is not the newest car In my calender I focused on the newer sportscar But if you have the opportunity to take photos with this car you don’t say no, it is still a timeless and wonderful car. Okay guys we are done. This was the last car that made it into the calender A McLaren Senna in a very cool color! You can order the calender now on my homepage! You can find all details in the description below See you soon, bye!


  1. Hallo Sophia hier ist Timo von gestern. Vielleicht kannst du dich noch erinnern. Der Kalender ist so toll👍. Ich habe ihn ja selber auch schon.Du bist nicht nur in deinem Videos so hübsch , sondern in echt auch. Danke für den tollen Tag. Mach weiter so. Liebe Grüße Timo🙋‍♂️

  2. Bis zum 08.12.2019 könnt ihr den Kalender auch am Stand von DTE-Systems auf der Essen Motor Show kaufen! Halle 7, Stand 7C27. Ich bin auch hin und wieder vor Ort! 😁

  3. Hiii beste youtuberin coole Autos schöne bilder Perfekt den Kalender hol ich mir auf jeden fall👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😉

  4. Hübsch! Ein slr mclaren und ein 300sl flügeltürer standen mal über den winter bei unserem mercedeshändler als deko

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