Social Media Marketing: 5 Strategies for Small Business [2018]

Social Media Marketing: 5 Strategies for Small Business [2018]

Everyone is online According to Google, people
will spend over 5 years of their lives using
Social Media That is 40 minutes on Facebook,
35 minutes on Youtube and 15 minutes on Instagram, every day on average. You, as a business owner,
just can’t afford not being there! We did some digging on our own and we ranked 5 strategies
that are really effective if you want to grow your business on the Social Media. My name is Daniel, let’s get started You have probably seen other videos and blogs that your content
should be high quality, unique, relevant and appealing for your audience. But Doc, how do I create and curate content like that! If you want to position your brand as thought leader in your industry maybe you should
take a look into what the successful brands are already doing. So I have 3 tips to help
you with that. The first is the 40-60 rule. That means that
you should create 40% of all the content and curate 60% of all your postings. That
helps you to focus on creating high quality content and still maintain the consistency The second is Shareability. Better than original,
high quality and relevant you should focus on shareable content. If you want to know what is shareable, just
go to your competitor’s timeline and write down what kind of content receives the most
number of likes, comments and shares. Go back to your workstation and start creating and
curating content with those same elements. Have a higher rate of shareability and help you increase your credibility. Now that you got good content
in your hands, wouldn’t be amazing if you could find if that content will hit or crash?
Using tools like Feedly should help you to find and organize RSS feeds that are relevant
to your business. Once you find the topics, using Buzzsumo will show the total engagement achieved by any post. You can also check what is the total
engagement of the content that you are creating. And then, to automate the delivering, you
can use a tool like Statusbrew The second strategy is to BE PRESENT on the
social media. This is the easiest way to talk directly to your customers and you can do
that without spending any money. Apart from liking, commenting, sharing and answering
content relevant to your brand The challenge here is to optimize the time you’ll spend on this activity Good news is that you don’t need to monitor
all the social media channel all the time. And that’s great, because there are thousands
of social media channels out there A good way to start deciding where to be present
is to look where your competitors are. If they are posting like crazy on Instagram Maybe it’s a good idea to start paying attention on that platform too. Another way to reach
relevant audience is to be in industry specific And after defining where to be present It’s time to decide what kind of content you would like to engage with. Remember to engage
where you can add value to and try to not hijack the conversations. Which takes us to the next point Define your style and principles, and stick
to them. If you are funny while engaging don’t turn to a scientific speech overnight. And if you post pictures 3 times a day don’t spend 3 weeks without posting anything! Consistency is key here Guidelines set, time to get into practice. You can use tools like Hootsuite listening to track conversations. That enables you to engage without having to scroll down and visit different pages where your brand is present. Third strategy is to tackle Influential Marketing. This is something that will dominate the market in the coming years and is the cheapest way
to gain scale and even go viral if you do it in the right
way! Influential Marketing is to use Influencers
to market your brand and you probably already know some big influencers like GaryVee and
Nathan Allen but there are also niche influencers like Sam Hurley and Mary Smith These guys are known for publishing great content having a huge audience and always adding value while they engage Now consider the benfit of getting those guys to advocate for your brand
If they share your content it will automatically leverage your visibility to all the audience
that are listening to them And because their engagement is high, your
content will probably be shared by loads of people But now, how can you make them to listen to you? The first thing is to identify the real Influencers. See, only because one Twitter profile has
100k followers, that doesn’t mean that he is an Influencer. The engagement is a really
better metric to define influence. Now, once you identity the right people, you
can try to talk directly to them presenting yourself, presenting your brand. Be Honest
about your intentions. It is also good idea to do your homework. Search their background
and tell them why it makes sense for them to interact with you and with your brand.
And also prepare for paying them for collaboration. Which takes us to the… “There is no free lunch” Yeah, also applies here. Fact is that Organic Growth is dying. Platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter have recently
updated their apps to prize even more the paid content and even less the non-paid content.
That means that it is harder to gain space in your customer’s timeline. Now, you and
I agree that it doesn’t make sense first spending a lot of effort on producing content, if nobody
is going to see it! If you never spend one single penny in social media marketing You will leave a Like in this video, just for us to have an idea. However, understand that
before paying you should prepare, otherwise you’ll be just wasting money and just to
make sure you don’t miss the point Your competitors are already doing it.
Now, how much should you spend? 20% of your marketing budget should be a good way to start. Also remember that Makes sense for you to go to a paid campaign because platforms like
Facebook knows much more about your customers than you can imagine. They do a great job while targeting.
But, once started, control your anxiety because it will take a while for the results to come. Actually, interacting offline with your customers is the best way to keep them for life. It is even better if you can mix the offline with the online experience. See what Price Waterhouse Coopers did,
(the auditing company that is taking care of the
Oscar briefcase for the past 82 years). They have sent an actual briefcase to celebrities
before the 2016 Oscar ceremony! The celebrities went crazy and posted tons of pictures in
their social media profiles boosting the brand awareness to the sky. You can do something similar by sending a special gift to your customers. The most important is to make sure that this is
part of the customer’s experience so they can remember you forever. I hope you find this useful and if there is
anything I missed Let me know in the comments


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