Smart Glasses Test! Trying Amazon’s New Version of Google Glass

Smart Glasses Test! Trying Amazon’s New Version of Google Glass

– Seeing your notifications,
getting directions, ordering an Uber and talking to Alexa. All inside a light and stylish frame. Is smart glasses technology finally here? (upbeat music) – [David] Alright, Fin. – Yes. – You went to New York. You only stayed there for 24 hours. – Yep. – My question is why? What were you doing there? – Oh, boy. (hip hop music) I have to tell you, I was
very excited for this. I wanted Google Glass to be a thing, – [David] Yes – but it never really took off. But I think I found the next Google Glass. It’s a company backed by Amazon, it’s called Focals by North. And it looked amazing. – [Announcer] These are
not your standard glasses. They have a light of their own. – I saw things about it on their website. Great features, it said
available now, you can buy it. And I thought this
should be our next video. Exactly – This was what Google’s
smart glasses weren’t. – Exactly. So, after realizing that, I thought I should just pick these up, but it turned out the
only way you get them was either going to New
York or going to Toronto, where they had stores. I couldn’t order them
online, there was no way and there was not a lot of information. I couldn’t find real videos. All I could find was like, a video by, I think the Verge did a
video, CBS did a video, like some news articles. These look like stylish glasses, like glasses I’m wearing now. Stylish glasses that are smart glasses that connect to your Android or iPhone. So I decided to go to
New York and pick ’em up. It is 9:35pm. We had a new idea for our video, – Yup and it involves me flying to
New York tomorrow morning. So we’re booking the ticket right now. Flying to New York in the morning. – Oh my god, dude! – Right? – That’s incredible, but dude, what time is the flight, exactly? – 7:40am. – We would have to leave here at 4:40. – Yeah. The flight is at 7:40, so that’d be good. – Wow, dude! – Guess what? It’s good. I’m booking a flight right now. Boom! And there we go! I’ll be in New York by this time tomorrow. If anyone’s in New York let me know. I’ll be there. There was a flight that was cheap then, so I booked it right then
and I left to New York to get these glasses that I really didn’t know anything about, necessarily. – What are they all capable of, though? Can you watch videos on them? – I don’t know. – No. – Do they have like a, heads up display? – It has a heads up display, but
you can’t watch videos. What you can do is like,
Google Assistant basically. ’cause you can take phone calls, I’m assuming with the speaker. How did I see them doing that? – Yeah. – Nobody knows what the features are, because no real good videos on it. So, yeah, it was crazy. I’ve actually probably
never booked a flight that close to that departing. But yeah, flew to New York,
it was kind of a crazy flight, there was a lot of connections,
but I made it there. And I popped on Instagram
that I was gonna be there, ’cause I wanted, like, someone to help me figure out how to actually
get around in New York. – We didn’t book a hotel for you either. – Right, I didn’t have a hotel. Luckily, I made a friend, Noah. Absolutely amazing guy, he
also had two Boosted Boards. So we hung out, he showed me
how to get around the city, and we went to the appointment
that we had made together. (dance music) How we lookin’? – We are looking. – We are still looking, currently. – Still looking. – That’s how exactly we’re looking. – You got standard once, – Standard once? I’m being conservative, you know? (dance music) Alright, so we’re here at Focus by North. My appointment is in 10 minutes, we try and pick up some of these glasses. So, we’ll see how it goes. And this was it, I was so stoked. The shop looked legit. I’d talking been to Noah about it, it’s like this company
that’s backed by Amazon. The smart glasses looked so
cool, the shop looked amazing. On the videos, you could get
an Uber with the glasses. – Right. – So I was like, I could leave right then with these glasses and get an Uber. Stoked about it. So stoked. The person was there with the iPad. Had my appointment to
get these things, right? There was another person there with an appointment right after mine, they’re getting their glasses too. Like, we’re all just here
getting smart glasses, and the experience was sick. I expected it to be just like, Oh, you put them on and you can see. Maybe do a bit of fitting
to make sure it works, little bit of, you know,
sizing ’cause it’s new. But no, you go into this room
and a 3D rig scans your eyes and makes an actual model of your whole entire face, with your eyeballs, so that it can, like,
perfectly fitted to you, which I don’t understand why, but that’s really really
cool they do that. – All of this is basically so that the image is at the exact distance – Right, exactly – That you need it focus it the right way. – ‘Cause these are gonna be
like, these sort of virtual, you know, hud display. – So, like an Iron Man display, right? – In front of you, so they want it to be the exact right position. – Right. – So, they have to calibrate
all that stuff, yes. – Otherwise it’s gonna be blurry, or in a different position, or. – Exactly, exactly, so. – And that is why you couldn’t order it. – Right. – You had to go there. – It actually made sense. It was a pretty lengthy process, seemed very scientific. So yeah, that made sense why
I had to actually be there. So, I was stoked about it. But, it all came down
to this very sad moment. A few moments after that, they explained to me the options I had, the pricing, and that it was going to take 10 weeks for me to get my glasses. 10 weeks! I didn’t see that anywhere on the website. – Yeah. – Like, I was shocked. Like, I’m here to pick up these glasses. I was expecting to be back
here showing them to you, and have them right now. It takes 10 weeks to get them. So, if I wanted to get them in, it would have taken 10 weeks. And not only that, but I would have to go back for another appointment, to get them fitted. There’s a sizing appointment
and a fitting appointment. – What is the difference? – It said, book your appointment
now when I booked it. I didn’t say like, book
your first appointment. – Right, yeah. – You have to come back in 10 weeks and have another
appointment once the glasses actually get shipped. It’s like they need to be
produced, just for you. – Right. So they’re like, handmade. – Right. It’s like handmade specifically for that. So I was like, pretty shocked. It was a little disappointing, I thought I was gonna get these right away. I wasn’t really clear on that, but I mean, I guess maybe that’s just the cost of smart glasses right now, you have to wait. – At this point, you
were still be willing to go to New York again – Yeah. – to pick them up. – I’m still willing, if
it’s gonna be the promise of these glasses that can replace my own glasses and be smart glasses. I’m still willing, so I continue
on with the process, right? And I’m still having a good time, like, alright, maybe that’s
the price it’s gonna take. So, I’m like, I will fly
back down if I need to and pick these up. It could be worth it, right? – It could be worth it. – And because they
calibrated these glasses to my eyes, I got to actually
test it, which was great. So, they had some glasses,
they loaded the software on, they adjust, you know, calibrated. And I put them on, and tried
it out, and it was so sick. Immediately put on these glasses. They feel like normal glasses, they’re a little bit more bulky, you know? So, you kinda feel like you
got some bulk on your face. And the one that I was trying was not the style that
I was hoping to try, and they looked a little bit, you know, a little clunky. But I put them on and
I could immediately see this really cool, like, holographic. – Wow! So they actually work. – Which was sick! – It was hard to see in videos, I don’t have many good clips of it. – Right. – But, basically, in the store actually, they had some virtualizations
on what that would look like. So, I have some shots of that, so you can see, like, what it would look like inside the glasses. Basically, the way they worked, is it actually is projecting
onto your eyeball, it’s not projecting on the glass. It’s reflecting off the glass, – Oh! – into your eye, and so there’s really no way to actually see it. Because it is, literally only
displayed into your eyeball. – Whoa. – So, very different to other technology. It’s very, like, pretty cool, right? – That is pretty cool. – Projects into your eye. – So, you tried some of the
glasses and you saw that? – Yep. That’s (laughter) that is a very good question, David. That is a very good question, and I really couldn’t say. I don’t know why. Tried them on, I could
see this garbage display. And I was like, I wish
to take these glasses, But whatever, I guess I can’t, but I’ll still try them out. And they gave you a ring
that you can put on. So, the way they’re controlled is with the ring that you
put on your finger, right? And you can, like pan, they move round – Yeah – And do a little stuff, right? You also have to get that sized. You have to get a
perfect size of the ring. Clever, right? – Oh my gosh, a lot of sizing. – Yeah, so no adjustability. – I kinda like the concept of the ring. How did it feel, though? – The ring felt good, it
felt good on my finger. I felt like at a certain point, I would have to get used
to having a ring on, like a bulky ring. It’s not like a thin ring,
it’s kinda bulky ring. – Right. – But functionally, while I
am using it, it felt great. So, I immediately start, like, going through the menus, checking it out. Me and Noah start to look pretty
stocked about this, right? – Yeah. – But, I say immediately
went to the menus. I immediately went through all the menus. (laughter) in, like, two seconds. Like, boom boom boom,
that was all the options. It was like, maps, and then text messages, and then Uber. That was it. – Like, could you order an
Uber with those glasses? – Right, so, I could,
there was an app like Uber and I could order an
Uber with the glasses. I could say, you know, call an Uber to my current location, right? I was like, okay, that’s pretty cool, and I asked if there was
more, like what other, you know, ride sharing apps, maybe they had a deal with
Uber or whatever, right? It turned out Uber was the
only app at all on this device. – Uh huh. – So, basically what these glasses can do, is literally, exactly
what the video stated. – [Announcer] Among other things, it can tell you the weather,
give you walking directions, and display text messages. You can even order an Uber using them. – It can only show you text notifications, it can’t text anybody. – You can’t – You can’t text anybody. – Actually tell, hey Alexa, – Yeah. – text my buddy. – No. You can’t. There’s no Google Assistant, there’s Alexa, but it’s
a dumbed down version of Alexa, that can only, like, tell you a joke or tell you the weather, or tell you, like, random, very small. – Interesting. You can make calls? – You can’t even make, you can’t. You can’t even call somebody (laughter) on the glasses. It has a microphone. – Yes. – So you can talk to Alexa,
it has speakers to respond, but you can’t talk to
anybody on the glasses! And I asked them, and they were like, yeah, there’s nowhere we’re gonna do that. – Wait, wait, wait. They’re not even planning on doing? – This person didn’t seem to know, – Right. – But they seemed to know
that they weren’t going to. – Ah! Interesting. – It’s like, they didn’t
seem like the kinda person who would know, but they said, Oh I know, it’s not really for that. – Interesting. – And, I was like, shocked at this point. At this point, like, everything’s
falling in on itself. Like, I was promised this
product that was like, smart glasses, and sure,
they’re kinda smart glasses, but they’re smart glasses with literally only, like,
five features, right? – So, that’s super interesting. Because, I think we watched this video. – Yup. – The CBS one, or whatever. – Yup. – They were talking about how, among other things, – Mm hmm – It had this functionality. – There were no. – Yeah, I can go to that video right now, let me see where it actually is. I can go to that video. I’m pretty sure that literally, the things they stated, were exactly the amount of things you could do. Let me see. – [Announcer] Among other
things, it can tell you (laughter) – Okay, listen, listen. – [Announcer] Among other things, it can tell you the weather,
give you walking directions, and display text messages. You can even order an Uber, using– – You can even order an Uber – That is the four things that it can do. – Dude, that language is so misleading. – I flew to New York, okay? (laughter) I flew all the way to New York, and I sat there and talked to this person for as long as I could, to see everything these glasses could do, because of the commitment
I made to go get them. – Yeah. – And it was those four things. It was, you can, you know, tell the time, you can get directions, see
notifications, and get an Uber. But that is the functionality
of these glasses. If you care that much
for the functionality, then sure, it did work. – So, here’s the thing,
even if these four things are worth $600 to you, – Yeah – To have in your eyes. – Yep – You can’t actually get them, though. – You can’t get them,
that’s why it felt so weird. At that point, I was left
feeling like, what do I do now? Like, do I buy these? Like, I don’t want these anymore. From what I was shown, it seemed like this amazing product they want
everyone to have, right? – Yeah. – But in reality, the product is so empty. There’s not much you can do with it, it’s so hard to get, and
it was going to be forever to even get these. And some of the key things that
I wanted to be able to do, like just have a phone call, right? Like talk to somebody,
send a text message. Like, you get an alert? You have to pull out your phone. You can’t be like, oh yeah,
respond, or like, okay. – Big when we do. – All you have to do, is
send that mic earpiece to you phone and make it happen. – Yeah. – It’s just simple. – When they say, backed by Amazon, – Yeah – And that includes Alexa. You would imagine you’d be able to at least answer a text, – Yeah – Or pick up a call. – Yeah, so anyway, very confusing. I couldn’t figure out what exactly, the uses for it would be. So, at this point, I really
didn’t know what to do. I mean, they were basically,
we left the store, made sure there was an option
for me to buy it still. Do I even want them now? I don’t know. I mean, is it worth
getting these glasses now? Like, I don’t know if it’s
even like, after what I saw, I spent literally like, you know, like, 10 minutes trying to use
everything that I could. And I feel like that was,
I don’t need them anymore. After 10 minutes of using it, like. – Yeah. It’s not worth $600. – There was nothing more to explore. So, I was left not knowing what to do. And we left the store, just kinda explored New York a bit more. Ran around Boosted Boards,
it was so much fun. And I was checking my phone after that, you know, I was messaging you about, kind of trying to figure out
what happened a little bit. And I was looking at my phone, and I was being advertised this product. – Wow. – And ever since then,
I’m still getting ads on my phone, right now. I can show you a screen shot, I’m still getting ads, right now, for Focals by North, the glasses. Only $599, shop now. – Shop now. – I’m not anywhere near a
place where I could buy them, and I’m being advertised this as like, the consumer smart glasses. Like, this is something
advertised that I wanna get. – Yeah The reality, it’s something
I can’t get without literally flying there, twice. So, it’s really at this point, I think you said it best,
it’s vaporware at this point. – It’s vaporware. – It literally is. Technically, it’s been
made, but not produced. Like, – Right. – They’re producing one for each person that buys it, it seems like. So, it really is vaporware. – It’s interesting, because it seems that the process is not really scalable. – Right, I don’t know what their plan was. Like, I’d go as far as saying they’re not real features,
it’s like a demo. – It’s like a demo, yeah. – I mean, maybe the future of this product is gonna be great, but we saw
and when I went to New York and saw what was a demo of a product that I couldn’t really buy. – What boggles my mind, is why they are advertising these. I’m wondering if what
they’re actually doing, is just trying to build a brand, before they even have a product. – They want the name, yup. – They’re building a
brand before the product, so that the public might be ready for their second version of these glasses. – Yep. And that possible. The thing too, is that, like, I was so excited for this to be a thing, to finally have, like an
Iron Man type pod in my eyes, and be able to walk around
talking to you right now, but see, you know, like
text messages coming up, and see the time, and
see all these things. Kinda like Google Glass,
but in reality now. Like, backed by Amazon, it was
hyped to be the real thing. And I really want to
make a video of it too, I wanted to get the product. But as it turns out, like,
I couldn’t get the product. Couldn’t get the product, and also, I couldn’t do anything
with the product either. So, here we are. I don’t know what to do now,
I don’t know what to do. I am so ready for smart
glasses to be a real thing, but they’re not, and I
don’t know what to do. – [Announcer] But whether
consumers are finally ready for smart glasses,
is yet to be seen. – The technology just
isn’t quite there yet. So, ah, yeah. We’re ready for smart glasses, smart glasses just aren’t ready for us. At least not yet! (laughter) – Alright, that’s it for this video. Thank you guys so much for watching. – Hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, hit that
like button, subscribe, hit the little bell to be notified. When we make a new dope and crazy video. Hit the subscribe, hit the bell. We’ll see you all – Next time. – Later. – Peace (techno music)


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  8. Obviously this guy already has glasses so how does he not know that there is a wait time especially for high quality glasses? Especially ones that are so expensive honestly yes that would be annoying but I’d rather wait and make sure they actually fit and work.

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  11. I was going to make a joke comment about these being the mark of the beast if they were actually cool, but now I really want to just talk about the vaporware. This is really unethical, they should really be transparent about exactly what their product can do on their website and the process you have to go through to get it. This is basic information that customers need to know before they most likely make a massive commitment. It looks like Microsoft currently has the future of smart glasses, but if it takes them four years to double the visual area each time, we probably won't be seeing ones with the 90 degrees or more of augmented visual field of view that is necessary to make them feel natural and complete until 2027. Also, it took 15 years since the first smartphone was made by IBM for them to finally become mainstream consumer devices. If we apply that same 15 years to smart glasses with the google glass being the first, then that predicts a year of 2028 for them to finally become mainstream consumer devices; that almost cross confirms the 2027 prediction from before so I'm pretty confident that we won't see mainstream consumer smartglasses until the late 2020s.

    Edit: I just did the math and my first prediction was a bit off. The hololens 2 has a 52 degree wide field of view so if the field of view area doubles every 4 years, that means that the angle doubles every 8 years so log_2(90/52)*8years ~= 6.3years so a more accurate prediction based on field of view extrapolation would be 2025-2026 which is a bit further off from the other extrapolation of 2028.

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