Small business story: Koh (Part 1 of 4)

Hi there. My name’s Adam. I’m the co-founder of Koh. We’re a home eco-cleaning system. Koh was born in Bondi. I was a work-from-home dad that was also looking after
a number of the domestic duties, which included the cleaning, so I kind of had
a very strong motivation to want to find something
that was effective and safe for us in the family. I’m Justin Alexander,
co-founder of Koh. I’ve known Adam for many years. He showed me this product and I was suitably wowed by it and I was very keen to come on board
and join him on his mission. As the formulation was finalised,
we launched the business from there. We started off
in a very traditional environment, which were the farmers’ markets. And that was, for us…
was really a critical thing, was just to be able
to look people in the eye and ask them about the product,
what was important to them, you know, and also having
our customers coming back and feeding back to us what
they liked, what they didn’t like. The transition from
the farmers’ markets to online was quite a seamless one
for us, really, because we basically
took those learnings and that kind of presentation that we were doing
at the farmers’ markets and created a video
and took that onto social media. Facebook has provided us
with the medium of video to be able to explain our story and to be able to tell our, you know, customers
around the product, how-to videos and the whole thing. The other thing that Facebook
has given us is the ability to communicate
directly with our customers in a very real-time manner. Presenting
our online demonstrations, with Adam at front of camera there, it’s really all about showing
the efficacy of the product and the authenticity of it. Just the fact that we were just using
the resources that we had to hand, and not to worry too much,
I guess, about, you know, getting it absolutely right
and it being perfect. Three and two, um…one. Hi, everyone.
It’s Adam here from Koh. We obviously track
all of our marketing content and actually, for us,
the longer-form content performs much better
than the shorter-form content. And that goes against
everything you’ll hear from any advertiser or marketing
agency or Facebook themselves. But that’s where you’ve got to
just understand your own product and your own market
and your own customers. We’ve launched into the UK. We’ve taken, I guess, a lot of what
we’ve learnt here in Australia and been able to deploy that
into the UK. As we expand into new markets,
our marketing needs to ensure that we’re able to target
those new countries. We actually approach it differently. We have a centralised marketing team
here in Australia that produces the marketing content
for, you know, all of the markets. The business is very demanding. I like to say
I have two kids at home plus I’ve got this one here,
which is the business. And it is like another child. So I’m always very conscious
that, you know, family needs time. You’ve just got to keep a balance
on all these things, or at least try. I kind of liken the business
to a rocket ship. And when, you know,
the rocket ship launches, it requires an extra amount
of energy. You know, and once you sort of
start to get momentum, you start to get more staff,
you start to get more resources, then, you know,
it starts to ease off. We have a couple of new products
in the pipeline. The big one would be the launch
into a…into a third country. There’s plenty of work to be done.

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