Small Business Saturday – Hack Into Broad City

Small Business Saturday – Hack Into Broad City

The stuffing’s my favorite part. Oh, well I mean it’s just a pile
of little pieces of bread, densely packed together.
What’s not to love? The way you describe shit
is so beautiful. Thanks. Okay, so are you ready to show
and tell bay-bay? Oh yeah …
Small Business Saturday! We are like really doing it up
this year. It is so important to support
local businesses. So as I was browsing the shops
on Le Canal de Gowanus … the Gowanus Canal- Mm-hmm (affirmative). I stopped into a local
pottery shop and got this piece
to support the local artisans. I guess it’s a mug. You could use it for a variety
of snakes. Yeah, I’d put my penis in this
if I was a boy. Look, I’m nosing it. Okay, you ready for this? Yup. I didn’t go to Lowe’s …
I didn’t go to Home Depot … I didn’t go
to Hardware Town USA. I went to my local Dev’s
Hardware Store and I got … this hose, because one day I’m going to be
one of those fancy people that has that wide selection
of dope plant life on my fire escape,
and when I am, I’m going to use this hose
to keep those bad boys alive. Genius … inspiring …
and good for the world. Thank you. Okay, this auto shop near me also makes neon signs
for other shops. Check this out. Oh my gosh. One, it creates
the perfect ambiance. Great font. Two, it’s a refreshing spin
on a sad lamp. Great vibe. And three, it’s
a friendly suggestion. Great directive. Thank you. You did good. We are really participating
in our community. Oh, totally. And you know what, all this
small business shopping … we earned Cyber Monday. Oh, I cannot wait to just
go like this. Boop. God, I miss Amazon.
Just scrolling, you know.
It brings my heart rate down. How much do you think this hose
is if I bought it on Amazon? It’s not like
a local-made hose. That’s right, and it’s like
I’m buying something local, and yet it was made somewhere
else. You know what I mean?


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  2. watching gringos struggle to boycott amazon as the global south burns from america's emperialism is a real life tragicomedy that i shouldn't be laughing at but gotta laugh in order not to cry! funny clip depressing reality I Am Sad And Disappointed At American Liberals 24/7 Y'all Are Weak

  3. Those who can make you laugh easy and often, as well as get nasty are life partners. Whoever ends up with them are lucky.

  4. i feel like it is my duty to point out how hilarious it is that the captions mistakenly mishear abbi saying "you could use it for a variety of things" as "you could use it for a variety of snakes"

  5. I freakin love this show ! It cured me from depression ! Now I have to liive without broad city ! I never want this series to end ! 😭

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