Sitemaps in Search Console – Google Search Console Training

Sitemaps in Search Console – Google Search Console Training


  1. Will there be Ranking increase or decrease change for taking a .net or .com domain.

    Something like if i taken or .com then which will rank fast?

  2. Why it is showing me on my blog…
    In my search console
    "discovered currently not indexed"
    Pls give me a solution

  3. It's essential to create sitemap and add it to Google search console. All platforms provide it. With the correct sitemap, Google will index your site faster. I'm talking a lot about this on my channel.

  4. What does Google classify as "really large" site? 100 pages, 1000 pages, 10,000 pages? Be good to know as a guide

  5. Google search console is such a waste of time for small business owners. Why does google treat getting indexed high in searches like an wicked easter egg hunt using your tools. With all your advertising money, you would think that you would spend more time understanding what small business are trying do on the web.

  6. آمل أن تكون هناك ترجمة للدرس باللغة العربية لأنه من المهم بالنسبة للكثيرين وأسأل عما إذا كان موقعي يحتوي على أخطاء ، فالصفحة الأخيرة لا تظهر في بحث Google الذي يحتوي على سعر الدولار——-I hope there will be a translation of the lesson in Arabic because it is important to many and I ask if my site has errors please the last page does not appear in Google search that contains the price of the dollar

  7. Subtitles are now available in Korean for this video – a big thank you to our Korean teammates who put these together! Click on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the video, and select Subtitles/CC from the menu.

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