Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes) Cover Feat. The USC Marching Band | Kellyoke

Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes) Cover Feat. The USC Marching Band | Kellyoke

(audience cheering) (alternative music) ♪ I’m gonna fight ’em off ♪ ♪ A seven nation army
couldn’t hold me back ♪ ♪ They’re gonna rip it off ♪ ♪ Taking their time right behind my back ♪ ♪ And I’m talking to myself at night ♪ ♪ Because I can’t forget ♪ ♪ Back and forth through my mind ♪ ♪ Behind a cigarette ♪ ♪ And the message coming from my eyes ♪ ♪ Says leave it alone ♪ ♪ Leave it alone ♪ ♪ I’m going to Wichita ♪ ♪ Far from this opera for evermore ♪ ♪ I’m gonna walk the straw ♪ ♪ And make the sweat
drip out of every pore ♪ ♪ And I’m bleeding, and I’m
bleeding, and I’m bleeding ♪ ♪ Right before the lord ♪ ♪ All the words are gonna bleed from me ♪ ♪ And I will sing no more ♪ ♪ And the stains coming from my blood ♪ ♪ Tell me go back home ♪ ♪ Go back home ♪ ♪ Go back home ♪ (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) All right! Welcome to Kelly Clarkson Show everybody! Give it up for the University
of Southern California Trojan Marching band! (percussive music)


  1. ok ima need yall at the kelly clarkson show to quit screwing around and start uploading these covers in full version top spotify coz i need to listen to this on repete. thanks so much:) DO IT NOW :d Please lol

  2. Kelly should invite Morissette Amon from the Philippines. They're both super generous performers! Kelly would love Mori!

  3. This was the best one ever!! I loved how she changed the song and the band is awesome!! Her vocals reached another level. Just WOW!!

  4. 1:26
    The mic is slightly away from her mouth but you can still clearly hear her note. She is not human.
    Barely any singer can do that. Her voice range is insane

  5. Greetings from Barbados, that's hot with a capital H. The fire engine is on it's way. The audience hair is still smouldering. Go kelly Go push.

  6. This is ridiculous. When I say she could release an album of her singing the phone book and I would be first in line to buy it…. I mean it. I can’t say that about ANY OTHER ARTIST IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC. Unbelievable

  7. I.feel I need to hire a secretary, get her to send out a memo to the entertainment community. It goes like this.
    Dear people from now into eternity, this is how a live concert is done. Not performance, that was a concert in 2 minutes.

  8. Kelly your voice is amazing. Can you do a Show on how to learn to sing and or techniques to keep the vocal chords in good health? I.e. Straw phonation, etc

  9. Sometimes the audience is too distracting. Especially in this case with a marching band you can hardly hear over all the clapping. Amazing vocals from Kelly per usual 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Amazing💕😍…. Kelly's a Vocal beast !! Btw… I think in some parts,her voice sounds like she's a little bit under the weather or something,or maybe her vocal styling for this song… Correct me if I'm wrong

  11. Best show of television, nowadays…. new, fresh, great content, Kelly has a big impact on us with voice and all…. love watching.

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