Senate GOP, Except for Mitt Romney, Acquits Trump in Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look

Senate GOP, Except for Mitt Romney, Acquits Trump in Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look

-Senate Republicans,
with one notable exception, completed their cover-up
of the President’s crimes today when they acquitted him
after an impeachment trial with no witnesses. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ Let’s just say
it has not been a banner week for American democracy. First, of course,
there was the bizarre meltdown at the Democratic Iowa caucus,
where an app designed to count people milling around
in high-school gymnasiums crashed and delayed the results. The app was built
by a company called Shadow, which I assume is run
by Christoph waltz from the Bond films. [German accent] Shadow! And the crash resulted in chaos on the ground
and on cable-news airwaves. -10:43 Eastern time. -We still don’t have
any results. -We don’t have any results
from Iowa. -Yeah, Brian, you know,
I’ve seen or texted with the Biden campaign manager
a few times tonight. And what does he keep saying to
me? “We don’t know anything.” -Of course, even if the app
worked perfectly, Joe Biden probably still
wouldn’t know anything. The only app Joe Biden
has ever used is FaceTime and only by accidentally
sitting on his phone. “Hello?! Hello?! Honey?! My wallet’s
talking to me again!” The chaos came after a day
of reporters roaming around high-school gyms in Iowa
and finding that Biden, once considered
the front-runner, was having trouble
gaining traction. -There was an entire
Biden segment. Now it looks to be reduced to
just a very small corner here, so certainly not
a robust turnout. -The Joe Biden group
probably not going to be viable. -This is the Joe Biden
section here. Not too much. -This is the Bernie group. It’s so big that, in fact,
that middle section right there, with all those folks in it,
that was the Joe Biden section. And they actually moved
the Joe Biden section because they didn’t have room
for all the Bernie supporters that are showing up here. -Biden,
how are we doing over here? This does not look like
56 people. So the Biden group — So, you’re — You look like
lovely, wonderful people, but it doesn’t look like you
made the viability threshold. -Not yet. There’s time, honey. -There’s time. This year? -Damn! Jake Tapper is walking around
with a microphone sassing people
like he’s Billy Eichner. Seriously, Tapper going around
sassing voters is a show I would watch. They could call it
“Tap That Sass.” Also, look at this group
of people caucusing for Biden. They don’t exactly look like
they’re voting. They just look like they got knocked out of
a game of dodgeball. “I’m so bad at dodging.”
“Yeah, me too.” [ Laughter ] Then yesterday,
the Iowa Democratic Party finally got around to
announcing partial results, leaving everyone
somehow even more confused about what was happening, resulting in a breathless
Steve Kornacki racing around the studio
trying to digest all of the number vomit
that was being dumped on him. -Got a lot of questions here. I got to dive into these
and see where these came from. Not every county gets, you know,
state delegate equivalents that are equal to the turnout. Sanders — 30%. Iowa City, Johnson County. Sanders — 33%. Getting big numbers
in these places. I’m out of breath here. Sorry. -My God. Someone
get that man some oxygen. Also, there are 49 states to go,
Kornacki! You got to pace yourself! You’re going to need the paddles
by Super Tuesday. In case you thought
this couldn’t get any more complicated,
it turns out the Iowa caucus used some complicated math similar to
the electoral-college system in order to give more weight
to rural areas, meaning you could
actually win more delegates even while losing
the popular vote. -Buttigieg’s campaign right now
is in the lead in this category, state delegate equivalents. We’ve been saying
this is a bit like the electoral-college/
popular-vote thing where there’s the potential
for a split. And right now, with 62% of
the expected vote in in Iowa, that’s what you’re seeing. So, again,
the possibility here — Very possible right now that
Buttigieg is going to hang on, win the state-delegate
equivalents. That’s the traditional way
these things have been decided. And that Sanders is going to
get to say, “Hey, look. More people came out
to support me than Buttigieg.” The thing that’s taking him from
close to the lead, actually, is that peculiar state-delegate
equivalent allocation formula. When you apply that,
Buttigieg takes the lead. -Just give it to the person
who gets the most votes! Why? [ Cheers and applause ] Please answer me. Why did “American Idol” have a better system
than actual America? And yet, while Bernie, who was actually leading
the popular vote, remained restrained,
Buttigieg flew to New Hampshire with more confidence. -I don’t know
how anybody declares victory before you have
an official statement as to the election results. So we’re not declaring victory. -They’re not complete, but results are in
from a majority of precincts, and they show our campaign
in first place. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hey, man, you can’t just
declare yourself in first place when all the results aren’t in and you’re not even winning
the popular vote. That’s not how it works.
If that were the case, then I could just declare myself
“People’s” Sexiest Man Alive right now. And do you know — do you know how pissed
Adam Driver would be? Probably not at all
because we’re basically twins. Also, I love the contrast
between how polished Pete is and the fact that Bernie
is doing his press conference on an airplane,
apparently in coach. “These seats are too roomy!
Who needs this much space?! I’m going to sit
in that over there overhead!” [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] “Pass me some pretzels!” So, that was the state
of democracy on Monday. Then, last night,
an impeached president, who lost the popular vote, gave
the State of the Union address in which he demonized immigrants
and lied repeatedly from job numbers to immigration
to tax cuts to drug prices. For example, at one point,
Trump called on Congress to pass a bill to lower
prescription-drug prices, a bill Democrats have already
passed in the House and which Mitch McConnell has refused to take up
in the Senate. The bill is called HR3,
and some Democrats started chanting the bill’s name
in response to Trump’s lie. -I’m calling
for bipartisan legislation that achieves the goal
of dramatically lowering prescription drug prices. Get a bill on my desk, and I will sign it into law
immediately. [ Cheers and applause ] -HR 3! HR 3! -With unyielding commitment… -I love that
they’re chanting the bill’s name because you know Trump
has no idea what that means. [ Laughter ] “HR?
Wait. What? Isn’t that where women file
all their complaints about me? I thought there
were way more than three.” [ Laughter ] As is always the case with
Trump, there were so many lies, it was impossible to keep track, and the constant stream of lies
from Trump prompted glares of disapproval from Democrats, bewilderment from
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a solemn head shake
from Congressman Jim Clyburn. That face really sums it up
right there. That’s the face you make
when your daughter tells you she’s engaged
to a philosophy major. [ Laughter ] “How are you gonna eat?” Compare that to the reactions
of Republicans in the crowd, like smirking
’80s movie villains Neil Gorsuch
and Brett Kavanaugh. And a horrifying smile from Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell, who looked like Chucky
pretending he’s not possessed. “Well, I’m just a —
I’m just a regular old doll. You can go to bed now.
I’m not, uh… I’m not gonna do evil
once you sleep.” [ Laughter ] Go to bed. Just a regular doll.” [ Laughter ] Those two moments
are perfect illustrations of the crisis to democracy
we’re currently facing. A majority leader,
who actually represents a minority of Americans,
working with a president who lost the popular vote
by 3 million, installed two
Supreme Court justices with lifetime appointments. Now, every President uses
the State of the Union address to do a little campaigning, but Trump turned it
into a full-on rally. At one point, Republicans
literally started chanting “Four more years.” -Four more years!
Four more years! Four more years!
Four more years! -Cool. The State of the Union
just turned into a Trump rally. I mean, the only difference
is Trump is squinting his way through a speech
someone else wrote for him instead of riffing
about insane stuff like this. -Sinks, toilets, and showers. You don’t get any water. -Four less flushes!
Four less flushes! And the undying devotion
most Republicans have pledged to a shameless, corrupt liar
was on full display today when they acquitted him
after a sham impeachment trial, in which
they ignored the evidence and refused
to hear from witnesses. A senate Republican caucus, again representing
a minority of Americans, acquitted a president
who lost the popular vote in the 2016 election and tried to cheat
in the 2020 election. You can’t call that democracy. I mean, you could,
but then Jim Clyburn would give you this look again.
[ Laughter ] The only Republican who shocked
Washington today by announcing he would vote
to convict Trump and remove him from office,
was Utah Senator Mitt Romney. Romney announced his decision in both a floor speech
and on Fox News. -Were I to ignore the evidence
that has been presented and disregard what I believe my oath and the Constitution
demands of me, for the sake of a partisan end,
it would, I fear, expose my character
to history’s rebuke and the censure
of my own conscience. Applying impartial justice said what the President did
was grievously wrong, and I had to vote, if I was gonna live
with my own conscience, in a way that was consistent
with that oath of office. -First of all,
I love he did it on Fox News just to enrage Trump even more. Trump’s aides probably had
to put duct tape over the TV to make the headline say, “Trump
is a good boy, and I love him.” [ Laughter ] Second, it’s shocking
just to hear a Republican talk about
living with their conscience. Most Republicans
filed for divorce from their consciences
years ago. That’s why Mitch McConnell
is always smiling like that. [ Laughter ] “I do have a conscience. I’m not a haunted doll.” [ Laughter ] “Go to bed.” [ Laughter ] But while Romney was standing
alone among Republicans, the rest of his colleagues,
who voted to acquit Trump, were busy making excuses and
actually trying to convince us that Trump
won’t just try to cheat again. Here’s Maine Senator
Susan Collins explaining her vote yesterday. -Are you confident
that the President won’t seek
foreign assistance again? -I believe that the President
has learned from this case. -What do you believe
the President has learned? -The President
has been impeached. That’s a pretty big lesson. -Are you insane? Donald Trump
doesn’t learn lessons. He’s like an untrained dog. If he pees on the floor,
you got to rub his nose in it. And even then,
he’ll probably do it again while making
direct eye contact with you. [ Laughter ] Collins’ argument falls on
the heels of Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, who made
a similar argument on Sunday. -Are you at all concerned,
though, when you seek
foreign interference — He does not believe
he’s done anything wrong. That what has happened here might encourage him
that he can continue to do this? -I don’t think so.
I hope not. I mean, enduring an impeachment is something
that nobody should like. Even the President said he
didn’t want that on his résumé. I don’t blame him. So, if a call like that
gets you an impeachment, I would think you would think
twice before he did it again. -What did his — What —
What example in the life of Donald Trump,
has he been chastened? -[ Chuckles ] I haven’t studied his life
that close. -Yeah, you don’t have to
study his life because he’s been in tabloids
and on reality TV for like 40 years. Everyone knows every intimate
detail of his personal life. If Donald Trump could strap
a GoPro to his head and livestream every moment of
his life, he’d probably do it. Except it would suck because
all we’d see is Fox News, fast food, golf balls
slicing out of bounds, and women from the neck down.
[ Laughter ] “HR 4.” [ Laughter ] This week
has showcased in vivid terms the crisis of democracy
we’re facing. With the exception
of Mitt Romney, a Republican caucus representing
a minority of Americans acquitted a corrupt
Republican President who lost the popular vote and lied repeatedly in his
State of the Union address. Republicans are devoted to Trump
above all else, and they’re willing to flush
both our democracy and our Constitution
down multiple… -Toilets! -This has been
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]


  1. Collins has the perfect plan – She says she voted to acquit based on her sweet, homey, trust in the goodness of others and their ability to learn from their mistakes. She can say she was duped by her inherent goodness when the wrath of history arrives. So in the history books she won't look like a scoundrel like all the others.

    Already trying to save face for screwing over her species.

  2. Enduring an impeachment is horrific. Not as horrific as African American men who have been murdered by "rogue" police like Tamir Rice (sure was 12, but you know to racists any child that is black is considered a male).

  3. What we are seeing is the death of party partisan politics.Partisan political expediency is a bigger threat to any countries self-government than is any would-be tyrant, and the system is dying….what we are seeing is it kicking and screaming in its death throes..Disclaimer. This is not about Trump. Or Bernie, Or Nancy. Or Rep's. Or Dem's. Or Kelly Anne. Or Boris. Or any other person, dead or alive. It is about a system failure

    They will learn their lesson then😒.
    I simply can’t understand how much stupidity is being allowed within the US government. Hopefully our enemies don’t view this as an opportunity to strike.

  5. I agree with many comments below but let me say, "Thank you Mitt Romney for honoring your oath of office." Now contact your Senators. Let them know exactly what you think (the trumpers did). Tell them you will not vote for them in the future because of their dishonorable behavior. Question their behavior. If they supported Trump's corrupt behavior, are they involved in his corrupt activities? THEN VOTE for someone new. Campaign for someone who will honor their oath, someone wth courage.

  6. I thought that they knew that they knew that the senate would not give them a fair trial, therefore I though that they had a plan B. What happened

  7. A trial with no witnesses that had 17 witnesses. What is this guy talking about. I guess now I know why he's a TV host. Too stupid to do anything else. Stupid leading the stupid.

  8. Our eyes show us giant crowds of Bernie supporters. And an app from Shadow Inc. tell us that somehow Bernie and Pete are in a tie?????????????????

  9. Reaching for verbs to describe Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s final moments, President Trump grabbed hold of “crying,” “screaming” and “whimpering.”
    Reaching for nouns, he said that al-Baghdadi died “like a dog.”
    I wasn’t aware that canines expired in a signature fashion, but Trump knows best, even if he doesn’t know so very many words. About a week later, when he took characteristically nasty note of Beto O’Rourke’s decision to abandon the presidential race, he said that O’Rourke quit “like a dog.”
    Some similes demand repetition.
    This wasn’t one of them.
    But a lack of verbal ingenuity never stopped Trump. And an animus toward a certain animal has long, well, hounded him.
    In his boundless unoriginality, he has likened women he dislikes to dogs. In his infinite incoherence, he has repeatedly tweeted of people being fired like dogs. I personally haven’t met all that many gainfully employed pooches, unless digging holes in the backyard is a profession, and when those excavators received orders to desist, none of them got a pink slip and a referral to career counseling.

    Trump did recently make the acquaintance — from a distance — of a dog with a bona fide job. That dog is a Belgian Malinois named Conan. And Conan’s job, brilliantly executed, was to find, chase and corner al-Baghdadi. Trump called Conan “a beautiful dog, a talented dog.” The New York Post put Conan’s picture on its front page, along with the headline “Zero Bark Thirty.” Trump also tweeted a Photoshopped image in which he draped a medal around Conan’s neck.

    So this Malinois warrants decoration while “a dog” gets derision? Or is it just that every dog has its day? I used to believe that adage until Trump came along. He has had more than 1,000 days in the presidency, even as the White House goes to the dogs.

    Journalists with many news organizations (The Washington Post, New York magazine, Slate and more) have had a field day with Trump’s dogged use of “dog” as an all-purpose put-down. When it comes to “like a dog,” he’s like a dog with a bone.
    You’re no one until he’s divined the flea-bitten mongrel within you — and you’ve joined a dog pound that includes the likes of Mitt Romney, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Bill Maher, Steve Bannon, George Will, Omarosa Manigault Newman, my fellow Times columnist Gail Collins and many more.
    Fun doggy factoids cling to him like so much Samoyed fur. He’s the first president in more than a century who doesn’t have a dog. According to the Chinese zodiac, he was born in the year of the dog. According to Ivana Trump, he provoked growls from her dog, Chappy, a poodle who could suss out a peacock. The media’s nickname for his first defense secretary, James Mattis, was “mad dog.” And from the forehead up, he’s a dead ringer for a distressed Pomeranian.

    But no one has definitively solved the riddle of what seems like a rabid case of canine contempt. I have my own theories, but first I have the more erudite insights of Justin Frank, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and the author of the book “Trump on the Couch.”
    Frank noted that Trump is “phobic about germs” and no doubt sees dogs as four-legged germ factories. He probably also thinks “dogs are stupid because they obey,” Frank said. Disobedience is Trump’s preferred posture, at least for himself, although he broke with that to become, in Frank’s words, “Putin’s lap dog.” Disobedience, that is, and distemper.
    Frank raised another issue that the president might well have with dogs: When they’re around, they often steal attention, becoming the objects of people’s oohing and cooing. Trump likes the oohing all to himself.
    My own sense? For Trump, all relationships are transactional and God’s creatures possess value only in accordance with their ability to elevate and enrich him. His affection for Kellyanne Conway hinges on her superhuman power not to break into laughter or spontaneously combust when she puts the most ludicrously adulatory spin on his most transparently execrable deeds. If border collies performed that trick, he would keep a kennel of them at Mar-a-Loco.
    His regard for Rudy Giuliani depends on the hunched henchman’s openness to unscrupulous errands. If Doberman pinschers could pressure Ukrainian officials to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden, Trump would repurpose Camp David as a dog run and turn Ivanka’s pumps into chew toys.
    But they can’t, just as Siberian huskies can’t hack Democrats’ emails — for that, a husky Siberian is handier — and golden retrievers can’t retrieve gold. Dogs are useless to Trump, at least by the criteria he cares about.
    There’s no money in most of them, no votes in any of them, and they can’t play golf with him and tell him along the way what a manly drive and graceful putt he has. That’s lucky for Lindsey Graham, who would otherwise be swapped out for a Labradoodle lickety-split.
    Conan passed muster only by being a proxy for Trump’s own imagined machismo. Maybe Chappy was merely yappy. Like a Donald.

  10. If there was ever to be a presidential assassination happen in my lifetime, it'd be awesome if it could be trump. The world would be a better place.

  11. Imagine people say that Trump doesn’t care about the constitution when Democrats are try to take our gun when in the constitution it says the second amendment shall not be infringed

  12. Iowa Electoral college! I thought Popular vote is what Dems liked, since electoral college stole 2 presidential elections.

  13. @7:23 He has the smile of a 'cabbage patch doll'…..

  14. the elephant in the room, new original song!  an open letter to congressional republicans:  'your attempts to conceal the art of the steal, make you part of the collusion…'

  15. how ridiculous is your system when it comes to counting votes?? How often does this has to happen? Years ago it was Bush in Florida, where the republicans stole the presidency at the end, now it even starts at a lower level when coming to simply count votes…. Americans call themselves the most powerful ones in the world?? stop joking. The world is laughing constantly for 3,5 years about your incompetence..

  16. good to know that America did not change any vote-counting systems in the last few years…. is it incompetence or stupidity?

  17. Republicans are unified and democrats are trying to bring down their own party by blocking/ignoring decent candidates. That's why trump is still president. And probably remain president.

  18. Pelosi should have had there health bill on her so she could of handed it to him. See his orange face turn white dun dun dunnnnnnnn….

  19. watching Trump supporters is funny. no obvious brains nor any clue what trump actually stands for. But at the same time its very scary++

  20. You may not believe it, but the acquittal was the best thing that could happen. The U.S. is divided into three groups. There are the GOP supporters who strongly believe that the DEMs are "evil" and that fair elections are dangerous because the "evil" people might win. These people are lost. It would require a U.S. version of Denazification to bring these people around. So what's left to do? Galvanise enough other people so that the GOP voters will never again win anything. And the result of the impeachment trial helped with that. Finally, the vast majority understands that the GOP is not a legitimate party and needs to be stopped, and that staying home on election day is not an option.

  21. When whites were found not guilty by an alt-white jury during Jim Crow…thus making the Senate a (word that rhymes with bright and ends in trash)

  22. #GOPete is a joke. A pathetic Conservative who cannot run as a Republican because of Republican Religious Homophobia

  23. I can only hope that this whole affair will come back and bite the Republicans where they sit and rips the thing off. I do not trust Romney for a minute but too many in the media have been taken in by this meaningless performance. This in no way absolves Mitt of anything whatsoever he has done in the past. He is and will remain evermore a reprobate.

  24. They all say they believe he wouldn't do it again? Therefore they are admitting he did do it? So why didn't they vote to remove him? Money….lots of money. They sold their vote and the American people in the purest form of capitalism for personal enrichment. Truly the American dream made manifest.

  25. Collins can’t even say what she “believes” without stumbling. She can’t even pretend to “believe” it convincingly.
    #shameoncollins #byesusan #youreadisgracetoME

  26. The site of seeing GOP Senators, who were jurors last week, chanting 4 more years at the SOTU, was both petrifying and disgusting. I hope all the laughing at these videos is really just rage, because we should be fuming-ass mad.

  27. It seems like it is time for whomever wins the Democratic Primary to take Mitt Romney as the Vice Presidential candidate so that the remnants of the Republican Party that still believe in law and order and bi-partisan co-operation have someone they can vote for. Wouldn't that help pull the country back together? Of course, Trump would hate it because he would lose votes from those felt left behind when the Republican Party representatives gave in to Party over country.

  28. What I want to know… Why are these votes not held anonymous? I am 1,000% positive that if it were this vote would have ended differently.

    People are scared.

    I know I'm scared of my government, but government being afraid of government…

  29. This line is the whole problem summed up:
    "I believe that the President has learned…"

    If you do a crime and the evidence supports that you did it, you get convicted. You are not acquitted from a court with a "The jury believes that the accused has learned his lesson by being in this trial, and propably won't do it again". Stupid American system.

  30. At this point, the whole world is shaking its head at the US for claiming to be a champion of democracy with a system where the people with most votes keep losing elections.

  31. ffs make California the first state. it gets tarred as a gliberal enclave. thats obfuscation. big tent democrats come on back now?

  32. Orange man bad
    gay good
    straight bad
    old bad
    new good
    comsoome product, get hyped for next product
    if you unironically watch this, you stopped being human a long time ago

  33. Using personal phones to count votes with a $16k app,……….ARE YOU KIDDING. I hope this kills the Iowa caucus. Just vote for God's sake.

  34. This man should not be our president, or anyone’s president, for that matter. He is incapable of making sound decisions, and we are growing very tired of the political badgering and bullying of anyone who does not bow down before him. If there is a god, we will see his return to network television, and not the White House!

  35. And some of you people truly believe what Hellywood (not misspelled) idiots spew. They know you won't truly research or read and know they can lead you by the nose their way. Check out Candace Owens not these idiots.

  36. "cable news airwaves"??
    Cable signals are transmitted via something called a "cable," whereas "airwaves" are transmitted by other means.

  37. Ya know there is an easy way to ensure each person's vote is counted. Its called a "primary"! This caucus system looks like three card monte.

  38. adam looks so fugly… i mean literally when i saw his 1st appearance in star wars i said, out loud "where did they get that f-ing ugly hot mess?!?"

  39. Thank you, Seth, for making the end of our democracy entertaining!!!! Thank you, Mitt Romney, for the only sane, patriotic republican!!!!

  40. Mitt Romney's Personal Aid, Joseph Cofer Black, Was On The Board Of Burisma, At The Same Time, As Hunter Biden… You're Being Lied To, By The Democrats, The Deepstate, And The Deception Media, And You Eat It Up…

  41. Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Etc, Are An Embarassment, To The United States Of America… They Are SELL-OUTS, And Will Do, And Say Anything For A Paycheck…

  42. Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Etc, Are An Embarrassment To The United States Of America… They Are SELL-OUTS, And Will Do, And Say Anything For A Paycheck…

  43. Bernie won hands down even with everything about the caucus being super shady. We literally caught them giving Bernie votes to other candidates. Talk about rigged. Bernie is ahead in New Hampshire. Bernie is going to win!! Stop trying to cheat DNC.

  44. Didn't know they already had animated dummies, I mean robots, programmed to mouth inanity. And, with a name, yet. This one is a "Seth Meyers"; do they all have names like the Barbie and Ken collection?

  45. I think it would be interesting to read all of his phone calls. Remember how he talked to the President of Mexico when he lied to the American people at a rally that Mexico would pay for his big beautiful wall. Mexico President said no we are not going to pay for the wall. Trump coached him that does not matter, just say that you will pay, or in truth he was telling the Mexican President Just lie, to back me up!

  46. We live in a country where a man who fuck-d a prostitute and paid her to keep quiet while his wife was pregnant is saying he doesn't like people who ''wrongly'' use religion…..and his base is buying it without question.

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