1. For the life of me, icant understand why these sleazy dems dislike this president so much. He has accomplished more for our country than any previous president …….. So what's the problem ????

  2. the republican senators should not have given way,treat the democrats how they treated the republicans in the house,why isnt the whistleblower and schiff not being called to testify

  3. THEY…PAID…JOE…AND…HUNTER…BIDEN…..*********on…the…potential…possibility**********…..THE…VICE..
    …THE…FUTURE….i.e. PAY-TO-PLAY..!!!!!!!!

  4. Ya….Chucky
    He looks familiar.
    Oh wait! Isn't he the guy that burned a buncha' men women and children alive in a church on a hill out in Texas ????


  5. The Democrats are VERY short-sighted. They never seem to see the big picture, long term ramifications from their actions. They have now set the impeachment bar so low that ANY president can be impeached for ANYTHING if the House is of the opposite party. The Two articles are very, VERY weak. "Abuse of Power" – he asked "do us a favor" referring to the Bidens when Joe was VP. NOT a current investigation of the Bidens. Joe is not VP so what would Ukraine have now? BTW, they NEVER did the favor. "Obstruction of Congress" – this one makes no sense. The President doesn't work for the House. The Executive branch is at an equal level. So, the President isn't obligated to give the House anything just because they ask for it. Executive Privilege, simple as that. Presidents have used that forever. In fact, In the Nixon and Clinton impeachments, the House went to court to get what they wanted. This time, the House didn't. Didn't have time they said, it was too critical they hurry up (and yet Pelosi sits on them for 3 weeks). So because the President evokes Executive Privilege they charge him with Obstruction. The Senate or Justice Roberts should throw this charge out if they have the authority. It is a bogus charge. At MOST, I can see the Senate "Censure" the President. Yes, asking to do "us" a favor was not a smart idea but it nowhere near rises to the level of impeachment or removal from office.

  6. never been this exited before, lots blowing up," exiting times," and im gonna get my credibility back…TRUMP got to give it to u, your what a man should be,and those dems are so jealous of you, they would love to be u……

  7. If you people can’t see what the dems are doing country wide you are blind. They are declaring marshal law in Virginia as a start to confiscate our fire arms. They are allowing undocumented immigrants to get licenses so they can vote. They are restoring voting rights to hundreds of thousands of felons to sway votes. They are moving to red states in troves to put dems in power. Look at Virginia. The majority of the state is red but dem migrations to big cities turned the whole state blue. This will happen to every state if it isn’t nipped in the bud. We lose all of our rights and freedoms. They are destroying our way of life to get complete control. When we fight back they will bring the U.N in. This has been their plan all so my and I see it unfolding in front of my eyes. I just hope the republicans aren’t involved in it too.

  8. It took 7 years to get from Whitewater to Lewinsky. Miss Lindsey didn't have a problem with that. He is very afraid of the truth.

  9. ​What TV news programs don't realize is Trump supporters and others who are joining them everyday are cutting their cable. They're so SICK of the lies about our Great President that they just stopped listening..~~ HEAR THAT CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC??? ~~  Yes, we all stopped listening. We get our news from trusted sources online. FOX is the only channel that has some programs worth watching anymore and we get them here. So remember that when you are seeing the talking heads on the other channels.. WE AREN'T LISTENING TO YOU ANYMORE!!!

  10. Go Senate🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. They won't be laughing when DECLAS frees wrongfully charged General Flynn to testify. We might even get ASSANGE as a surprise witness from what I've been told. When does DECLAS happen? Smack in the middle of the pre-planned Senate Impeachment Trial when the tables are turned and the WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING. The ultimate Trump punk, bait and switch. "March Madness" was in early reference to March 2020. We know Manafort was framed by the phony "Black Ledger" fabricated by Ukraine and Obama/DNC to try to tie to Trump and get him.

  12. Fox news is like seeing blind hen's peck in the ground "horrible." you have been seduced by a narcissistic person and brainwashed throughout the bundle.

    Try to lift yourself 100 meters up in the air to look at the overall picture of the whole. Has you all gone completely out of your mind?

  13. This whole situation is a mess and the american people will pay for this by losing their jobs, homes and children and the people in power will not suffer. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell Mills May 22, 2017.

  14. Well it is too late stupid. You guys thought you could take Trump down?
    You guys are really sick. Trump has the whole republucan party on his side. They will not answer simple questions. Trump will always be on top in the republican party because everyone knows what will happen if they open their mouths. Go Trump! Yea! Trump is the law stupid.

  15. Hannity is becoming a bigger joke than Lindsay. Evidently they forgot Trump would not let his people testify and obstructed Congress.

  16. california and new york are full of voters that anticipate a leader that pushes for "free everything for everybody." they voted for obama. how did that work out for the united states? schumer and pelosi? the end of their political careers hitched to an impeachment wagon. those two whiners on television is the greatest gift to the Donald come November 2020. ..they are so fouled up with hate and resentment about their precious swamp being drained. this administration was just no good for the deep state. ahh

  17. you tellem Mr Graham. we need more great Men such as yourself Speaking above & beyond the Truth. the Trial will be over Soon & President Trump will be vindicated, will be Re-Elected and the democraps go back to hating Americans/America…they have destroyed themselves.

  18. The Senate should convene a pre-trial impeachment court hearing under the Chief Justice to decide that the actions of Pelosi, Shiff and others constitute contempt of court. Contempt hearings should be held for each individual engaged in misconduct surrounding the sham, farce, fraud impeachment investigation. They have been disrespectful of the court's authority, and should be held in contempt for disruption of impeachment court
    proceedings through poor behavior, and publication of material, and non-disclosure of material, which jeopardizes a fair trial. The Chief Justice should fine and jail Pelosi, Schiff, and others, after found guilty of contempt of court, which is a crime. Pelosi, Schiff, and others who made a mockery of the impeachment process, should themselves be impeached for criminal behavior.

    The sham, farce, fraud impeachment investigation is an obvious ploy to smear and discredit the President in the eyes of the public for the purpose of influencing the next election thru lies, deceit, and disinformation. The timing also aims to harm the president's State of the Union address coming up in a few weeks. For this reason, the Cheif Justice should swiftly take actions on contempt hearing and find Pelosi and Schiff guilty, prior to the State of the Union Address, and jail them durring this event.

    Lock Them Up: James Comey, John Brennon, Adam Schiff, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, Peter Stzok, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, John Kerry, Chris Heinz [Kerry], Devon Archer, Christopher Steele, etc. Investigate the dirty dealings of Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, sons of Joe Biden and John Kerry, who got billions of dollars from China and Ukraine when their fathers were Vice President and Secretary of State, thru the bogus Rosemont venture, directed by Devon Archer, the nephew of the notorious mobster Whitey Bulger. Archer was recently convicted of $60 million dollars securities fraud, selling tribal bonds, then diverting the funds for personal use. Lock Up all these corrupt fraudsters first, and then follow the trail leading to many more.

    Democracy has fallen. The sham farce impeachment fiasco demonstrates the US legal system is so completely corrupt that even the President can be framed up by corrupt law enforcement and prosecutors on phony baloney charges … just like the corrupt politics of a 3rd world banana republic or corrupt communist dictatorship. The Chief Justice needs to take most extreme measures allowed under the law to punish the fraud, corruption, sedition and other crimes committed by biased and corrupt members of the US House of Representatives and deep state actors in the DOJ and FBI who orchestrated these RICO styled crimes.

  19. What is this with wacko nancy saying time repeatly in all her speeches? Then her little show showing signing her signature on the impeachment papers handing out pens with her john hancock on them. She's completely in La La land totally lost touch with reality!!

    others need not apply.

    FOX CHANNEL is a backer of corruption and deception and division.

  21. How can it be a sham if evidence shows the president withheld vital military aid to a NATO member to gain political mud on the opposition – it showed that the president did put lives at risk for personal gain

  22. Justice for Trump! He needs witnesses to be called. And he needs to be given the opportunity to take the stand himself!

  23. Where is the spirit of John McCain, Reagan and Lincoln when we need it most?

    This is exactly what the Russians want. The Russians are stealing YOUR election. America you deserve better than this!!! Americans should be the only ones who can decide who the next American president will be. Trump is a dangerous man to our National Security, he is a traitor to our country!!! President Bone Spurs is helping Putin steal your election. Trump betrayed us!!! Putin attacked the American election!!! Get the Fake illegitimate president out! Remove and arrest Trump for stealing the YOUR Election, betraying YOUR national security and pressuring foreign countries to smear the campaign of his political opponent. Trump is a criminal. LOCK HIM UP! He should serve prison for the rest of his life.

    Rott in prison Trump!!!

  24. Whatever happened to drain the swamp and lock her up? Why is Trump's administration complicit with torturing Americans with remote neural monitoring technologies, AI and psychotronic weaponry?

  25. I don't understand why Pelosi, Shiff and the rest are not impeached? The deny the president and the Republicans due process. I really don't understand why this is not illegal. From Norway, trying to understand this.

  26. We will now see the power of the Judicial branch, to date they have not weighed in – where character and experience of exceptional individuals is sharply focused by Constitutional requirements. Together with the Constitutional power/duty of the Senate justice will be dispensed. I suspect this too, as was the election of DJT, will be hotly contested until the people realign the character and interest of their representatives in the House. They don't need to be Republican, just honest and reasonable, but for now Republican may be a good fit until the Demo party rebuilds itself. We are now practicing/refining our gov't, we actually needed this to happen to get to a stronger place.

  27. It doesn’t make sense to many of us that see all that you do. Our Democratic Party has gone overboard with hate for a President that is actually able to effect change no matter what the Democrats do.

  28. I hope Chuck Schumer walks down a dark alley one night and runs into some of the BHI.

  29. Lindsey Graham hurts Trump far more than Schumer. Graham has the power to investigate a freaking mountain of corruption and hasn’t done a thing in nearly two years but run out the clock to protect his mentor John McCaine who was part of the dossier coup.

  30. Adam Schiff and nancy Pelosi should be removed from the house of representatives .and all the is involved in this scheme against the president.

  31. Thank you Senator Graham. Schumer looks corrupt. Impeach Pelosi and Schiff for treason. They lied. Trump for 2020.

  32. This should be dismissed ASAP..it’s a bloody joke..Schumer should be jailed along with the other democrat corrupt fools

  33. The house democrats have only diminished their respectability in this process. I find it disgusting, irresponsible, and abuse of their power as the majority.

  34. Pelosi knows Trump will not and cannot be impeached, the only reason she is showboating is to cast her in a favorable light to her cronies. Once this is over she will be doing her usual dramatics, boo hooing and thanking everyone for fighting the good fight, blah, blah, blah, so much insanity on the Dem's part.

  35. *
    Chief Justice Roberts needs to address the House Managers put forth by her majesty (NOT) Pelosi.
    First up should be Shifty Schiff
    1st. question.
    Mr. Shifty,
    Under the Penalty of Law…
    Do you know understand what the penalty is for lying to this government body? _______
    2. Mr. Shifty, Knowing that hearsay evidence is not allowed in any legitimate prosecution, Mr. Shifty Shiff,
    Was your case derived from any actual facts/truths or is it based on hearsay evidence
    and a whistleblower?
    Yes or No, Mr. Shift?
    3. Mr. Shiff, who is the whistleblower? _________ Was the whistleblower Eric C.?
    4. Mr. Shifty,
    Is there any factual evidence of a Crime here? _______
    and why did you and your staff meet with the whistleblower and other witnesses before they testified? __________ Were waiting Mr. Shiff!
    After the above,
    Justice Roberts will hit the gavel and summarized this case as a total illegal sham and states: I hereby declare a dismissal of Charges against the 45th President of the United States and strike the term Impeached from the Presidential #45 record.

    Mr Schiff and house managers please sit down,
    The Justice now reads crimes committed by the managers of the house and then asks each of them to rise.
    I hereby charge you with sedition, a serious Capital Crime against the United States of America. You are to be tried and judged by your peers and only your peers.
    The trail will take place somewhere in Middle America and in a Federal Court, where a fair trial can take place.
    Sargent of Arms, Please remand these people charged with the charge of Sedition against the United States of America until a trial can take and in a Federal holding facility and knowing the seriousness of these charges.
    No Exceptions.

    * What a dream, I only hope it really happens to come true.

  36. I want to know how Lenningrad Lindsey can even sleep at night being the collasal hypocrite he is. During the Clinton impeachement he was all in on witnesses testifying in the Senate trial and has publicly said he has zero intertest in hearing from witnesses or seeing evidence in the trial……how can an elected representative say that and not be kicked out of office for it? He has no intention of upholding his oath of office at all.

  37. I’m sure Hunter Biden received millions per year from China and passed part of that money into his father’s account.

  38. I see the COUP is just a mist. Not even brought up at any time in this unconstitutional impeachment. Time to stop hearing or reading about anything because these issues of the COUP must be just my ring in my ears. Last I read this is the worst crime that can be committed against the Constitution and the President, but this is a coverup because of impeachment. Something is way out of sink here??

  39. Why do we take anything the Dims say seriously (you know, TDS)? Does anyone listen to the rantings of a paranoid schizophrenic screaming in the cold night air?

  40. Schumer and Nancy are part of the COUP. What a mockery of the law we have and this is more about making the news than the protection of the President. What a sham and disgrace!!!! Having faith in our system just went South.

  41. President Trump has helped this country be on word. The Democrats need to be impeached. Not allow to hold any kind office.

  42. That's right we don't need the dems anymore. Look at what president Trump did for this country and the American people all by him self. Trump 2020

  43. Lindsey Gramham why wait till this matter of the impeachment is over. The best time is now that the impeachment is started to show the real facts that will keep the GOP Senators so they do not collapse and leave to vote toward the Dems. Another way to give the Dems the ammo they want.

  44. If they remove our president these countries will not continue trade deals, sanctions, etc. I will pull my investments and money from banks. I see what's coming and it's not good people.

  45. Lindsey do not just talk on it stop it we 63 million voters tired of the Gov ripping us off, All we hear our continuous opinions on evert network and from political senators and congress We the people not stupid we know when our Gov taking our legit vote and deleting it GPO conservatives at this point in time are dangerous things going on within the our Gov against a part of the citizenry

  46. What would Lindsey be saying if it were a Democratic president? "Get this crap over as quickly as possible"? Somehow, I doubt it…because that wasn't his attitude 20 years ago.

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