Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Missteps, Greed, Grandkids

Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Missteps, Greed, Grandkids

-We should talk about
coronavirus, if you don’t mind. I just don’t know as a —
You know, I watch the news. I read the news. And I just don’t know
who to really trust. I’m hearing — -That is the problem
that we have today. We have a president
who is anti-science, doesn’t believe in the reality
of climate change, who has appointed Mike Pence, who is also not known
to be much of a scientist… [ Laughter ]
…to lead the task force. And, clearly, at this moment,
you need somebody you can trust who is going to bring together
the best scientists, doctors, researchers,
work with the entire world to do everything that we can
to halt this terrible pandemic. And I think, clearly, there are some things
we have to do right away. The idea that we have so many
of our people in this country — the only country on Earth,
major country, that doesn’t guarantee
healthcare to all people — we have to make sure
that everybody right now feels free when you’re sick
to go to a doctor regardless of your income. And you know what? The
government will pay that bill. Number two, we are
the only major country on Earth not to guarantee
paid medical leave. So, if you can believe it, there
are people who are sick today who may actually believe they
have symptoms of the coronavirus who are going to work
because they have no income. They’re making
12, 13 bucks an hour. They got to feed their families.
They go to work. We have got to do what every
other country on Earth does and guarantee
paid family and medical leave and do it right now
on an emergency basis. There was a discussion
recently — There’s a lot of work
being done globally in terms of a vaccine. And the Trump administration
was saying, “Well, we can’t guarantee
that it will be affordable. Got to worry about
the drug companies.” Well, that is a crock.
That is ridiculous. We have got to make sure that
when that vaccine comes out, it is available to everybody
in this country regardless of their income. [ Cheers and applause ] -Mike Pence
being in charge of this is very interesting
to a lot of people because they think
that he’s going to be — take the fall from this,
take the hit, because this is a disaster,
I think. And then they’re going to say
that Trump is going to have Nikki Haley on the ticket
in 2020. What are you hearing
over in your…? -Well, you know, it’s ultimately the President of the
United States’ responsibility. And why you would appoint
a Vice President to lead this whose own particular record
with regard to science, with regard to the HIV virus,
has been pretty pathetic. What you need to do
to give confidence to the American people is bring
the best minds in the country, in the world together. As a leader,
that’s what you can be doing. And don’t make this
into politics. Don’t start attacking Democrats. That is not only absurd, it is demoralizing
for the American people. -Last time we talked, your face lit up
when I mentioned your grandkids. -Yeah.
-How many grandkids do you have? -I have seven
very beautiful grandchildren. -How old — Uh… [ Cheers and applause ] How old is the oldest grandkid?
Like, 60? 63? [ Laughter ] -Close.
-Thank you very much. -She’s 16, I think.
-Oh, 16. So she knows
what’s going on in the world and knows the issues
and what the president does. -Yeah.
-And she probably has opinions. She can’t vote,
but she has opinions. -Yeah, we drag them out
to a whole lot of rallies. -Yeah. What do they want?
What’s their concern? And what is the future
for our grandkids? -I think, you know — And one of the reasons
that I’m running for President is for my grandchildren and for kids all over this
country and all over the world. And, you know,
as the richest country in the history of the world,
Jimmy, you don’t hear this much
on television, but there should not be
a half a million people sleeping out on the streets
of America tonight. Half of our people should not
live paycheck to paycheck. 87 million should not lack
the health care that they need. All of our kids
deserve quality education regardless of the ZIP code
that you live in. We should lead the world
in combating climate change. We got to end the racist and
broken criminal justice system and a completely discombobulated
immigration system where people
are terrorized today, they’re going to be
picked up by ICE. There is so much to be done
in this country, and we’re the richest country
in the history of the world, but we got to deal with
this greed that’s out there. It’s not acceptable
that three people own more wealth
than the bottom half of America. It’s not acceptable that the top 1% owns more wealth
than the bottom 92%. Look, no one has a problem
with people being rich, but we have got to address
not only this incredible and unfair distribution
of income and wealth. It’s also power. It is billionaires exerting unbelievable
political influence. They buy and sell politicians. They make huge
campaign contributions. If we honestly believe
that we are a democracy, we got to end billionaire rule
in this country and create an economy
and a government that works for all of us.
That’s what we got to do. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Bernie Sanders, thank
you so much for being here.


  1. Scary, dangerous, if not deadly, combination: #GOPutin KKKristofascist kakistocracy + COVID19 (:-( I trust no one in chump orbit. (:-( #NoConfidence If ever there was a time for #MedicareForAll #UniversalHealthCoverage… testing, vaccination, treatment for all, no cost at point of care.

  2. It’s kinda “funny” that the only subject Sanders haters (?) bring to the table is “he is a communist”.

  3. I like Bernie, as well as Biden, but have fun taking control of America away from the 1%, that simply is not going to happen.

  4. why the hell would u have this commie invited on the show? damn now I'm really not gonna watch the show. Fallon is such a creative guy, let him be funny, forget about the freakin politics smh😞

  5. After listening Sen. Bernie, I trully wish Americans, he will be your president. Very clever & fair man♥️. I also appreciate where I'm from, small European country but we have one of the best health care system, free for everybody.

  6. We live in a billionocracy where the 1% get to make the rules. Unfortunately most of the 99% honestly think they are only one lotto ticket away from from the top and so don't want the rules to change.

  7. Here’s Comrade Sanders blaming president Trump for everything including the coronavirus. His answer to everything in bigger and bigger government. That’s the way Russia and China started out.

  8. “Don’t make this into politics and don’t attack Democrats”….funny how he starts attacking Trump right of the back

  9. Mainstream media is the problem. They have convinced people that Bernie is a wild card. If they would reassure people that Bernie is not different from FDR or LBJ, it would comfort the 45+ year olds that's are only voting for biden.

    It should be a hint when after super Tuesday, defense contractors and drug companies stocks go up over 25%

  10. Whoever votes for Joe Biden is a piece of shit and highly Uneducted…politics just the same. From a guy accepting money from companies killing the world….if Biden wins….human beings deserve this Virus….if we can't wake the fuck up. We dont deserve to be here…

  11. Boomers. Stop listening to mainstream media and look for a candidate with conviction and values that have been consistent for 40 years. Not someone who changes their mind whenever they think their career would benefit

  12. Even the uk is giving money to local places to get the homeless of the streets and giving tax cuts to businesses worth alot of money and giving sick play to 0 hour pay for people who have symptoms of the virus so its good to see governments are taken steps to help vulnerable and less fortunate people.

  13. Vegetable Joe! and Crazy Bernie!
    Trump all the way baby ! 2020 KEEP AMERICA SAFE! WE are ALL IN THIS together to fight the invisible enemy. and protect our way of life! we must not live in fear! but be wise and do what we can on our end to protect ourselves and family's !

  14. Jimmy fallon is such an idiot. He seriously has a developmental disability, I believe. His IQ is like an 8 year old child's.

  15. This guys can't be more clear and I don't understand why Dems don't vote for him and prefer Biden. I am a Trump supporter and I would vote for Bernie hands down. I would never vote for Biden.

  16. In case anyone is wondering how to register to vote especially for Bernie there's a Facebook group that will help you with that don't people be afraid to attain the future you want, go for it! Take action! We Won California We Can Still Win This Guys! Its Not A Long Shot Don't Let The Media And False Propaganda Fool You About Bernie He Is The Answer!

  17. The sad part is if Bernie was elected in 2016 he would be the one handling this crisis and he would be the one protecting us from the financial devastation that is heading our way very soon. We f ed up America.

  18. He already won. His ideas already won. Because they are OUR ideas, the ideas of everyone with a brain and a heart.

  19. Anyone who subscribes to this nonsensical drivel should stop reproducing immediately. Bernie Slanders’ platform and policies are unfounded, dangerous, and unsustainable. Please use your brains, People!

  20. \Bernie Sanders\
    "It's ultimately the president of the United States' responsibility. . . What you need to do to give confidence to the American people is [to] bring the best minds in the country, in the world together. As a leader that's what you can be doing, and don't make this into politics don't start attacking democrats. That is not only absurd, it is [also] demoralizing to the American People."

    Also Bernie Sanders
    "I have seven very beautiful Grandchildren"

  21. I don't understand why American people hate free health care specially now with covid-19 the greed of the insurance companies here in the states is unbelievable example my friend's mom had to buy insulin supply for one year from outside the US for less than $200 while here it costs like $3000

  22. #PresidentDump appeals to all the lazy, uneducated Americans. Bernie has been on the ball for DECADES. Consistent, powerful, and such an inspiring man. BIDEN IS OK BUT BERNIE IS THE CHOICE!

  23. Even though I tend to think Bernie wants too change too much too fast (even though I think his is the direction we should go in), he is a much better speaker than Biden and would obviously crush Trump in the debates. Whereas Biden doing well in the debate with Trump is questionable.

    And I love Sander's honest good natured laugh.

  24. Folks, watch this:

    BERNIE & BIDEN will NEVER be the PRESIDENT of the USA!

    Have a great day to y’all

  25. China is the perfect example of human population excess, governmental alienation, cowardice and failure, vulgarity, gross consumption of wild animals, some exotic and cute that shouldn't be consumed. China has disgusting cultural practices that puts the entire World in danger and causing it to flirt with extinction. AND you Bernie Sanders worship their socialistic-communist regime. You are a piece of crap!

  26. “We should stop attacking democrats”….. starts attacking republicans 🤦🏽‍♂️. Glad this goof is not going to lead our country.

  27. The never said a vaccine wouldn't be affordable. I can't stand politicians and their lying

  28. Bernie would had left travel open and he and many others his age would be gone if wasn’t for Trump. He needs to stop arm chair quarterbacking with his gifted 20/20 hindsight

  29. Bernie Sanders is the leader America needs right now. If you vote Joe Biden then you are a fool and you deserve to get the corona virus and pay your ridiculous co-pays to see a doctor. If you have insurance.

  30. I cringe when he says “healthcare is a yoooman right.”

    Healthcare is not a human right or a canine right, nor is it a porcine or bovine right.  Healthcare is a commodity. You can buy it. If you’re an abject loser, lazy or broke in perpetuity… we have dispensations for the likes of you. We’re not heartless. We have Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, disability…. all these things for perpetual loser leeches in society. Just like you.

  31. Please America, show your parents and grandparents that Bernie is more electable and better than Joe Biden, and GET OUT AND VOTE for him! Don’t let people over 50, boomers, etc. control our future. Bernie is the president we NEED! Invite family and friends to go vote with you!

  32. Anyone voting in Biden as the nominee is an idiot. The guy has dementia and you're letting the only adult in the room NOT be president.

  33. I appreciate Jimmy for having Bernie on the show. Most of the people who support Joe either don't know Joe or don't know Bernie.

  34. Fallon is such a horrible interviewer and host.
    Till this date, I'll never understand why he's popular.
    Meanwhile Bernie is doing great! Answering everything, he's the only one to beat Trump, Vote Bernie you all

  35. Noticed he does say “Millionaires” anymore. When you become the thing you claim to hate, it’s hard to attack it anymore haha.

    I’m glad that Bernie was beat. Hopefully these regressive radicals will go away and real democrats can get back to work on real issues instead of his utopia pipe dreams.

    If Bernie is so awesome, why don’t he donate his millions to take poor Americans off the street?

    He made his fortune off of 21-year-old delivery drivers and kids who work at McDonald’s and he promised them the world.

    Free this, free that and so on. But what he refuses to tell his supporters is that their lives will be controlled by the government. Food, healthcare, housing. Forced to be on government basic healthcare. Maybe some want that but I like being in control of my own life, my choice of healthcare etc.

    But it’s a fear I can put to rest. May us moderate dems never see Castro’s secret admirer again.

  36. I cried. U can see Jimmy wanted to cry for that speech Bernie gave in the end. Jimmy pursed his lips and presented Bernie w a weak voice coz he wanted to cry, and shouted Senator Sanders in the end presenting him coz he was so proud of him. I see it! Jimmy feeling the Bern! U see the respect! Loved that. Hey! All the progressives should keep the fight! We fight the mainstream corporate media! And the billionaire class buying and selling politicians! ✊🏼🔥

  37. If you want him to become president, tell more young people to go vote. And try to convince some old people that Bernie is the best for the USA. Don't forget to donate to Bernie2020.

  38. Gutless, dazed, empty, frightened, zombies congealed around a demented, senile, arrogant, waste of space like Biden. Another fool spent over 500,000,000 on B.S., thin air & his ego –when all that moolah could have actually done some good in this country. Morons voted for Hellery because they thought they'd be getting Bubba Billy Boy pulling her strings behind the scenes. Buy*Dumb will not be bringing Obama back for one simple reason: he's a dopey loser & will lose in November. By voting for Sleepy, Sleazy, JoBo, you will insure that #CrazyDonald will have 4 more years. #BernieOrBust.

  39. African Americans have delivered the nomination for Biden.

    Sanders key support, young middle class whites, haven't turned out.

  40. Bernie, you wise warrior fighting for us for so long, while we shoot ourselves on the foot. We don't deserve you.

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