Selling Fish On Live Stream | Modernising Traditions

Selling Fish On Live Stream | Modernising Traditions

[In Mandarin] Customers always tell me that I look like JJ Lin (Mandopop singer). They say that I look like him on video. It’s because they see me through their phones. The filter can help remove the blemishes on my face. That’s why I look better than in real life. Actually I am not very confident with my appearance. It doesn’t matter if I’m handsome or not. Doing business is all about building trust. [Laughs] [Cheerful music] We’re starting.
[Cheerful music] [Cheerful music] [Applause] Hello everyone! Good evening everyone! (People say that) eating swordfish belly will give you a good complexion. Really? If so, I have to eat more of it. I have been doing Facebook live for about seven months. When I first started I often got tongue-tied when talking in front of the camera. I would be nervous. You can look at the first Facebook Live video I did. I have not deleted it. I was talking incoherently. Then… I was very apprehensive. It went like that. My live bidding usually starts at 10 p.m. It will last till around 1 a.m. Hello Maggie GR! You’re the first person I see. Why did it become Maggie Peh? That’s so strange. Some of my customers will fall asleep during my live. The moment I appear, the view count drops. Gosh. Wife: Really going to sleep? M: [Laughs]
Wife: Really going to sleep? M: Hi Casey, you’re saying bye to me again. W: If you want to sleep, go ahead. I’ll be appearing on the Facebook Live soon. M: Don’t be like this. A cod fish chunk will cost $30-$36. Sometimes, customers find our fish expensive. Usually, I will explain that (our fishes are like) branded (goods). It’s like comparing clothes from pasar malam (night market) to clothes from LV (Louis Vuitton). The quality will obviously be different. For example, fish of Grade A quality is the freshiest. The moment you pick the fish up you will notice its bright eyes, red gills and its tender flesh. That’s what a good quality fish is like. I sell mainly saltwater fish here. Silver pomfret red snapper threadfin red grouper wild grouper. We have everything. The weirdest fish that I have sold so far is the longevity fish. Its English name is It can live up to 160 years. It’s hideous. It’s orange in colour and its eyes are big. It looks monstrous. But we don’t have it today. This fish weighs around 20kg. 10 to 20kg. It’s not really considered a special fish but the market doesn’t sell many of these. I need to return this to my neighbour first. [Laughs] [Whistling] Initially, I was here to help my mother with the accounting. Before that, I invested in some businesses but it failed. Back in Malaysia, my brother is doing live bidding as well. So I thought “Why not help my mum since she has been in the business for years?” Doing wholesale business is difficult to sustain. You can’t really earn much. That’s why I thought of doing live bidding in Singapore as well. From the wholesale market the fish gets delivered directly to the buyer. My mother is very open to new ideas They are also aware that times are changing. So they are generally supportive of new ways of doing business. Once you are live two hundred people watching your live is equivalent to having two hundred people walking into your shop. At the start, there were hardly any customers watching. There were less than ten customers. But after a month or two everyone started to know me. There were more and more customers coming on board. That’s how we grew the business. Watching my live there would normally be about two to three hundred customers. I’m actually very happy doing this every day because my customers are very kind. I’m also a very easy-going person so everyone becomes my friend. If you treat people well, they will treat you equally well. Recently, the child of one of my customers got diagnosed with cancer. We went to the hopsital to visit the child. The child is merely one year old. So I thought that I could do my part to help them. W: Thank you everyone. We hope the child will recover. M: Yes, we hope she will recover. We raised a total of $7500 that day. Then we donated the money to the family. It’s alright even if we did not earn that day. It’s good that we could help someone. Sometimes, you don’t need money to be happy. Money can be earned again. If we help to make someone happy we will be happy too.


  1. Gr8t thinking outside the box.. U need to still make a living selling fish or a farmer. I wish them prosperity and abundance ✨👍🏽✨

  2. The first few secs.. He kinda reminds me of Li Rong Hao too 🤔

    God bless him and his family for helping out a child. True heart of gold.

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