Season 7, Chapter 7 – Bon Voyage | Red vs. Blue

Season 7, Chapter 7 – Bon Voyage | Red vs. Blue

*Guitar* Sarge: Get these water cans cleaned up while we’re gone. How much water do you need to drink, Donut? Donut: I was in a desert, don’t judge me! Grif: Maybe we should learn from that and bring some water ourselves. Sarge: Nonsense. It’ll just slow us down. Grif: Slow us down more than dehydration? Or death… by dehydration? Sarge: I don’t know, smartass. Let’s say we try! I’ll kill ya, and then I’ll dry ya out! Who wants Grif-jerky? Caboose: Ah, no thanks, I already had Donuts for breakfast. Grif: Wait, what? Sarge: All right, let’s get going. Everybody packed? Caboose: Yep. Grif: Where’s your stuff? Caboose: Oh, I only carry a washcloth and six toothbrushes. Grif: I’m gonna assume that makes sense to you. Caboose: Yeah, it does. Grif: Yeah, I thought so. We’ll just go ahead and leave that one alone Sarge: Grif! Why’d you pack so much? Grif: Me? I only did one duffle. Sarge: Well, what are all these cases? Donut: Those are mine! Sarge: Donut, you’re going with us? Donut: No. But I wasn’t gonna let you guys have all the packing fun to yourselves! That’s the best part of going on vacation. I mean, besides airport security’s full cavity search– Grif: Time to go! Sarge: Now, Lopez, I want you to take good care of Simmons and Donut while we’re gone. Sarge: Feed them every day. Sarge: Exactly. And don’t forget to let them out in the yard every now and then. Donut: I love yard time- Simmons: Goodbye! Sarge: If I don’t make it back from the mission, bury me and Grif as far apart as possible. I don’t want to get any corpse cooties. Grif: Why do you assume i’ll be dead? *stares at Grif* Grif: Never mind Sarge: All aboard! Let’s get this show on the road! *warthog music plays* Sarge: Hey, be careful with the new gun. It hasn’t passed any real world testing yet. Simmons: It hasn’t passed any fake world testing. It’s passed zero tests. Sarge: Which means the enemy can’t possibly know about it. We’ve got the initiative. Simmons: Yeah, you got something. Big dummy. Sarge: We’ll be back as soon as we help the Blue. And then we’ll kill him. Caboose: Guys, I really appreciate this. Sarge: See you soon! Try not to to get in any trouble! *The Puma activates Mexican dolphin mode* Sea breathing Caboose: Are we there yet? Everyone: Shut up! Donut: Good luck! Donut: Hey! Where you goin’? Simmons: To blow up Blue Base. Donut: Ah, I think that’s what Sarge meant by “get into trouble”. Simmons: I don’t give a fuck! *music from warthog* Caboose: Can we stop again? I have to pee. Grif: Again?! Caboose: Well, my suit leaked, and I had to drink a lot on the way here. A lot. Sarge: Look, Grif! Sand. Grif: Yeah, we’re on a beach. Sarge: Donut said there was sand. That means we’re on the right track. Grif: You know what else he told us? The coordinates to where we’re going. Sarge: Another clue! Grif: That’s not a clue! There’s no mystery! We’re driving there! Sarge: C’mon, let’s get going. Before the trail gets cold. Caboose: I have to use the bathroom again. *guitar* Donut: Lopez, Simmons has been gone a really long time. Donut: If Simmons blows up Blue Base, Sarge is gonna be really mad. Donut: I’m worried about him. Donut: I think I’m gonna go over there and check on him. *wind blowing* *warthog music* Sarge: Yee-haw! *crashing sound* Sarge: I told you not to take jumps bigger than my yee-haws! Makes me look bad! Grif: Okay, this looks like it. Sarge: Be careful, Grif. We don’t wanna get spotted. Voice over speakers: Halt! Do not come any further! Caboose: I think we’ve been spotted. Sarge: Punch it Grif! Voice over speakers: You are attempting to access a restricted area. And you have entered a mine field. Grif: A what?! Voice over speakers: A mine field. You idiot. Caboose: Your field? Who says this is your field? You can’t own a field! Grif: Caboose, not his field; a mine field! Sarge: You know, the Native American culture said the Earth doesn’t belong to us. We belong to it. Grif: Guys! He means explosives! Sarge and Caboose: Oooh! *explosion* Sarge: Oh! Caboose: Where am I? Oh, well, that looks nice! Oh my God! A giant person!


  1. can someone here please explain to me what the hell is going on like is church permanently because he's my fav and ill stop watching

  2. Caboose: Can we stop again? I have to pee?
    Grif: Again!?!?
    Caboose: Well my suit leaked, and I had to drink a lot on the way here!

    I love Caboose being so out of reality. He'd be my best friend, that is unless he gets a tank. Then I'm sure the shell would just bounce off him and land on me somehow.

  3. Anyone else notice that before they went into the water it was a normal chaingun warthog, but when they exited the water it was a gauss warthog?

  4. in the subtitles when they drive in the wAter it says " puma activates mexican dolphin mode" i am not jokei g

  5. I like how Sarge treated Simmons and Donut like his pets. "feed them, and don't forget to let them play in the yard!"

  6. Jesus fucking Christ the warthog song is always used to fucking hilariously, that one time when they drove the fuck over a small hill and ran over like 6 wyomings, this is moment where it was faded and slowly tuned in normally as they emerged from the water, i fucking love this series

  7. Still can't decide whether Lopez' Google translation spanish is endearing or really annoying. A mixed bag since I enjoy when it's closer to correct, which happens less than I'd like.

  8. Did any1 catch donut sayin that the airport security full cavity search was one of the best parts of a vacation ?😂😂 I'm rlly startin to think this man's gay

  9. Cough I don’t know a lot of Spanish; but I know enough to know that most of what Lopez is saying is completely wrong

  10. 1:53
    Donut: Where are you going?
    Simmons: To blow up Blue Base.
    Donut: Err I think that's what Sarge meant by get into trouble.
    Simmons: I don't give a fuck!

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