Season 7, Chapter 4 – Catching Up | Red vs. Blue

Season 7, Chapter 4 – Catching Up | Red vs. Blue

*Guitar plays* Councelor: Private Donut, we want to debrief you now that your tour at Blood Gulch is over. Donut: Great! Wait… over? Counselor: I’m just going to ask you some standard questions to rate your experience, and i will be filing out a form based on your responses. Do you understand? Donut: Yes, sir. Counselor: All right, then let’s begin. During your deployment, you were assigned to the Red Team, is that correct? Donut: That’s right! You can tell by my lightish-red armor. Counselor: I’m a bit confused. By “lightish red”… do you mean pink? Donut: No, i mean “lightish red”. Counselor: ……………………. Let’s come back to this during the free-form period. Donut: Okie dok. Counselor: Now, as to your experience in Blood Gulch, would you say it was… satisfactory, somewhat satisfactory, or, unsatisfactory? Donut: I would say… satisfactory. Counselor: All right. Now i want you to look at this picture. Donut: Oh hey! I know where that is! Counselor: Which of the following best describes this picture? Would you say it is, A: the new location where your team was assigned. B: the source of a mysterious energy reader. Or C- Donut: That’s just where we landed. Counselor: … where you landed. Can you elaborate? Donut: Yeah, we were defusing a bomb by this guy “Omega”, but then the bomb went off, and it was just this huge explosion that it totally threw us into the future, and we landed there in that place. Counselor: [Confused] I’m not sure i understand… the future? Donut: Sarge said that since we were surounded by ice when the bomb went off, and then it was all sand, the Ice Age must’ve ended, and that would’ve taken a REALLY long time. So, it must’ve pushed us into the future. Counselor: I… don’t have a check box for that. So I’m just going to write down “other” Donut: Yeah, “other” works. I like other! Counselor: Well, i suppose there’s no reason to ask the rest of our questions. Thank you for a very… enlightening interview. Donut: So then after that, they transferred me to that new base. I guess we left before we were supposed to do what they wanted us to. Caboose: That’s a pretty crazy story, Donut. Donut: But when i got there, all i found was the distress beacon from Tucker. It said to get to Church. I think Tucker was captured. There was something there. Something scary. Caboose: That sounds scary. Donut: Yeah. Hey, this thing sure makes a racket. Caboose: Who? Epsilon? Yeah, it does that when you talk to it. It loves when people tell it stories. Especially about things that have happened to us, and… and people we’ve met. Donut: You’ve been telling it stories? Caboose: Yeah, you know, to the best of my memory. Donut: The best of your memory? Caboose: Yeah… Donut: I bet those were some pretty weird stories. So what is it? Caboose: Oh. it’s a memory component from a bigger A.I. that a bunch of scientists wanted to copy to make more, but they couldn’t. So they drove it crazy until it developed this split personality, and then they harvested all the different personalities for their experiments. Yeah. Donut: Pretty weird. Caboose: I’m using it, part of Tex’s body, parts of Sheila to make a new super best friend. … but it’s not going so well. I lit myself on fire. Donut: Where did you get it? Caboose: We were on a big adventure, kind of like your adventure, and then we needed help kind of like you need help, and then we needed some help and we got help from somebody. It was very helpful. Donut: Well… could the person who helped you help us now? Caboose: Ohhhh. Oh? Guard: Washington! Got a call for you. Wash: A call for me? Who even knows i’m here? Guard: Tune in on your personal secure channel. They routed it to us. You can take it in here if you want. Wash: Thanks. Guard. Three minutes! Wash: What? Oh, Yeah, okay. This is Agent- um… this is Washington. Who’s there? Caboose: Agent Washington! Wash: Oh, dear lord. Caboose? How did you even find me? Caboose: You are on my computer screen! I just looked at it! Wash. No, i mean… never mind. What’s going on, are you okay? I haven’t heard anything about you. Caboose: Oh yeah, I’m good. How about you? Wash: All things considered, guess I should be glad to be alive. Caboose: Yeah… did you get a big medal from beating Project Freelancer? Wash: Yeah, sure. I got a bunch more metal in my life now. How about you? Caboose: They gave us shiny new bases! The reds have their place, and I have my own place! It’s kind of cool! I think i’m gonna get a drum set. Wash: … yeah. Wait. Seriously? You have a new base? Caboose: Well, it’s not new new. They gave us the ones that were abandoned from Project Freelancer. Wash: They gave you a base. Caboose: What, you didn’t get a new base too? Wash: … no. No I didn’t. Caboose: Well, you can come here and share my base with me. Oh! We need your help! Can you come right away? Can you come help us? Wash: I don’t think that’s going to happen. Guard: All right, Washington. Back in your cell. Wash: Guard, I need to see the Commander. Now. Guard: Yeah. right. Why the hell would I let you do that? Wash: Because I think I just found the missing piece to his puzzle. Grif: What’s Up forever alone? So uhh.. do you wanna do something with your life or sit around on your ass all day like a loser? Yeah!! Me too. So uh just subscribe and keep watching youtube its way easier. (walks off ) *Ending sound*


  1. Caboose: What you didn't get a new base too!? camera zooms out to show it's a prison
    Wash: …No, no I didn't.
    Still makes me laugh even knowing it's coming.

  2. So did the Reds and blues actually go through time or are they just dumb? If they did go through time, then how does the freelancer program still exist?

  3. Yeah, I'd be just as confused as Wash was. I never could piece together why they were given new bases. I guess although Project Freelancer shut down, the UNSC still wanted to keep the freelancer training active.

  4. cant belive caboose is smart and plays dumb and retarded or he is just dumb, retarded and somtimes gets complex things right anyone wanna help me find this out???   |:

  5. One thing that kind of bothers me about these two seasons is Wash's change in character. He goes all rambo trying to escape the Chairman, then quickly tries and helps caboose when church gets taken by the meta (spoilers). Its a bit quick of a 180. Still a cool character and fucking awesome show as I keep saying

  6. Things starting to push forward from here. First of all, this part pretty much proved that time actually didn't change at all. Plus we get to finally find out what happened to Wash.

  7. See, this is what has always bothered me. Did they actually go forward 800 years into the future, or not? Was it something they did in the original series that they decided later was too ridiculous and tried to ignore it to make future plot points work?

  8. Wait. So, when the bomb went off and they went into the "future" and they were surrounded by snow, wouldn't the explosion just melt the snow, so they didn't actually go into the future?

  9. washingtons alive?does that guy have the ability to bleed out and die?i mean,seriously,how many bullets does it take to kill the guy?

  10. I don't like when people are mean with Caboose. He is so innocent. Seeing him and donut together is a really happy moment.

  11. Watching this much in the future, I realized that Caboose actually gave the most logical and abridged explanation for Epsilon and the Alpha situation.

  12. My fav caboose quote:
    We went on a big adventure, kind of like your adventure, and then we needed help, kind of like you needed help, and then we needed some help, and we got help from somebody, it was very helpful!

  13. Am I crazy, or was Washington carrying a pistol in a maximum security prison? Kind of a critical oversight, if you ask me.

  14. Holy shit…Caboose like, really understands what happened to the A.I.s. His explanation to Donut was…well…perfect.

  15. It's odd how Caboose can Make sense out of a majority of things and mess up a small thing, if you think about Caboose is smart but not at the same time it's weird.

  16. I love how Caboose can handle complicated concepts like Project Freelancer. He was the only person who understood Church back in season 3 when Church was looping in time to try and stop everyone getting blown "into the future" by not-Andy the bomb too.

  17. 2 things about Caboose
    A) I just realized the similarities of voice between Caboose and Dr. Oobleck
    B) How does Caboose remember everything…

  18. I feel bare sad for Wash
    What he did to the reds and blues was nothing compared to how his been treated. Betrayed,stabbed in the back by his own team mates repeatedly and lyed to by the people he trusted the most. So peak

  19. Okay, MAJOR SPOILER for season 15, but…

    "I think I'm gonna get a drum set!"

    Who hear watched all of the credits and heard Blue Team's song…with Caboose's DRUM SOLO?!!

  20. I wonder if the reason Caboose understand all the A.I. stuff so well is because he has literally hosted 4 different A.I. in his head at this point, some even at the same time. He has had Alpha, Beta (tex), Omega and Delta. It makes sense that someone that has had several fragments of a full A.I. in them would understand what they were and how it could happen.

  21. ok when the fuck did caboose become so smart, or is this dumb guy with odd bursts of intelligence kind of thing

  22. Again, the rather concise description of what Epsilon is and what Project Freelancer did to the Alpha shows that Caboose, despite all the brain damage he's suffered and the resulting…deficiencies, remains quite intelligent.

  23. I feel sorry for wash because he in a stupid detention facility and then he had to betrade his new friends

  24. I was bobbing my head up and down just before the epsilon noises at 2:36 and i thought it was my headphones rubbing on my hoodie. Lol

  25. Caboose says when he's talking to wash he's going to get a drum set. And in a later episode where Carolina sings during the credits, she tells Caboose to play his drum solo (which is a beast one btw). Apparently, he got his drums and did a lot of practicing.

  26. speaking as someone who remembered this existed and stopped watching at season 2 back in the day…watching it for the first time god damn these retcons are weak as fuck

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