Season 7, Chapter 14 – The Installation | Red vs. Blue

Season 7, Chapter 14 – The Installation | Red vs. Blue

[Music] [Rumbling, Crashing, Machine sounds, etc.] [Grif] What the hell are they doing out there? [Tucker] They’ve been trying to blast their way in here ever since I locked it down. [Tucker] They’re not having much luck though – ARE YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLES?! [Tucker] This stuff looks like rock but it’s way tougher. [Grif] What’s tougher than rock?
[Caboose] Paper. [Tucker] (stutters) How the fuck should I know? Super rock? What am I? Some kinda geographist? [Sarge] They have some kinda big machine out there. [Tucker] Yeah. They just got that thing. I think THEY think they’re gonna yank this door off with it. [Tucker] Not fuckin happening. [Sarge] They wanna get their hands on that weapon? [Tucker] Yeah. And we can’t let them turn it on, no matter what happens. [Sarge] Well why don’t WE just turn it on and use it against them? [Tucker] Fuck, what? We don’t know what it does! We could turn it on and it could make us all sterile. [Grif] Would it do that? [Tucker] Well, the last weapon we found was designed to wipe out all organic life in a HUGE radius. [Grif] (whistles)… Wow… What’s a – radius? [Tucker] I dunno, they just made me learn this crap for my dumb job. Point is: don’t touch anything. [Tucker] You hit the wrong button, you flip the wrong switch, we’ll all be dead before you can say — [Tucker] — Where’s Caboose?? [Sarge] Uh.. I don’t think that’s how that expression goes. [Tucker] No. I mean where the fuck is Caboose? [Sarge] Oh yeah.. He does have a habit of wandering off, he’s been trying to rig equipment to do something. [Sarge] We don’t really know what. That boy’s not quite right, y’know? [Tucker] What the- I just said not to touch anything and you guys let him walk away to find equipment??? [Tucker] What the hell is wrong with you! [Tucker] Man I swear, you guys’ve always been idiots but this takes the cake! [Grif] HEY! He’s on YOUR team, asshole. [Tucker] Oh. Right… [Tucker] … Hey – uh, so if you guys aren’t doing anything you wanna help me go find Caboose? [Sarge] Let’s go. [Grif] So embarassing for you… [Tucker] Just go find the guy. [Grif] So sad… [Tucker] I fucked your sister. [Music]
[Lopez] (humming) [Simmons] LOOOOOPEEZZZ!! [Simmons] HE’S HERE! HE’S HERE! [Simmons] THE BAD GUY – THE GUY WHO WANTS TO KILL US! [Explosion] [Simmons] THE META!! He’s here! [Simmons] OH JEEZ LOOK OUT! [Simmons] SON OF A BITCH! [Lopez] iMadre de dios! [Simmons] Lopez, we need some big guns. [Simmons] I’ll grab the rocket launcher. Just grab whatever you can, Lopez. I’m trained to handle this weapon. [Simmons] …Lopez? [Simmons] … Anybody? [Meta] (growling) [Simmons] Alright you bastard… [Simmons] …prepare to get SIMMONSIZED… [Meta] (growling) [SMASH] [Meta] (growling) [Simmons] Well fuck me. [Meta] (growling) [EXPLOSION1] [EXPLOSION2] [Simmons] Lopez?! [Ominous Music] [Epsilon whirs] [Caboose] No… [Caboose] No! [Caboose] Hmm…
[whirring grows louder] [Guitar riff] [???] (over a loudspeaker) Just open the temple and you can leave! We’ll take what we want and no one has to get hurt! [Tucker] SHUT UP, IDIOT! [Tucker] I should’ve stabbed that fuckin speaker while I was out there. [Grif] Caboose! [Tucker] Caboose! Where are you! [Sarge] Hey! Blue! Hope you’re not dead~! [Sarge] Now that there’s two of ya, we finally have a fair fight! [Sarge] Come on out here so we can KILL YA! [Tucker] Hey guys, shut up. You hear that? [Caboose] Wh- would you be quiet! [Caboose] See – you’re gonna get me in trouble. [???] Trouble?? Fuck that! [Tucker] Who’s he talking to? Aw crap! Did somebody break into the temple? [Caboose] Ah n- okay- see you broke that! See- that was YOUR fault. [???] That? That was already broken. [Tucker] (makes wooshing noise) [Tucker] Alright, let’s charge in there, and take these assholes out. On my mark – [Tucker] … That means when I say “GO”. [Grif] Definitely sounds familiar… [Sarge] Yeah, I find it annoying and grating for some reason. [Caboose] Ok- just- stop moving around- HOLD STILL! [???] I am holding still! You’re the one that’s moving! [Tucker] Yeah that sounds like– [???] Get your hands off me! [???] FUCKIN DOUCHE-
[Caboose] Ah- I’m sorry Church! [Tucker] Church?!
[Sarge] Church?!
[Grif] Church?! [Caboose] …I can explain. [Epsilon-Church] Who the fuck are these guys? [Sarge] …Who brought the floating bowling ball? [Sarge] Where’s the thumb hole? [Grif] What’s up forever-alone? So uh- you wanna do something with your life or you just wanna sit around on your ass all day like a loser? [Grif] Yeah! Me too! [Grif] So uh – just subscribe and keep watching youtube! ‘s way easier.


  1. Ok I know this would have made no sense and wouldn't have worked for the story at all but, am I the only one who thinks that having it turn out that the thing caboose was speaking to was actually Andy's program would be interesting?

  2. I am french so… Why the subtitles are in Poland and not in english ? Because I can understand english but I need subtitles and the auto is not very efficacy…

  3. Grif: So embarresing for you.
    Tucker: Just go find the guy!
    Grif: So sad.
    Tucker: I f*cked your sister.

    Wha- that just went from 0 to what the f*ck that has nothing to do with- oh forget it its tucker

  4. Anyone noticing the video fiddling up and down? It's a little noticeable.

  5. The saddest thing about it is that since Tex said that sis was easy so does that mean tucker can't get girls that are hard to get such as Tex? And does that also mean that tucker can ONLY get girls that are easy if so I haven't watched season 10 yet but I imagine that he will flirt with agent Carolina and get massively cock blocked

    That means "Son of a bitch" right?
    Pretty sure that's what it means…
    definitely not "Mother of God!"

  7. This episode's subtitles are fucking amazing:
    "Prepare to get Simmonized"[[Oh god why]]
    [Meta](hocks a loogie and makes ghost noises at the same time i guess)

  8. 'We could turn it on and it will make us all sterile' several seasons later '… so I activated a planet wide afrodesiac?'

  9. 0:48– Tucker enlisted on the Infinity and finding Halo installations? Also, the name of the episode is "The Installation"

  10. If you watch this with regular subtitles when Simmons says simmonsized the subtitles have a caption underneath that says "oh god why"

  11. Tucker: Well, the last weapon we found was designed to wipe out all organic life in a HUGE radius

    Foreshadowing much?

  12. Everyone is talking about Tucker’s noises and paper beats rock but how about it’s a Mongoose, or at least call it an ATV, it’s not a damn motorcycle!

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