SCP기획18탄 – scp294, scp217, scp882 (커피 자판기, 태엽장치 바이러스, 기계)

SCP기획18탄 – scp294, scp217, scp882 (커피 자판기, 태엽장치 바이러스, 기계)

In the bizarre library today Thank you for visiting the librarians. I’m going to talk about today Machine and machine and machine. Bizarre Library Scp Foundation Series The 18th begins now. Thorn Viewing Danger Level 1 Do you like coffee There are various vending machines in the world. Beverage vending machine Flower vending machine Today’s vending machine It is a little unusual vending machine. Serial number scp-294 Isolation Class Euclid Nickname coffee vending machine This vending machine has a black tone design
And There is one outlet. But the unusual appearance we often
inscribed QWERTY keyboard is attached
Will. How to use coin 50 USD
Put it at the entrance Desired message using keyboard
If you type The substance corresponding to that message Into the 12oz paper cup through the outlet
It comes out. I did 97 initial experiments As a result, water coffee beer carbonated water, Some things like iron sulphate
In shape It came out in a paper cup. Just like diamond Substances that cannot exist in liquid state
silver There was no output. What you learned from this experiment scp-294 50 consecutive times For about 90 minutes Seemed to replenish inventory Plain paper cups like hydrochloric or sulfuric acid
On Insoluble and corrosive paper
Even when discharging a substance The paper cup from scp-294 is
Without damage The substance is contained. August 21, 2005 Agent Joseph of the scp foundation 9:30 am in my break To drink coffee I used scp-294. A cup of joe
I entered After a while Agent Joseph sweats I fell down complaining of dizziness
Go We were moved to nurse room. Then check the cup ejected from scp-294
Result The liquid in the cup Agent Joseph’s blood and fluids
It was a liquid. Agent Joseph entered on the keyboard
A cup of joe This means a cup of coffee
But Literally literally a cup of Joe That is, some of Joseph’s body components It’s in a cup. Security guard on scp-294 after this incident
Has been placed After checking security clearance level
We came to use. In addition, to what extent
What is possible I’m constantly experimenting. scp-294 What would you type Let me know in the comments Parental Level 3 I Am Iron Man Serial number scp-217 Isolation Class Keter Alias ​​Clockwork Virus This object is a 100% infection virus
is. It’s not possible at this time All living things in the animal kingdom You can infect it. As well as physical contact Infected by body fluids Organization chart removed from the host’s body Observed alive for years
It is. Once infected, symptoms appear
To The infection is very slow Incubating for up to several years
It is. If symptoms start to manifest Using materials from living tissue Made of organic metal
And Generally from inside the body
Change begins. Modified shape is gear or tubular gear
To look like Eyes are like a manual film camera
Turns into a form. While the inside is changing, the infected person I’m not aware of this at all Sometimes you hear a ticking sound or tick
Ticking Hear or move something under the skin
I felt it. Afterwards, I feel like a stabbing pain
Will begin Symptoms spread out of the skin
Go As the skin actually tears off,
Lights begin to appear. Investigating external organizations Most of them are made of brass carbon steel.
It’s done Materials such as leather, rubber, glass wood
Verified. In addition, the changed tissue may It turns out that it contains dna information.
Lost. The internal and external body changes like this
When you start Since then, the cognitive ability of the infected person
It’s starting to change. Simplified behavior that affects the brain
Will repeat Physical ability is also slowing down Easily confused when faced
Etc Show degeneration. Furthermore, the changed mechanical parts Replace with another part of the same shape
chart It is confirmed that there is no problem. Also in crowded places The infection spreads more quickly, The incubation period is very long How many people are infected I haven’t figured it out yet
And. Maybe you You may already be infected. Listening If you hear strange sounds in your body
Whether or not Please confirm it. If you hear, you may have an upset stomach.
There is. Parental Level 3 Spatula Spatula Serial number scp-882 Isolation Class Euclid Alias ​​machine Size of about 12 cubic meters Various metal objects
is. Entering cable pulley screw belt Randomly intertwined Easily soluble in sea water. It’s not clear what the power source is
Did not In the absence of rust, the machines
Works No sound during operation
not. The features of scp-882 exclude organic materials
All matter Permanently attached After a few days with new parts Is to change completely. Then attach the attached parts I tried to cut it After applying strong heat three or four hours I could tear off a very small piece. Also for a long time near the person scp-882
If there is You will hear hallucinations. Hallucinations are often crunching I hear a clicking sound The sound is getting louder Put any metal material into scp-882
Occation This sound will be reduced. But soon hearing again sounds loud
Go To put the metal material again I’m trying to repeat Sometimes people who hear hearing Those who put themselves in the machine
There was He is sucked into the gap
Died After a few days, it becomes a part of the scp-882. The first time scp-882 was discovered On the northeast coast of Banks Island Soaked in sea water
Rusted 87 cubic meters of giant
It was a form. For years, people have been near the discovery site
Unliving A small town was found After recovering scp-882 from scp foundation After a few incidents Soaked in sea water Isolate by hanging on cotton string
Doing I replace the string every day. Bring metal material into containment area
Never forbid You can only bring in organic materials If you contact 882 You must wear thick cotton gloves. For reference scp-271 gear virus infected
people Never touch scp-882
Doing. Interview Log 882-1 Dr. Gears of the Scp Foundation of Banks Island where scp-882 was first discovered Richard the survivor of the northeast coastal town
I had an interview with According to Richard, When I first found scp-882 To sell it in antiques With my town friend Jimmy Allen.
together It was said that scp-882 was taken out of sea water. But after a while the rusty part
Two peeled It started working slowly. Where Jimmy comes from
G Wondering, I approached scp-882 Stop your feet from slipping badly in your eyes
I am hurt. But in that situation, Alan is dazed
Standing I asked if I just heard that. Then brought scp-882 to town Alan moved to the old warehouse at the dock.
Put it When the villagers slowly forget
Between I complain of insomnia and hear hearing
Heard the story. A few days later the village’s bride and some villagers
Heard claims that scp-882 is god made
I started Villagers follow the bride’s words
And Put all the town’s metal into scp-882
Started. Soon after all the metal ran out Pull out the gold teeth That’s not enough Priest Pointing Allan With Finger
And Alan takes the metal from the great machine
Saying it’s hiding The metal prosthesis in Alan’s body
Shouted Alan shouted that there was nothing to hide.
but The villagers used Alan’s arms and legs
Caught Alan screams and saves
I wished Attract Alan like no one can hear
high price Pushed into the machine. If you watch in fear, Richard
Is Alan’s arm goes into the machine. Your finger is smashed and the rest of your arm
Being pulled out I watched and ran away from the village. Richard later tried to commit suicide Failed to suicide and observe I am detained by the scp foundation. The moment you touch anything Make your own parts Trying to change even bigger
existence scp-882 What is it? And blindly blinded to something
Doing It’s really really scary. Today’s story is that far. Even more bizarre next time I will come to you as an interesting story. Thank you for watching


  1. SCP기획18탄 – scp294, scp217, scp882 쭈뿌뿌쭈뿌 제대문캐릭좀 그려주세요 살랴주세요 +_+많이 어색하네요 ㅠㅠ암튼 잘보고가요 화이팅

  2. 올해로 춘추가 80세 되시는 저희 아부지 무릎에서 삐그덕거리는 소리가 나는데 감염되신걸까요

  3. 커피자판기에 완벽한 물질이라 입력한다음 마신 요원이 그 다음날 자살한것도 있죠. 먹은 뒤 모든것이 하찮게 보여서, 그리고 어느 박사의 사과씨!

  4. 0:01 그림너무 귀엽습니다ㅠㅠ 항상 나긋나긋한 목소리로 힐링시켜주셔서 감사합니다~

  5. SCP-294에서
    캐시(SCP-087)가 좋아할 음료수 라고 쳤더니 종이컵에 그림이 그려진 채로 나왔고
    캐시는 그 음료수가
    초코바나나밀크쉐이크라고 했고
    맛있다고 평가했습니다

  6. 내 뇌피셜론 217은 몸안의 혈액을 이용해서 톱니바퀴를 만드는게 아닐까….
    피가 않통하니까 인지능력 저하하고 퇴화 하는 거지
    톱니에도 DNA가 섞여 있다고 하니까

  7. Scp-682를 저 scp-882안에 집어넣으면 어찌될려나? 아무래도 882를 부숴재껴서 도로 나올듯하지만 ㅋㅋㅋ 집어넣으면 기계부품으로 바껴서 불어나는데 과연 부품으로 바꾸는 침식이 빠를까요? 682의 초재생이 빠를까요? ㅋㅋㅋ

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