Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Google Mind Tricks

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Google Mind Tricks

BURNIE: If you’re logged into Google, and you’re searching, why wouldn’t they just keep a record of all your searches? JOEL: You know, again, it goes back to the thing where it’s like if we were people and I like I just walked into Geoff’s garage and took his lawnmower, theoretically he could be like “Joel stole my lawnmower.” In the Google world it’s like “No no no, I didn’t steal your lawnmower, because you didn’t say I couldn’t.” BURNIE: What is that analogy you just-??
JOEL: You didn’t follow that? BURNIE: Explain to me what Joel just said. GEOFF: I think Joel’s gonna steal my lawnmower. BURNIE & GUS: (laughing) GEOFF: That’s what I got outta that. BURNIE: So that’s like if I went to your house Geoff and I said “I’m gonna steal your lawnmower” and then you said “You stole my lawnmower” and I said “Google” GEOFF: (laughing hysterically) BURNIE: Am I doing- am I doing it right Joel?
JOEL: Alright. Alright, I’m– BURNIE: Monty’s like a machine. When he’s awake, he’s awake to work and to animate and to do stuff and when he’s not-
GEOFF: Just powers down. BURNIE: That’s it. That’s exactly what it is. He literally goes into sleep mode. It’s like “I’m gonna go into sleep mode.”
Like he’ll do it in his chair. GAVIN: Imagine if there was a way for you to kill yourself with your mind. It would be like, you’d have to ‘really’ wanna do it, and you’d have to unlock certain things in your brain. GUS: Like you’d be like “Dear Brain, I want to die.” And the brain’s like “Are you sure?” And you’re like “Yes.” It’s like “Okay. Dying in three seconds.”
GAVIN: Think about these three things at once. GUS: Maybe that’s what it is, like you have to think about three things like if you ever think of like… I don’t know… BURNIE: Don’t do it Gus! Don’t do it!
GUS: Ya, ya (laughing) Orange, monkey eagle! Uh-oh! I’m dead!


  1. for some reason whenever i think of monty i get really happy and i think its because of what he's done in his short life like making rwby and making red vs blue and so many fans watch all of it and love it

    he may have had a short life but he had done a life time of work and it was a happy one

  2. So, what you're telling me is that Monty is just taking a very extended sleep mode..that is what I'm choosing to hear..He finished a lot of work he planned out, and he will awake any day now recharged..Shut up, that's what I'm telling myself for now on..

  3. Is it just me that think Monty might have over worked himself? Ive not done any digging on it, its just a thought that have been floating around in my head

  4. At the beginning Joel was saying how if there was a real world and a google world one action can be seen different ways. If he was taking someone’s lawnmower in the real world it would be considered stealing, but if he took someone’s lawnmower in the google world it might not be considered stealing because the owner of the lawnmower never said Joel couldn’t have it. In the google world more things can be misinterpreted because unless there are specific regulations saying you can’t or shouldn’t do something then it could be interpreted different ways.

  5. after watching this 500 times I finally get what Joel is saying.
    basically Joel is google.
    geoff is the guy searching on google.
    geoff has a lawnmower, joel takes the lawnmower which is geoff's google search

  6. Ive probably watched this episode 50 times and this is the first time I understood Joel's analogy. Joel is Google, Geoff is a normal person, and his lawnmower is his search history. And Joel says Geoff never said he couldn't take it so he can use it, the same way Google and Facebook use our data and explain it.

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