Review of the 1&1 MyWebsite Business site builder

Review of the 1&1 MyWebsite Business site builder

Welcome to this review of 1&1’s, MyWebsite Business package, which you may know from their TV commercials. 1&1 promises that even a complete beginner is able to create an effective business website. It is very likely that you’ll find your industry in 1&1’s catalogue. They offer templates for more than 100 professions such as contractors, retail stores, clubs, hotels, restaurants and many more. Templates include a design specific to your respective industry along with texts. This concept sounds very convenient but also has its flaws as we’ll discover later on. Let’s login to our demo site that we created for a photography business. As you can see, 1&1 has already pulled out our registration details from the database and inserted them in various places on our new site. The website editor 1&1 has given the editor a facelift recently. But the way it works is still the same. To edit an element, simply click it and further options will appear. This element opens up a text editor that you can use to add or delete text. To add an element, click here. There are different categories such as Multimedia for photos and videos, Products & Documents, Contact & Communications, where you can create web forms, for example, Social to integrate Facebook and other services on your website, and Web Services. We are now going to add a photo to our homepage. First, we need to drag the element to our page. I now upload the file to 1&1’s web space. You’ll get unlimited web space with all their packages, which is nice. Now let’s enlarge the size of the image. You can even crop it or change the contrast within the image editor. No external software needed. Managing The Navigation Change the order of existing pages here. Using the horizontal arrows, you can create sub pages. There are up to three levels. To exclude pages from your navigation, click on the „on/off“ symbol. This way you can hide pages that are not important enough to appear in your main navigation. To add a new page, click the “+” icon. Layout and Design One design element of 1&1 MyWebsite is the side-column that is fixed and stays constant on all sub-pages, as you can see when we switch to another page. It’s still the same. This is convenient for things like a newsletter subscription form or links to your social profiles. To change your main template simply go to “Layout” and pick a design you like. If you feel confident to code your own template, feel free to jump to the HTML/CSS tab. The Style section will let you choose from a pre-defined set of fonts and colors, or allow you to put together your own style here. Before you save your changes, make sure to preview them first. Finally let’s take a look at the Settings menu. Here we can enable our mobile website for example, which is only included in the Plus and Premium packages. Another feature is having password-protected areas for your website. 1&1 also offers plenty of options if you want to improve your site’s search engine rankings. Conclusion It is true that even a beginner with limited Internet experience can create a professional looking website with 1&1’s product. The downside is that if you leave too much of their pre-made content unchanged it will negatively impact your search engine rankings because hundreds of other website owners are using the same texts and images. Search engines such as Google are all about unique content and quality. 1&1’s website builder looks very similar to competitor Jimdo. The reason is simple: 1&1 used to be an investor of Jimdo. Jimdo doesn’t offer industry-specific content. But other than that they have a blogging feature as well as a better online store. Therefore, you may want to also take a look at Jimdo. To try 1&1 you can sign up for their 30-day free trial. Don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to use their services as the free trial will turn into a regular contract after 30 days. To find a comparison chart of different providers please make sure to check out And if you found this video useful, please „like“ it on Facebook or YouTube! Thank you!


  1. Hi Anna, no you don't. The website editor is included in the package. It all runs in your web browser so you don't even need to install anything on your computer. Let me know if you have any further questions! //Robert

  2. This was good information. I found that 1&1 would not be unique enough for me. I'm so grateful for this review saved me some time.

  3. This is a horrible site. I agree with Geek, stay away. This is by far the hardest web hosting site I have dealt with. They blow. 

  4. It was important that we reset our e-mail and domain this afternoon. We called our network provider, 1&1 Internet Inc., for assistance, and they told us we had to disconnect our network. As soon as the network was disconnected and our e-mail was down, customer service told us that it would have to be down for 3 days. This was information that should have been disclosed before we disconnected our network. We would have chosen to disconnect on another day, or over the weekend. The improper notification was very unprofessional. Our experience continued to get worse when they hung up on us several times in the process of seeking a solution. This is unacceptable business practice, we cannot run our business without a network or access to our e-mail. We deserve professional customer service and a company that can provide the service that they are paid to do.

  5. WE HAVE BEEN A 1&1 CUSTOMER FOR OVER 8 YEARS… We are no more… the servers are down a lot, their email system was extremely slow, then they updated and it lost all functionality all together… this happened without notice in the middle of the week !!!!

    Imagine our surprise when we could not longer run our business contacting our customers!!!

    Their Customer Service is NOT AT ALL HELPFUL…. JUST GIVE YOU THE ROUND AROUND ….. Do not use their service !! Beware !!

  6. Hi @Silicon Staffing, we are sorry to hear about your issues with their e-mail service, that sounds awful. Just so we are clear, you are talking about their e-mail service and not their 1&1 MyWebsite creation service, right?

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