Rep. Collins on self-quarantine, House coronavirus bill

Rep. Collins on self-quarantine, House coronavirus bill


  1. The corrupt government is nothing but a satanic control system, they want to control everything you do no matter how they spin it.if the virus does spread I hope it hits DC with a vengeance.the majority of politicians are bought off scumbags.if you think the corrupt government can stop a virus,you drank to much kool aid

  2. I gave a thumbs down because I have never liked that female news caster. She is so negative towards Trump. I love our President!

  3. Looks like a promo for quarantining everyone and just conditioning the masses to be willing to be willing when martial law is called to not fight being controlled !

  4. Are you kidding me, things you didn't know until yesterday? I've known far more about it a month ago. These people need to get out of there bubbles more. FFS!

  5. MyMom in Florida has been sick for 9 days,no temp. She needs a Doc. But she called local urgent care, they told her an hour wait. She doesn't want to sit there with others who possible have this virus. This is just wrong on so many levels.

  6. So when someone is exposed they stay home for 2 weeks; fortunately being Asymptomatic; then after quarantine period; go back out to business as usual then possibly get exposed again ! This sucks!

  7. We had our first case today, in my state. The shelves are empty in our stores. I know several people who went out today to get last minute supplies, just like they do if bad weather is on the way. I would not say anyone here, is in a panic. This first real diagnosed case of the virus, comes with a realization that we may be asked to spend a month or more in our homes.

  8. It is a mistake to have sick people go to the doctor. I know this sounds weird, but a MUCH BETTER approach is to establish motorcycle teams of response technicians who can go protected to homes and give tests in the home. The sick person should not leave his home unless it's in a protected vehicle to the hospital.

  9. The CDC is as corrupt as the CIA and FBI LOL. They profit from the pharmaceutical industry. Helloooo?? Bueller Bueller?

  10. Here let’s take the Bill Gates vaccine because he believes in population reduction. Whoooopeee let’s all get on the bus and let the corporations love us!! Weeeee! Billy come on the state run propaganda machine said something so it must be true! Weeeeeee! Oh what fun. Mouth breathers oy!

  11. What a clusterfuck. This thing is spreading like wildfire. Trump finally had to give in and admit it. See that little shitheel trying to read the teleprompter last night? Geeezus…

  12. How many think for yourself raise your hand. Now how many allow the propaganda machine tell you what to think raise your hand. They are taking down the markets intentionally it is so obvious. Reminds me of when they took it down in 1921. History repeating itself. Know how to grow food?

  13. He's saying go to the doctor and get tested but they're saying that they can't tell if people have it anyway and they don't have enough test kits so he is contradicting himself or the CDC is contradicting him or vice versa

  14. Media is responsible for the hysterics. in 2009, we had the N1H1 pandemic, 12, 000 + Americans died. Lets keep stuff in perspective here. They only way to make this go away faster, is by doing exactly what Trump, the CDC and all other health orgs are suggesting, and for people to DO THEM. If little misinformed twits want to blame something, blame China. Trump tried to send in our Experts, and Scientists to help China early on. CHINA SAID NO. They had a massive problem before the world knew it. There IS legitimate information available, some people should find it, and read it.

  15. I believe the media is digging its own grave on this one even deeper than impeachment. Impeaching the president is one thing but destroying the economy is something else entirely.

  16. But Doug, I thought you and your girlfriend's Matt and Ted said this was all just a hoax to make Drumpf look bad? Why are you quarantining yourselves from a hoax, aling with paid leave and taxpayer-funded healthcare… while you and the GOP try to take it away from millions of citizens and tell them to just go back to work? Uh huh, test kits for me… but not for thee, eh Comrade?

  17. democrats want that money moved to the accounts so they can get their stealing on as usual…. sideways redistribution

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  19. why is he telling people to “just get tested” if they feel sick??? WE CANT! I am in Seattle- the Life Care facility where this all started was not even visited by the CDC. They STILL cant get tests for those who are at the facility and not showing symptoms. Who the hell is this jerk to tell us to “be responsible”??? Where is YOUR responsibility to US? Why is the government so incapable of dping the basic things we pay them to do?????

  20. What is the difference between the CV and the viruses that are rampant at this time of year and have been circulating all winter? The elderly and immune compromised people are always at risk of serious complications from flu viruses/pneumonia every year, right? I'm very curious about what the difference is. Is there something we are not being told?

  21. If you pass this bill, what happens to people with asthma or other health issues ? They will need medical attention.

  22. Common sense folks…. don’t get crazy over this, we need to work together and do the proactive steps to protect ourselves and each other. Simple, normal steps will go a long way for each of us!!! Be vigilant, wash your hands, clean your door knobs and light plates, most of us do this anyway, but if you don’t, start doing it now. Our risk is still very low for the majority of us. If you are in the higher risk category then don’t expose yourself in additional to the regular common sense precautions….it’s really that simple and this too shall pass…very quickly…just don’t go off the deep end and miss the very good and practical advice!!!


  24. Get rid of you stupid propaganda you medical terrorists. HOAX
    Oh my, I caught a cold. Collins is just using this as a way to stay at home and drink beer.

  25. The democRATS NEED something. They are just one raging dumpster fire after another. This virus has been around since january and none of them cared until they figured out they could try to use it stop Trump rallies & weasel BILLIONS of tax dollars out of the American people. They havent even thought ahead enough to figure out that everyone will see this for what it is when ppl start getting better. Everyones gong to see how full of BULLSHIFF they are eventually.

  26. Have to watch with the Democrats are trying to put in the package
    they like putting things in the package that take our rights away from us and hurt the country
    They love of shady deals the Democrats

  27. I have rheumatoid arthritis I will stay in long as it takes. I'll die of starvation before I die of being deathly ill can't breathe no thanks.

  28. It's called using common sense, but between the democrats & certain media is using panic, fear mongering which is why the stocks are going down but in a max 2 weeks it will be back to at least the high it was if it doesn't go little higher.
    Lol, I keep seasonal allergies, yesterday I just needed to get some Zyrtec, I was almost afraid to go to the area cold medicine is on because people start looking at you like OMG she's got it. I've seen fighting on videos over toilet paper. But it hasn't reached my state & shelves are totally empty. I have always bought the big pump bottle of hand sanitizer to keep the small ones refilled in purse, vehicles & then the pump bottle sits low enough the grandkids can get to when they are running in,out playing. I just needed 1 like I've always bought, you cannot even find a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the 8 stores yesterday.
    And I fall in the category of badly compromised health, 4 autoimmune diseases with the Addison's alone is horrible if I just get a cold, AFIB,list goes on. I'm still trying to help others not to let panic take over, this would be part of common sense & few added precautions, maybe wash hands little more, face especially nose & eyes don't touch. I know it's serious but SARS had already killed a lot more Americans by this point.

  29. This is proof that these congress people don't need to be in Washington to function- let's cut congress back to two months in Washington and 10 months working in their district.

  30. Trump brushed the virus off like it was nothing till the stock market started to crash, then all of sudden he was worried since his presidency is dependent on the stock market, stupid!

  31. So the same people that pushed the impeachment hoax, now tell me to fear a virus. Why should I trust the government or the media

  32. I don't understand why they are not testing for the people that have already healed from the virus they can supply the plasma we need and take care of the infected people without fear. The anti bodies in there blood can fight this virus.

  33. The bill has a hidden funding for Planned Parenthood. $1 billion for Planned Parenthood. What does funding for abortion clinics, have to do with the flu?

  34. You all are blaming trump for this and that but when H1N1 was starting Obama/Biden didn’t ban traveling at all and 60 million Americans contracted it and thousands died.

  35. What a difference huh? The Democrats are recommending PANIC!!!! and Doug Collins, who actually was exposed is recommending and being calm.

  36. I think we should all get together and sign a petition for CNN to self quarantine themselves from our ears .

  37. must be nice to get to stay home and work….i get to stay home. have to use my vacation time to pay me. wow. nah i’ll just get sick and go to work…

  38. He needs permanent quarantine. Disgraceful showman. Willing to do anything to suck up to Trump. He sees $$$$$$ and power if he does. Stands for nothing but himself,like Yrump

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