Ready to use Accounting software for small business for free with google (urdu/hindi)

Ready to use Accounting software for small business for free with google (urdu/hindi)

viedo for today its related to business there are so many who have started there business who have started there new business or want to start


  1. Hey nice video, I know you made this video to help people. But I am a businessman and know the importance of accounting and free accounting software does not provide all the features and functionalities. If your are serious about you business you should go with paid software. I am using HDPOS Smart and it works like magic. Never found any problem using this software. Take a look at:

  2. myBooks is a cloud accounting software for all types of small scale industry customers. It is a perfect accounting solution for Accountants, Cafes & Hotel owners, Freelancer, Professionals, Small IT Companies and Entrepreneur.

  3. A lot of budget tools can be found here

  4. thanks for sharing. very good video. i have found the best accounting software from the softwaresuggest

  5. My friend, appreciate your efforts, but I couldn't understand a word, because you are talking in Urdu while your video title is in English, please mention the language you will use in the title next time, also hope you will make another video in English. Thanks

  6. A very helpful video on a very basic topic
    Tannks bro on this topic it's rare to find guidelines awesome work keep it up

  7. Nice video get more accounting software and tools at

  8. sir is main hum in hand cash kese nikalain gy receivable amount or expenses etc deduct kr k in hand cash kese show ho ga…kindly guide me.

  9. Tally Web is the ideal financial reporting solution for your business because it protects your valuable accounting data with industry-standard encryption protocols that protect universally accessible data. It is a cloud-based web application that helps generate consolidated reports by automatically synchronizing Tally ERP data from multiple locations in real time to a central location. You can then view the data from anywhere on your PC, laptop, and mobile device. For more details visit

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