Putin may challenge US shale industry: Former Shell Oil president

Putin may challenge US shale industry: Former Shell Oil president


  1. Putin is using the greatest weapon every developed by capitalism, greed. against those that perfected it. He knows if he tanks the US oil market, the republicans will prop them up no matter what, driving our debt even higher through tax breaks and government purchases of domestic oil. Checkmate.

  2. who here knows USA need at least 50 dollar barrel to be able to repay there debt, so im betting on a bank bailout in USA soon enough

  3. If they expect the entire public to be distraught or disappointed in oil prices dropping uh they are sadly mistaken! Not everyone is invested in oil…

  4. Am sure Putin’s puppet CHEETO will make concessions to benefit Putin. Everyone knows how close the two are.

  5. Russia move is to retaliate the abusive/sanctioners/barbaric US goverment and now the US shale oil fracking companies

  6. We are going to go through a lot in the world… because we refuse to change our ways.. Money is Our God.. instead of turning our All To Jesus Christ..

  7. Excellent news… the world needs a reset to rid us of the evil, greedy elite's clutches.
    Hopefully Russia can prosper in that time and show us the way to rebuild.

  8. Don't criticise Putin and Russia while Trump is listening. Don't mention that this has anything to do with Saudi Arabia. Understand? This discussion is all off limits.

  9. How screwed up are we that oil prices dropping is a bad thing..? I get that we're an energy exporter, but it should mean gasoline is cheap as well. Are we supposed to feel badly that oil billionaires are suffering..? I'd love it if Saudi Arabia had to find something to export other than terrorists and oil we don't need.

  10. Good move russia,, usa saanctions russia now your time slap usa corporate to bankrupt, cause that hopefully donald duck can waake up from american dream…hahaha

  11. But but but Putin is America's friend? Or is he only Trump's friend? Putin betrayed America???😳😭I am shocked🤪

  12. And this is where it begins….I wouldn't be surprised if Putin and the Saudis aren't really in cahoots.

    Band together to bring down the WORLD'S greatest threat…..USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

    And slow basic Americans were busy being influenced by race….or not.
    The distraction was placed, the disruption is sure, and true.

    And the trained KGB Operative advances with new allies…Powerful Allies.

    By now Putin as absolute access to all that is vital to the U.S.

    Dark times are coming folks.

    In the words of the U.S. President…." Like nothing we've ever seen before"


  13. My blog has the real development of mainland China Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guizhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Xi'an, Harbin

  14. It's ok this is always the goal. Get Russia to sell their oil as cheap as possible. We need to stock up on cheap oil as much as possible.

  15. Bendover Fox News you pinko commies who have been servicing comrade
    pu-pu’s goals because you will be convicted with treason 👋👋
    Bye bye you traders 🇺🇸

  16. Why no real mention of saudi arabia tho? Its like were getting propaganda by both sides right media and left media.

  17. No one is happy with US oil production. Russia and OPEC will break US production. Small guys will go under. The survivors will make a huge deal and the public will be screwed.

  18. remember, nobody controls the sun and the wind. the US needs to ramp these sources of energy up so our oil companies aren't subject to this hijacking. fairly simple solution and we won't be beholden to any market manipulations. Screw the Saudis and Russia.

  19. Trumpeters, don’t give up on your comrade Putin. Don’t forget, you want to give the Saudi’s military and technology..

  20. It looks like our President is deranging Putin just as effectively as he has deranged the democrats! Takin' names, baby…. gotta love it.

  21. A intelligent leader would be buying the oil that American fracking produces and put it in reserve and keep the system a float for next year when this has changed again.

  22. I thought I heard something like US oil companies make 100s of millions of profit per day. They can handle it. They just don't want to.

  23. Does Putin wear contacts, to make his eyes look artifical, perhaps he should wear brown contacts. Semper Fidelis

  24. Putin did not fully anticipate or control the Saudi response, this theory that it is a Russian plot against USA interests is highly dubious.

  25. Now that it's easier to tap into oil under polar ice they'll have more to sell, to stop climate change is to stop russian oil, get the word out.

  26. This is what happens when your country's economy is dependent on a single non-renewable natural resource like oil. We are living in a bubble. Stop supporting the oil interests lobbying to prevent us from going electric

  27. One thing they fail to mention, the cost of extracting shale oil becomes too expensive when oil prices drop so far. Russia or Saudi Arabia cannot hold the prices low for any extended amount of time, but Fox is just an entertainment channel.

  28. Buy the ultra cheap Saudi oil with federal dollars, add it to the strategic reserve, and give our companies some free barrels to sell to tide them over until the price per barrel goes back up. They can pay back the $30/barrel we pay to Saudi Arabia now down the line, amortized over 10-15 years if needed.

  29. Lower oil prices are only a negative for oil companies. Lower oil prices equal lower fuel/gasoline prices and lower prices for other products based on oil.

  30. In few months:
    Virus forgotten- China recovers – Trade increase – FED cuts – USA federal stimulus.
    Economy boom – Everyone happy.

  31. So stop pumping oil and buy the little crown prince’s oil at reduced prices then when they charge too much then go back and pump our own


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