Project Playtest – now LIVE

Project Playtest – now LIVE

A week ago I offered to host your maps on
a server. For the whole of this week the following eight levels will be available for you to
play as you please on my new 20 slot server. Tropiko’s de_abysmal makes good use of different
colours and sports a basic square layout, with an extra bit in the middle which should
vary things up a bit. This could be interesting with large numbers of players.
I have not been able to play op_getkilled properly yet since the bots can’t seem to
find their way through the level. However, humans can, so this is even more reason to
try it out and give TheWelshGamer some feedback on his low-lit urban map.
de_outlaw contains two outdoor areas and an interesting one-way system over the top of
the building. The timings seem well tuned and I’ve had a couple of great little firefights
on this map. Give it a go. de_atom has had a lot of effort put into it
and seems almost finished. It has a large, nicely detailed layout and looks like it could
be a lot of fun. I guess you could describe this as nuke, but with some interesting twists
on seemingly familiar areas. Eclipse Ruins is set in a dark, steamy jungle
environment. The layout appears balanced and I like the placement of the bombsite, though
it may be a little too dark at the moment. We’ll see if Woona Eclipse, the author, will
be changing anthing as the week progresses. ar_Aztec_Rumble came as a surprise to me.
I’m sure that anybody who’s played a game enough has had recurring dreams about it,
and mine have always been set in a place JUST LIKE THIS. The map encourages you to climb
higher and the gameplay is fast-paced and varied. Worth a go!
I had the privilege of playing this very different and original map with its author, Headbox.
I won’t bother describing this fun little map, since a video probably demonstrates it
better: I can see this map becoming popular. ar_industry is another map that seems close
to completion. You can battle it out across different levels, ranging from a sewer section
to a bridged walkway that reminds me of CSS’s compound map. This would be fun to play with
large number of players. Thank you for taking the time to look at these
maps, and I hope to see you on the server at some point. Please read the description
of this video since it contains a lot of information that isn’t easy to put into video format.


  1. This is awesome! Love all the new maps! Looking forward to see all of 'em in the server.
    I was really happy when the map made by Rm!X and me- "ar_industry" came out in the video out of no-where.
    @3kliksphillip- you're right about the cs_compound part πŸ™‚ When Rm!X and I were discussing about the map in the early stages, we thought of adding the cs_compound bridge in this map… So far only you were the one to crack this little mystery of this map πŸ™‚
    Cheers mate!

  2. I'll try and sort something out, it seems like a success at the moment, server's thriving and people seem to be having fun.

  3. I've been following your channel for a while now. I never knew you had a server and now seeing your amazingly vast range of interesting maps i am defiantly going to install csgo and hop on to your server!

  4. Thanks! These aren't my maps though- they're maps from other people in the community. If you make a map, the chances are you could see your map on the server as well. Simply read the description of this video.

  5. I'd say that they're the most important to playtest. I'm more against maps that are finished, since I think that their developers are simply in it to try and publicise their already finished map.

  6. Some of the maps do take a while to download. Check out the description of this video for the collection. Download all of these maps and hopefully you won't have this problem in future.

  7. Hahaha! Oh wait I thought I disabled friendly fire. It could be worse though, they're only 5 minute bans. I'll look into it.

  8. Holy shit man, that there Bomberguy looks so amazing! The level of detail in every nook and cranny is just mind-blowing. The author must be some kind of God 'cause I just can't get enough of it!

  9. Are you going to keep this going? Because I'm getting my new computer in a couple of days so I could get cracking on some maps and would love to play them on your server.

  10. Also, will you let us known when you're on the server? Uber Micro announcement or something? It's pretty dead most of the time otherwise :/

  11. Maybe instigate some kind of competition or an element thereof to increase the attention the server gets – perhaps a fortnightly vote-for-your-favourite, the-others-will-be-replaced-with-new-ones type thing, though I'm not sure if you get enough submissions to support it…

  12. I just wanted to thank 3kliksphillip for all his effort for the map making community. Thanks to him I never stopped learning and continued mapmaking πŸ˜€

  13. Phil I need your help (again). I've made my first full map, but when I run it it spawns 1 CT and 3 Ts, when the map itself supports 22 players. Why?!?! why Valve?!?!?!?

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