Profile of Heo Gap Dong, Company President and SGI-Korea Member

His factory’s products are of high quality and meticulously made. I trust him completely. We must meet our customers’ expectations  
by producing reliable products that are both affordable  
and of high quality. All the assets owned by my parents and siblings were frozen and auctioned off. At the time I contemplated suicide. It seemed the only way out. After my husband was imprisoned, we had no money left to live on. We only had the 20,000 won, about US$18.50, in our purses. I wanted to run away. I had never had to work, not since the day I got married. So I struggled to make a living and got a job washing dishes. I would wash dishes for 12 hours and then cry on the bus on my way home. I no longer had anything to lose. All I had was my faith. Rather than summoning up courage in order to end my life I resolved to pray to the Gohonzon and rebuild my life once again with faith. My wife also started practicing Buddhism at that time, and we both decided to challenge our hardships no matter what happened. The real benefit is not material. It is rather that I was able to restart and build a new, more humanistic life. I was able to transform my life, to do what is known in Buddhism as my “human revolution.” Your financial stability may disappear into thin air at any time if you don’t build a strong foundation in faith so I resolved to practice my faith fervently no matter what. You can change everything by realizing that your karma or destiny is actually your mission. Please win through faith. That victory will lead to your family’s victory and you will overcome your financial hardships. I will chant for your success. I really respect him for overcoming a situation much worse than mine through faith. I will follow his advice. If you become complacent and take it easy, you will lose. I am determined to maintain a passionate attitude to my work and my faith till the very end and to build a company that contributes to the betterment of society and a peaceful world.

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