President Donald Trump Attacks Bloomberg Over Height And Bloomberg Hits Back | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Attacks Bloomberg Over Height And Bloomberg Hits Back | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The reason Trump looks like he's sticking out his chest and is about to fall forward is from the lifts in the heel of his shoes. His hands are so little I guess that's why he puts people down for size. Do you remember the Toad from Mario Kart description from Stormy Daniels a year ago. Ewww. His staff in the WH is left with Criminals and psychopaths. Pray that God helps us survive this egotistical madman!!

  2. Trump on munchkin Bloomberg! Has always been self-conscious about the fact that he is 4 ft tall! Maybe Trump can offer Bloomberg his lap for the debate

  3. Bloomberg paid for his ads, Frump used donors money for his. Of course the rude remarks about others are indictative of a very small person. Down with baby Donny!

  4. Trump is so disgusting. He is like the worst kid you ever met in school. He is such a bottom feeder. If I were a Republican I would be very embarrassed.

  5. Is shitberg gonna take the United States big sodas from us. Oh wait. Did he fat shame Trump. Guess Jenny Craig n the BBW movement’s won’t be voting for shitberg ‼️

  6. So. Ow these idiots on here are making a big deal of who is richer. So if shitberg is richer he is the man. I’m rolling

  7. That's what America needs. Another billionaire who can buy the Presidency. The working class have no hope in ever being represented in the US government as long as billionaires can buy their seats.

  8. Once again, the Dems and media are completely out of touch with the American people. We will be watching the hypocrisy of these videos played along side Trumps 2020 win, the same as we watched it last time.

  9. I am eighty years old so I have neither the time nor the money to get involved in the campaign, but I have a Good memory about the way our country was for eight years . Our foreign countries didn't have any

    comedian dressed up like President Obama.on comedy stages all over the world,. making fun of country and our president.We as a country had a place in the world. Not just Twitter. So there are probably a lot people.who don't go to rallies

  10. if you support Bloomberg you are against us the people! he what to disarm us like Americans. if you defend Bloomberg your are against our rights given by our constitution.

  11. Way to go Bloomberg! Wrong guy to mess with because he has 10 times more money & connections than Impeached Donald Trump / Putin! And Bloomberg described Trump's physical appearance perfectly! He's back off Bloomberg now because it serves no purpose but to make him look even MORE inept and scare.

  12. he's the choice America… he has the answers… doesn't scare investors or use socialism sounding word/programs… he's got the goods…

  13. VOTE No More Money 🤮to Keep Us in Captivity … If WE DO, WE ARE & WILL ALWAYS BE – Our OWN WORST ENEMIES…

    It’s Tulsi or Nobody, it’s Time We Rule Ourselves… With NO MORE HATERS which includes RELIGIONS

  14. Why don’t they pick on the size of Trumps head. The only way you could squeeze it into a football stadium is if the roof is off and he enters from above. His head is filled with nothing but air. 🎈

  15. CNN has been running the Bloomberg Box hoax all day like it's manna from heaven. Never realising the joke is on them. CNN is so dumb,,

  16. Trump better look in the mirror. He needs to get Hannity out of his butt and stand up.straight. He is so ugly and gross. Puke!

  17. Brilliant countermove by Mr. Bloomberg!!! – He is Head & Shoulders above that person currently in the WH – Mr. Bloombeg can and will give tRump-man a Good-run for his (lack of) money!! 🙂 🙂

  18. he's obesity..nooo…Trump won mr Olympia with Bone Spurs in 1975..thats why he doesnt like Arnold..trumpy has a world class physique – fat boof head

  19. Trump is worried. Good. He cant. Bloomberg. Is rich. But hes not. Greedy. Like trump. Go now its bloomberg. Hes going to taunt him now. The 😈 never gives up. Pray. People.

  20. Haha MSNBC is doing exactly what Crystal said they would do. Try and downplay a Biden 3rd or 4th place as ok when it really means hes doomed. MSNBC lies just as much as fox does. Cant wait until we burn the MSM to the ground and rebuild one with integrity in America again.

  21. Hey Trump. Compare Bloomberg's cash pile and the content of what he has to say
    to your petty schoolboy personal attacks and your petty cash.

  22. And this is why this country is so sick and tired of the Dem establishment. To compare a loved Senator and hero to Trump is just sickening. We are going to lose again because the Dem establishment cares more about their donors and less about the needs of people in this country. To see a billionaire buy our elections is just disgusting. I hope I don't have to vote for their fake dem candidates who are actually republican light and a guy who supported stop and frisk. We need a new party that really works for us. Just watch them rig someone up there in first place, so people will not vote again because they know our democracy is broken and not real.

  23. I love how Trump thinks looks are so important yet he's fat and ugly. He also isn't pleasant when he speaks, he's just an all-around ugly person.

  24. I like trump we need self defense and hunting but Bloomberg is scared of guns so no self defense and no hunting.Criminals will still have guns because they do illegal things so if Bloomberg get elected we can't have self defense from criminals and no hunting.

  25. Mike Bloomberg should just show his taxes and bank account to the whoremonger and serial adulterer who is a FAKE billionaire

  26. Bloomberg can destroy Trump in any arena. Trump is a vulgar, self-serving, empty-headed braggadocio while Bloomberg is an articulate, knowledgeable, accomplished man. And Trump is truly afraid of him. I would LOVE to see that debate!

  27. Trump is afraid cause Bloomberg is a REAL BILLIONAIRE. If Trump has EVER been a Billionaire, let him PROVE IT!!!! I don't believe Trump as far as I can throw him! 16,000 documented Pathological LIES and still counting!

  28. how did Donald Trump came to arguing with experience politicians?… Donald doesn't know anything about politics…. this is why the world thinks we as American is stupid. who would in their right mind vote for trump?…. trump didn't ran for president because of any other reason but to imitated president Obama. he thinks if a black man has run the country he could do too. But what he doesn't know is that, all men weren't made equal with brilliance and intelligence. that is when he derailed his stupid a** in front of the world. foolish man! nonsense!

  29. I'm short and I may need a box to speak against this orange fuc*er by gosh I cannot stand his preschool ways 🙄🤦‍♀️

  30. What people need to understand is that Americans didn't elect the Orange Russian Traitor, Republikkklans elected Trump.

  31. Well now that the precedence has been set…. sounds like Bloomberg can buy any of the dirt that Russia has on poor little Donnie. And that would be pretty sweet.

  32. The funny things is Trumps renting space in Bloomberg’s head and the liberal media’s head because you all have been talking about it all day😂😂😂 Mike got a box hahaha!

  33. On November 4, 2020 we will see the man who has been making America Great Again start his second term in office.
    Many of the people that have been out to get him should also be starting a new term…………IN PRISON FOR TREASON

  34. Trump is deathly afraid of loosing this election. And, so are many Republicans. A democratic president means Adam Schiff as A.G. (only logical choice). Talk about being up Sciff's creek for that lot.

  35. SKUNK, Why dont you talk about CUTTING HEALTH CARE, SOCIAL SERVICES, Over Turning CLEAN WATER Laws, DENYING GLOBAL WARMING and Giving Tax Breaks To the WEALTHY and SELLING OUT our COUNTRY, DEMOCRACY and INTEGRITY. I'll VOTE for any BLUE over Red TRAITORS to save Us.

  36. Trump is such funny and crazy man, mad man, gentleman, and a wonderful man. Money can not buy everything you think you can do. Trump will Win 2020 because of he will kick-off all Devil around the world and make America Great Again. Thank Trump.

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