Power 6×03 Promo “Forgot About Dre” (HD) Season 6 Episode 3 Promo

Power 6×03 Promo “Forgot About Dre” (HD) Season 6 Episode 3 Promo

I’m running out of money
and I’m running out of options. If I don’t think fast
then I’m a dead man. You said
we in this together right? That’s right. Councilman Tate,
who is James St. Patrick? The streets are dangerous
out there. I’d watch your back. I worked hard to make something
out of myself. Your reputation is only
a problem if it’s true. Is it?


  1. Tariq does need too die Raina is dead bc of him & he’s gonna contribute too ghost dieing… ghost is not gonna forgive that son or not & he’s not gonna try too replace tommy with Dre bc don’t forget he still thinks Dre is the reason Raina is dead he’s gonna have too find a way to take out the Serbs, ghost is gonna get popped bt he’s gonna live!!

  2. Everyone hating on Tariq young nigga a hustler about to get his own but someone hurry up the fuck up and pop that bitch keisha😂😂😂

  3. I'm so bugging, Angela not dead. Too many signs. She pregnant and protecting hers until a certain point. Dammit writers!! Be more creative don't do this shit.

  4. I think 👻 and tommy will be a team again they will kill jason for charging them to go at each other i believe they will team up with Vincent and go at jason and his crew and realize how much they are good as a team

  5. Can y’all jus kill Keisha cause this bitch jumped up when she thought Tasha was the cops that girl ain’t gon hold tommy down 🙄

  6. What do y’all say about tommy popping out to the funeral out of nowhere ? As he whispered something to Angela sister and getting eyed on by the feds and ghost/tasha

  7. Is anyone wondering about the scene at the end when Ghost looks at Tasha and asks if she knew Tommy was alive and she says “yup”? Why would Ghost ask her that when she wouldn’t have known that he whacked Tommy (at least we didn’t see Tariq tell Tasha).

  8. Lala Ass (i mean her booty) is hella fake smh, anywho I'm still mad about Angela being dead and Tariq and Tasha need to die! Fifty still hasn't changed the intro song back to the original either! Im big Mad lol

  9. Sicka sicka slim shady hotter than a set of twin babies in a Mercedes Benz with the windows up when the temp goes up to the mid 80s oh. Wrong thing


  11. "Now days everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say but nothin comes out when the move they lips, just a bunch of gibberish and motherf**** act like they forgot about Dre."

  12. Ghost can’t die…. tf ? The final betrayal is ….. tariq will kill tommy . But I can’t see ghost dying . He’s trying to be a good man period . I think he just might leave town . The main characters always does that period

  13. I think dre and Ghost will work together to take down Tommy cos dre angry at Tommy taking his organisation away and Ghost telling dre tommy killed angela i think the two may have the Jimenez on there side to take on serbs and Jason Ghost and dre exchange moving drug for Jimenez or Dre being extorted by alicia to steal Tommy shipment with Ghost

  14. I think Ghost and Tommy will take out Jason and Ghost will kill Tommy as the title says final betrayal and Ghost and Dre will take over Tommy organisation I think Dre and Ghost will take out Tommy and run there drug organisation dre as Ghost number 2 and having Tariq and 2bit on board and having the Italians as there distro new distro which will continue in to the spinoff but more focused on Tariq

  15. My theory on how it will all end is that Ghost & Tommy will both either end up dead or in jail.. & maybe the same for Tasha and Lakeisha.. History will repeat itself and Tariq and his roommate will figuratively become the new Ghost and Tommy.. & Effie will figuratively become the new Tasha.

    If Dre ends up killing Tommy to become the new distro, then maybe Tariq and his roommate will work with him for a while but Tariq will end up setting Dre up to go prison so that he can become the new Distro (the same way Ghost set up Kanan).

  16. I like ghost. But..What he did was despicable. How are you going to trick a man into killing his father? Ghost deserves to die!!!!

  17. Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips just a bunch a gibberish And motherfuckers act like they “FORGOT ABOUT DRE”

  18. Tommy pulled a Power Play showing up at Angie’s funeral last night! I don’t care what anybody say 😍 I love me some Tommy! And that damn Keisha is NOT cut out for that life! She ain’t nothing but a broke down version of Ms Greene 😎

  19. Does anybody know when they are going to change the theme song back to joe and 50cent version. I cringe when I hear the new one

  20. Can we all just appreciate the fact that power season 6 was supoosed to be its last but 50cent said its too damn good to end it there …..

  21. You don't have to use your brain . For this shit bad actor bad story the wire is more better and interesting

  22. The writers are predictable. Tariq will become the next ghost following in his father's footsteps. The woman he's now partners with at school will become his wife and the next Tasha. Back in the 1980's there was a show called Dallas and on the show a character named J.R. J.R was a bad guy and everyone wanted to kill him. Well after he was shot the show marketed "Who shot J.R" in order to garner interest. Power is setting up before the last episode "Who shot Ghost", which will have everyone guessing and talking about it. The very last episode they will reveal who did and how all the younger characters will now continue the cycle. I feel like the same writers write for every show….No creativity.😞😞😞

  23. I have a theory that the gun that keisha threw in the river will get found and she get caught up and have to testify forcing tommy to kill her

  24. The only thing I don't like about final seasons and they all do it they kill everyone off and there is no one left to tell story

  25. I'll tell you this 50 Cent knows how to make you pay attention if he ain't good at nothing else he can make you come and look at what he's currently doing without no marketing team or anything behind them

  26. That's why they call him Ghost bet he got something coming watch my nigga im mad they turn the story to make Ghost and Tommy go at each other but these days that's what's happen in this streets . SMFH

  27. Ghost just don't care about anybody anymore.
    I was really hoping that girl would be what sets Tariq straight…I wanna trade him in for Yas because I'm done with him

  28. I'm riding with ghost. I hate how he's tried to go clean since season 1and Tasha wasn't feeling it, but when she started fucking Terry, she wanted to go clean too. Her and wreckless ass Tommy kept ghost in the game

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