Post-Oscars Glow – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/11/20

welcome to still entitled the Adam
Savage project I’m well I’m Adam and I’m norm I know I was gonna say this
hundreds of times I would have probably suggested something a little bit easier
to say no really it’s a nice welcome back doing pretty good
where have we been Norma’s in Hope norm went to normally to the edge of the
gallery what’s about to but if that’s right it’s about the planet he animates
the planet back to in the outer rim or the influence of the first order has not
yet spread I see so yes this whole past week I was in
Orlando Florida okay and a actually wonderful weather I knew it yeah no I
was in DC on Tuesday it was 60 degrees yeah toast is doing always very windy in
San Francisco coming in though yeah yesterday morning coming back from
coffee heading north on Valencia I had trouble moving forward on the one-wheel
because of the strength of the wind our power went out because of the wind in
Pacifica never happened really mean usually they turn off because they’re
afraid of the BG needs good yeah but in this case but this time it was just the
wind blew up a tree over power line Wow yeah but in Orlando they are known for
their attractions and there are theme parks there feme parks and there is Walt
Disney World so that’s where I spent all five days last week visiting the four
parks of Disney world including Hollywood studios which now has galaxy’s
edge Wow Star Wars land how would studios is one of the parks
the four parks is there used to be it is what our tour is still used to be called
MGM studios right or no well what studios was is the movie theme movie
centric theme park in Walt Disney World that has a Tower of Terror
it has Muppets Muppets I believe are there as well a lot of incredible stuff
Toy Story land yeah it’s pretty good and galaxy’s edge and that’s if you’re
curious about it is every bit as amazing as everyone who’s gone is have you not
been yet I’ve been someone in LA you know what
they’re almost exactly the same really are they almost identical will say that
the LA one for so even though there’s less square footage in Disneyland but
yeah like they basically took a parking lot outside Disneyland and turned it
into galaxy’s edge because wraps around the top of the park it
feels a little bit more expansive I think they got stretched it out a little
bit more in LA but they’re both amazing I have a business taking to Orlando in
the next couple of months and I’m certainly planning yeah to head over to
I got to go do it I bet I can well you could also do the big hotel thing
they’re opening up in like two years hear about this no beer because they
have so much space come on Kai pitch this okay you can pitch it norm Adam how
do you like cruises cruiser sure about the boat that’s just like not being on a
boat what if you were a cruise in outer space what without ever leaving your
hotel they’re building out a hotel in the Walt Disney World compound sorry to
watch that HBO show with Hugh Laurie and I just couldn’t get into it oh it’s from
the crater of veep III clearly it was from the creator of veep and there’s a
lot of that same kind of humor but it wasn’t it just didn’t quite I’m gonna
give it more time you know to give it a few more episodes because I love Hugh
Laurie I love Josh GAD I love everyone in the cast pit board and the kids love
Josh GAD do they I mean but even better highest-grossing animated film of all
time really frozen – I believe it does he does not count Lion King as an
animated film the new one a new one they count the new one as decidedly animated my daughter recognized Josh God’s voice
as Olaf while she was sitting on her iPad doing something else while they got
me Awards Arnold sick daddy said oh wow Wow hey weekend reward for last night
yeah um aside from them being I think from a
watching standpoint the most boring and least interesting all League they are
really all dictate absolutely we’re talking about small increments here
but I found last night’s to be surpassingly boring I I was really like
I just didn’t care I enjoyed Chris Rock and Steve Martin
making some jokes up at the front but some of the speeches were wonderful and
I am very happy with a lot of the winners last night actually but I found
the actual broadcast itself you know what it needs it needs a host it needs
someone with a point of view like the the Maya Rudolph Kristen Wiig segment
was really and really really funny but went on like also some part of Twitter
that I was intersecting with this morning was really upset about that
whole bit about how they were somehow insulting people in film and I’m like no
they’re making fun of people not knowing how come on let’s sit let’s have a joke
about some meta-analysis here well I mean they did the same thing later with
the deep when will ferrell and i camera who he’s out with did the DP nomination
right like like we’re like right that that was will ferrell and under student
it wasn’t kristen wiig no I don’t I didn’t see it I was on an airplane Oh
anyway sorry I was mixing up the Maya Rudolph Kristen Wiig and will fair Maya
Rudolph Kristen Wiig one was hey we can act and we’re not coming out was that
was a really really amazing all right and the Will Ferrell did the one of like
the cinematographers get you the coffee in the morning that that kind yeah yeah
funny and like the thing I landed on is like everybody who cares knows what the
cinematographer does if they had done that for like sound editing and sound
mixing then it would have been a bad joke yeah but I thought it was okay for
like everybody knows that the DP is the is like responsive yeah again Congrats
Deakins Academy Award my wife had not seen him win a couple of
years ago and she was like who is Austin Powers here and I’m like yeah Roger
Deakins has all the confidence and charisma he’s Charlie
there wasn’t a podium but if there was he would have put an elbow on leaned on
it while chatting about yeah I thought the winners were I thought they did a
reasonably good job like I wasn’t up I wasn’t filled with the rage about any of
the categories we should shout out to Little Women for not netting
I did Little Women won best costume yes it’s a period work but like honestly
Best Adapted Screenplay I love tyka won I’m so happy about that
I thought that little women got a little short shrift cuz I loved it
not even nominated for Best Director yeah I know we just totally messed up
this Greta Gerwig will win and at some point yes I think that’s pretty clear
yes but holy shit yeah you’re right norm norm the Academy tweeted out and its own
predictions and they were right – is gonna win both of more this is it was a
such a bad thing that happened on Twitter as a week ago the Academy opened
up this whole forum they could fit on online for your predictions and it
generates a little scorecard for like what you think yeah for your for your
bingo neck yeah and somehow one of the submissions someone else put in or so
they say was tweeted out as by the Academy by the Academy Twitter account
as my Oscar predictions so the Academy’s Oscar predictions were tweeted out with
parasite as Best Picture and people were freaking out yeah um that’s I mean I
don’t envy the poor soul at the academy who had to manage the aftermath of this
yeah but that’s freaking hilarious yes that was definitely their worst day yeah
but that’s really fun probably the accountants are handling like the
presumably nobody at the account Academy knows now no one at the academy no it’s
it’s handled by whatever oh it’s not no they sacked them after the Warren Beatty
after they given the executives but not price water house he was gone after that
I don’t know I could be wrong could be accounting talking yeah exactly only
imagine what a train wreck Roger Sterling run anyway parasite her psyche
dude movies you know I think it is so well deserved for that movie to win
everything that it won and more it what I mean he talked about it just last week
but a holy shit what a what a thrilling ride I have never watched a movie in
which I was so thrilled by the plot and what the characters would do it has
some of the most efficient character building I’ve ever seen in a movie
because I kind of like I’m on board with everyone immediately as soon as you meet
them they’re doing incredible storytelling and when we know the the
whole Oscar race is political in the sense that there’s a being and there’s
relationship building and it is voters in the Academy which they select the
members of the Academy know that there’s problematic things going on that people
don’t watch all the movies and they but there this seems to be a win where no
one was outraged everyone felt like everyone felt like it deserved to win
that’s true oh sorry um I didn’t mean to yawn on camera I
hope I didn’t make you yawn yawning is contagious if you’re joining right now I
apologize now how much you people are yawning for the time out of time with
major yawn I did it I used the force yes the outrage for this Oscars happened
when the nominations were announced mmm because of the Oscars so white yeah
which girl ends up in a real problem Adam um however yes I think there was a
lot of well-deserved Awards I thought the the score the woman who won for Best
Score was for Joker for Joker I again still haven’t seen that movie I know I
need to see it but I thought her speech was adorable and the degree to which she
was surprised and delighted was infectious no he’s making dinner during
that one unfortunately the thing I loved was that when every time bong joon-ho
came up to accept an award he clearly was thinking oh this is the last time
I’m gonna be up here tonight and and like each time was surprised and it was
it was so it was so nice cuz he’s been making movies for what 15 years now yeah
like a long time and you can watch them on Netflix snowpiercer oak show which
netflix paid for and all worth watching memories of murder memories of murder is
the one I’ve been seeing on Twitter today that a lot of people are tweeting
if you liked parasites see memories of murder and so that’s next on my list
well there I think the best part about this Paris the parasite winning isn’t
just about you know gets the recognition he is
but also the South Korean film industry as a whole because there are so many
amazing South Korean films out there and Twitter this morning is a whole
education at South Korean cinema including the fact that South Koreans
seem to really enjoy films that bend and break Shan rus’ boundaries all over the
place so that they have like horror comedy police procedurals and all sorts
of like this sent out right so I have this list that I gathered from Twitter
just while surfing this morning of a bunch of stuff to check out mother old
boy I saw the devil the good the bad the weird the good man that was a title that
came across that is so good is it so good yeah I mean I assume that right now
throughout Hollywood there are executive assistants and associate producers
collecting all the Korean movies that they can watch as quickly as far as how
quickly they remake not just to redistribute right and then they’ll be
so like two years from now there’ll be some amazing ones and then there’ll be
some real bottom-feeders it’s good as your fast followers are gonna be ugly
yeah on lifetime this week Brad Pitt won Best Supporting male Android you have to
do yeah I did it was lovely like hey I can’t thanks to Ridley and Geena Davis
for giving me a shot me that actually got me teared up well the thing that was
really beautiful hey what’s that for that moment
yeah because really that was such a breakout moment for him and so well
carried and still like I just watched someone though he’s a couple years ago
and it holds the hell up well and and like I was thinking I was talking that
this was Jeana after we were watching the show I was like I think Brad Pitt is
the first actor that I like went and saw a movie in the theater for the first
thing I was like oh that guy was the guy that was in one scene that could have
just been the pretty boy and you would have never thought about again was
actually really good yeah and then you know who knew that’s what I remember
hearing a conversation that Brad Pitt Matt Damon
had while on the set of Ocean’s eleven and I think it was that one of the
Bourne movies was coming out something was coming out that Damon was the head
lead face of the franchise and he said he was nervous about it and Brad Pitt
goes uh-uh try taking down a studio which
apparently legend when legend says default tanked it took the studio that
made it with it Wow yeah you know and then he did Fight Club and everything
was alright dude I mean look you know I’m a huge fan of Brad Pitt’s I know a
lot of people that have worked with him in LA over the years and what I’ve heard
from almost every one of them is you may not love his acting in every film but
like Tom Cruise you’ve rarely worked with anyone who busts are asked more to
make a thing good that he is a tremendous acting partner and super
generous with his time and his energy and that that speaks a lot of good to a
person for me especially somebody who’s been working for that long and and –
it’s fun funny like he’s the best part of both ad astra and he’s my favorite
part of what’s Upon a Time in Hollywood right like I think that he gives them
the nuanced performance that carries both of those films – – to the degree
that I liked them and I had problems with both of those movies but I thought
he was stellar in each you guys should know it’s the watch 1917 I’m dying to
see 1917 it’s one film I haven’t gotten a screener for you know and if it’s
still in theaters find an opportunity why I want to I would written happy if
that film won as well it feels like a weird year for a war movie to win
I don’t know it’s not exactly a war movie but that’s a war movie yeah it’s a
war movie I mean it did win for best photography yeah yeah and I think it
could have won for editing too because that that’s a film where editors like oh
that’s a nice hidden listen to where they interviewed the editor and that
that’s exactly the number one question what did the editor do on 1917 and they
had to construct the film linearly as they shot it because they had to make
the choices of those what are 50 something tape they shot it completely
in order as much as they could so that they would they take they chose
from end of the shooting day is what they led with to roll into the next next
take the next scene but next shot and then they still say the time line is has
way more edits than you would assume really hidden in yeah I’m super psyched
about um take away TD like holy cow like I you and a couple of friends mine had
recommended that I watch hunt for the wilderness is this how is this movie how
is this person not just making as many movies as humanly possible right that’s
a different voice and something completely unexpected but we believe in
the shadows yeah mm-hmm and Thor Ragnarok honestly Thor Ragnarok
still is the number one watch Marvel movie in my house yeah yeah
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back to the show while I was gone that last week you guys did a recording of
the first episode of your book club and the video out you can watch right now on
this channel but uh don’t tell me about that interact was Matt well so Matt
Parker of numberphile Fame and also stand up maths fame is a mathematician
enthusiast who’s written a wonderful book that’s been out in the UK for a
while called humble pie P I and it’s just been released in the US it’s the
first it’s the first book of my book club and it’s a terrific book it’s it’s
basically how maths can go wrong in the real
so it starts with those like the decimal point that screwed a NASA mission beagle
and goes to all these amazing stories of tiny little ways in which you know the
counting by zero error can lead to amazing unintended consequences and it’s
terrific and matt is a wonderful ambassador for the landscape that is
mathematics because any one of us who was raised in a public school system was
raised to believe that math is this grueling slog to suffer through while
you’re trying not to fall asleep and that it is this intense acreage of facts
to memorize by the test on Tuesday and what number file and people like Matt
Parker Brady Haran and others have taught me is that mathematics is this
amazing field of knowledge in which there are tons of mysteries and that
just calculating PI figuring out new and different ways to calculate PI can
unpack the most bizarre things you’ve ever imagined like throwing needles at a
grid is one way to calculate pi really yeah yep take parallel lines okay that
are one inch apart yeah hmm now take a bunch of one-inch long needles and throw
them at this grid of parallel lines that are one inch apart
and the percentage between the needles that are touching the lines and the
needles that aren’t will slowly get to the value of pi why because the
simulations broken and no it’s actually because of if you think about each of
those needles describing a radius from one edge to its completion
yeah the ways in which those radii intersect with the parallel lines
describes a sine curve eventually over time as you count moister people the
simulation you can tell me this all you want but so it was delightful I Matt
Matt has become a pal and we had Brady Haran on the podcast just a few weeks
ago and I I love look I’m a cereal enthusiast so I
love when someone is able to show me the depth of why something’s even more
interesting than I thought it was right when we find out something like oh
did you know the drive shaft of ships is a really weird science that no one
understands that you know is way deeper than you thought like take me there and
numberphile in mathematics has been that for the last couple of years and like
I’ve sat on this one the podcast before but my wife has actually leaned over to
me while we’re surf and clothes surfing and watching stuff in bed together she’s
watching something I’m watching something she’ll turn around to me and
go are you actually getting choked up about what looks like a geometry video
and I’m like guys she’s really beautiful and that wasn’t last thing that you guys
did together so there will be more to come
oh wait there’s more there will be more to come on the site use it the way just
a little bit huh hey is it oh I guess I got a spam call from Pennsylvania oh I
think I solve that problem sorry I touched it it was vibrating at night
this is a video that will be releasing eventually but you do projects over the
weekend and there was a project you did over this weekend well this weekend yeah
you tell us a lot about that well I want to not give away okay so there is an
entire class of objects that I make and I’ve only just realized the degree to
let’s see look what I have an object that I really love I sometimes make a
case for that object it was in fact the very first of all the one day bill yeah
the case I made for the Blade Runner blaster that was not the that was not
the first case I made for an object I loved but it started me on a path of
really workshopping these cases until they felt like they were part of the
universe that I wanted the object to take me to the microscope case a
microscope in case frankly the Winston case the Chewbacca mask case which I
don’t know that I’ve ever actually done a show until I don’t think we have so
we’re gonna do some show-and-tell soon of these cases because I realize I have
an entire art show here called vessel which is when I love something like this
Chewbacca masks that tom subpoena and his craftspeople made that is crazy
accurate I made a case that displays it in the
way that I feel befits its import to me but also the case feels
like it’s part of the Star Wars universe and I designed it that way
feels like maybe an empire guy might display oh I know I realize it’s almost
a trophy case and that out again I’m sorry we’re describing this in the
abstract we will do a show-and-tell video we’ll shoot it today of this case
so it goes up soon but what I did over the weekend is I came in and made a case
for a costume I’m wearing very soon and this was a so I’ll do it like this I’ll
have this costume this was a commission that came in and will yes very soon but
the costume is beautiful and it’s not just beautiful and it doesn’t just look
like the one from the film but it feels substantively great and so I kept on
thinking it’s a superhero costume and I kept on thinking well what would the
superhero store their constant their costume in like that’s a genuine
question you never see the case we like you see the comedian’s closet and
Watchmen but you don’t yeah and you see where it’s stored where’s costume stored
and we know Tony Starks is stored in nanotechnology that ignores the
conservation of mass but that’s fine but or poor in the Hall of armors yeah the
whole of arm is yes but as far as like I am traveling I’m Scott Lang where does
ant-man so what is what is the case that ant-man suit goes I think Scott Lang
just wears that underneath his normal clothes because he’s a dork
but that’s a fun brief for any prop designer yeah so on this particular
costume was the longest I’ve ever spent trying to figure out what the case
should look like and eventually I found an old shipping case that that field
felt right and then I had the costume in there for a while and then I had a
better idea about this case so I modified it and again will shoot this
show tell about it go up at the end of the month you’ll get to see what I’m
talking about but this is a long way of saying that we realized in the tested
morning Monday morning meeting this morning that I come in and do a lot of
stuff on the weekends just like if I have a few hours and we rarely talk
about it on the cast because or on the channel because I don’t cover it well
lately I’ve been shooting more time lapses and we’ll do some more I guess
they’re kind of they’re not quite one day builds but they’re slightly more
than show and tells and you get to see what I do on a random Sunday
mmm was that a little too much not for about
her Fathoms random Sunday coming soon a RS for you yeah it was a good it was a
nice weekend it was quiet and the wind was freakin crazy yesterday in San
Francisco yeah what is up with that do you have like trees blowdown we had
how our power went out your bat went out it was it that just to be clear in
Northern California the Power has gone out at my house maybe three times in ten
years and two of them were when BGE turned off the power because they were
afraid they were gonna burn down the state yeah so still didn’t help them not
further than us to not burn down the state but look that’s a whole other
that’s a politics podcast another day yeah it was it was really it was like we
were to go for a bike ride and we turned got out and we’re like no I’m no it’s
too windy yeah no thank you no I was riding back from coffee
yesterday morning on the one wheel and I was moving at about uh the one wheel can
go up to like 15 miles an hour on the rear yeah I was going at like 3 miles an
hour because I was pushing against the wind and that was as fast as I don’t
feel like duck down and lean in when you’re leaving the shoulder I tried not
to do that because then I’m like leaning way forward and that puts me in a state
where I could easily be knocked off yeah you try not to get too rigid on the one
wheel yes then it’ll pop you right off a floppy yeah imagine if you had the thing
that we’re gonna show this Thursday as a build related to spot yeah and that is
actually going up this Thursday so the next spot project that’s the cool
incredibly cool thing and that is also another project where because of the
complexity of the thing that needs to be built a lot of it was done on weekends
and in time-lapse and so we’re finding interesting ways to show that oh my god
this build for spot that that is going up on Thursday I was so excited but I
would go home every night and Google pictures on my phone of the bills just
the one that I came in I was like and I think everybody else that hit the door
was like what the hell are you gonna store this thing everyone everyone we
put it in storage yesterday yeah that’s great it’s their favorite I have a concrete
piece of content I can recommend yeah thank you I really recorded a new tech
pod last week and we plan to sit down and rank windows’s like the like talk
about the history of Windows from Windows 3.1 yeah to the moniker we and
only got halfway there and in that time that we had allotted but the first
episode is that up now is of that is up now at Tech pod content down and you can
hear what we feel about the like 90s and early 2000s Windows is I mean the other
part comes next week I finished a book yesterday Walter Isaacson’s biography of
the Wright brothers who which if you like making stuff when I’m assuming
you’re listening to this podcast because you do read about the Wright brothers
cuz holy hell there’s so many facts about the Wright brothers that are so
much better than anything I had ever learned before
like for example okay here’s one Kitty Hawk they went to Kitty Hawk for the
wind right via they wanted on tour boom they wanted they wanted lots of sand
they wanted lots of headwind so that they could get the lift they needed
without speed right they needed to experiment well Kitty Hawk when they
went there was so remote most of the population of Kitty Hawk our descent
were descendants of shipwreck survivors oh my that’s how far from civilization
Kitty Hawk was Wow right kind of contact I don’t know I trained to some place in
Virginia like a hoot a sailboat ride to get to Kitty Hawk Wow
yes its Outer Banks its way the hell out there and I went and looked at it on
Google Earth it’s a full blown town sitting down with people and museums
like that but back then it was like there was like a few dozen people there
and they were way out at the bleeding edge of wow you know manifest destiny
all that good wind yeah just for the it is the Muybridge ography um no Rebecca
Solnit Samoyed bridge book not river of dreams but
Shh we Rebecca Solnit spoke about Muybridge is one of the best books on
technology and biography I’ve read in decades yeah Walter Isaacson is a
reliably terrific writer and the Wright brothers biography is wonderful and the
the the the the other thing that’s really amazing is they were
unequivocally the first and their documentation was fantastic but a
tipping point was happening in culture right yeah it seemed like yeah it’s a to
realize that they did their first flight in like basically within three months of
their first flight someone had crossed the English Channel on a fundamentally
different plane mm-hmm like that’s how close the whole world wasn’t trying to
be adding it and they figured out a kind of a key aspect of control and made it
really extant and it sort of opened these floodgate well that I mean that’s
stuff that has happened so many times through history like if you look at the
invention of calculus with Newton and I want to say believe notes but it’s it is
yeah the invention of the camera happens yeah we’re completely different parts of
the world in the same couple of years yeah in four different processes mm-hmm
yes so there are a lot of technological aspects like that so it’s fascinating to
read about the International commader II between the enthusiasts of this field
from France to England to United States and how quickly everyone took what the
Wright brothers did and ran but with a writing letters like obviously they
didn’t have you like gal who groups or something back and forth Wow furiously
lots of math it collected letters of the Wright brothers this massive I also I
that’s the next thing I’m reading is a book of that of just their
correspondence because they also separated and did demos in two separate
countries at the same time like that’s also kind of mind-blowing Wow yeah
anyway terrific book on the Wright brothers what a time to be alive right
now for no reason Norma I have about to a question for
okay sure did you engage so one of the things that is both most fascinating and
she drink the blue milk is that we’re gonna know you know it’s not milk Adam
he he like the thing that is interesting to me about about you is that Disney has
the world of technology at their hand and rather than try to build like
automated characters that people can interact with
they were just like we’re just paying a bunch of people to walk around in
character and engage with the audience did I didn’t do a lot of that character
interaction okay you can you can get the app and there are hidden layers of the
world that you can reveal if you have the time if you want to spend your whole
day there and we know people who have done that and the promise is they will
have droids and and robots that will walk around no cosplay but no formal
cosplaying for adults for adults you can do what’s called Disney bounding which
is the practice of near cosplay you have regular tire but these days skier Liam
can cosplay I believe you can pay for a special Halloween trick-or-treating
night and you can take you know the kids trick-or-treating down Main Street and
then you can cosplay turn I bet if you ask nicely you can probably cause we’re
not gonna escort you off yeah well no we have friends who went in close enough to
Star Wars costume that they had to get inspected by the costume person on the
way into the end of the world wow they were like this this belt buckle
is a little too close if you take the belt off you’re good Wow it was wearing
like a han Solo belt buckle so is you know so yeah yeah right mmm it’s
arbitrary excited polygon yeah a river of shadows is Rebecca Solnit spoke about
Eadweard Muybridge and the invention of cinema and it’s a stunning bit of
cultural work it’s a it’s a fundamentally different kind of
biography but really worth reading if you’re wondering and it’s pretty quick
read what color lightsabers you get norm I didn’t violate said what what I have a
better one at home that I could get at Disneyland I can wait in a long line and
pay a hundred twenty five hundred forty dollars for like a kylo Ren lightsaber
that’s really not nearly as good as what you would get on the RPF or Etsy yeah
all right all right there’s a lot of market lot of Disney markup okay okay
I’m dying to go well we’ll find out won’t fun away laughs we’ll find a way
to get you in a galaxy’s edge even if it means staying at a a themed
non Cruise Hotel base cruise you’re gonna just hire will to say it like that
cruise space cruise I don’t know if we’ll have a podcast next week we might
but it might be on Loki somewhere because we’re doing a little
bit of traveling international travel I think we’re not embargoed to say that or
visiting somewhere of our best friends we should do it now yeah how many
different out international locations we’ve traveled to because Joey and I
have been you went to Australia what’s New Zealand you went to London London
mm-hmm that’s pretty much it yeah so four things the Arctic with Joey oh yeah
Joey would let you a concern yes yep yeah world travelers all here at good
stuff ways a lot of good stuff coming up yeah is the most I’ll say right now well
thanks for joining us everybody hi everybody see you next week go watch
parasite yes watch parasite enjoy let’s go oh yeah
let’s go let’s go I didn’t realize that Hamilton quoted West Wing which we’re
looking for looking for a mind at work work is in line that Sam Seaborn says in
a season four episode why I’m looking for a mind at work before mind at work
Wow work work huh interesting yeah Sam Norman Seaborn is that his
middle name as his middle name on the show well alright let’s start


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