1. Whats going on with the next gen? Over a month ago, you made a webpage for "news" about ps5.
    But: wheres the news sony?

  2. Why wasnt India Included in the player celebration event??
    Playstation will always lose the competition to Microsoft in India…..
    We have more than 50 million gamers here who are in PC but turning to X box and not PS!!!

  3. Me: exited for the new games added to ps now Also me: disappointed and sad because is not available in Argentina (my country)

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  5. Control was one of my favourite games last year that is criminally overlooked, hoping more people get to check it out because of this.

  6. when will this arrive in Brazil? It is disappointing to know that the Playstation is forgetting us Brazilians. Brazil is one of the largest game markets in the world and yet Playstation now did not come to us.

  7. I thought this was ps plus for some reason I know it's not the end of the month I was so happy lol untill I saw ps now

  8. They keep getting Better and Better love those 1 month trails enough to complete games and getting Some true gaming time

  9. Ps4 games on pc? Im out.. no ps5 purchase for me.. just gonna stick with my pc from now.. and mark my words the day ps ditches exclusivety we would get games more in line with Ubisoft arcady grindy fillery games and games like uncharted and last of us would seize to exist.. seriously im so upset with u ps

  10. Сделайте ps now в России официальным
    make ps now in Russia officially please

  11. Сони почему для России не можете сделать доступ, вроде бы нормально идет, мне обязательно создавать аккаунты с впн, возможности купить нету, сделайте пожалуйста сервис открытым для России!

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