Pete Buttigieg Sees A Familiarity In Joe Biden’s Campaign | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Pete Buttigieg Sees A Familiarity In Joe Biden’s Campaign | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Yes, the familiarity is that Joe Biden is an Establishment Democrat and if he is nominated he will lose just like Hillary Clinton did!

  2. "you run for president to serve your values" hey pete, I thought people were supposed to run for office to serve like, the PEOPLE but idk

  3. Find out what the real Joe Biden is all about in this video;

  4. Rebel children. Trump is and will be the last populace candidate to fight this propaganda. JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A lot of people say tRUMP would destroy Biden in a debate
    tRUMP: Mexico is going to pay for the wall
    Biden: Well they didn't
    Biden: I helped the automotive industries get back on their feet
    tRUMP: Ummm Mexico will pay for the wall
    tRUMP: I'll get rid of Obamacare day one
    Biden: I helped millions of people get healthcare
    tRUMP: Ummm Mexico is paying for the wall
    tRUMP: We're trying fast to find a cure for the Coronavirus
    Biden: We set organizations to find cures when things like this happens and you closed them down
    tRUMP: Ummmm Mexico is paying for the wall

  6. Been telling people in the ether to have Biden & Sanders be a double tap team and Trump is finished. Think about it…

  7. Trumps Plan to save the USA from the Democrat party  is working. Joe Biden is truly a gift to the Republican party

  8. I'm still waiting on the hope and change I voted for with Obama. Oh, wait, this administration is actually delivering on those promises. #walkaway

  9. Does this remind anyone of the Nazi propaganda from Medal of Honor game by Electronic Arts? "Attention American commando. You are surrounded and there is no chance for escape. Surrender and you will be treated with generozitti und kindnezz." I can't figure out who the man in the check shirt is (not Joe Scarborough or Rev. Al), but he represents the worst of the anti-Sanders claptrap. #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

  10. So irresponsible and cruel to endorse & push forward Biden. The poor man is obviously mentally unwell, incoherent & incapable to give one single speech without serious problems that are so indicative of his mental health. It is not funny to do such disservice to the poor Biden and the US.

  11. yeah pete, that familiarity is your billionaire donors jump behind biden… way to sell out progress for a seat at the table.

    "i'm pete and i believe in anything you'll pay me to say", overheard in a wine cave.

  12. I did like Pete till the day he endorsed semi demented Joe
    I wonder what and by whom was he promised …he lies

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  14. I love Pete. I can't wait for what Joe Biden will do for him. Hopefully make him his VP or secretary of state

  15. So funny, the system that controls our nation does not want Bernie. They are afraid of the peasants taking back our country and taxes them! Now that we are finally down to Biden and Sanders, the 1% owners are even have their liberal media pushing Bidien as the winner! But the fact is that both candidates' delegate counts are virtually the same, seeing that they need more than 1900 to claim victory. Now with the other bozos out of the race, the rest of the country can pick one or the other. But don't think it matters because your 1% owners Madison Avenue marketing ploy money, will attack Bernie as a russian communist, or if Biden wins then it will be back to his son Hunter B.S. And let's not get started on Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! But in the end it doesn't even matter, for drumpf's plan is to declare martial law and suspend elections. As his "Kept My Undies On" dershowitz said, if he believes his election is in the best interest of the country, then he can do whatever he wants. Be assured, moscow mitch and their purchased supreme court will back their 1% owner's puppet. Our Democracy is Dead, corporations are now "We The People" and money is now "Free Speech." All Democracies fall in the end, our''s actually out live every one before. So it was a good run, now it's time to bow down and take your master's mark. Time is running out, watch and understand… You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  16. Pete and Klobuchar were both better candidates than Biden but couldn't get any of the African-american vote which Biden irrationally monopolizes due to his connection to Obama. Democrats cannot win an election without African-american vote hence the DNC is forced to doom itself by putting all its eggs in the front-running dementia basket.

  17. Vote for Bernie or Trump. Don't vote for our direct enemies, the Democrat corrupt liars. The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend – Sun Tsu.

  18. Where is BONKERS BIDEN? Nobody cares what Pete has to say. MSNBC and Pete will be remembered for trying to obstruct democracy, hide Care Home Joe, and shove him down our throat. That's the great thing about YouTube. We can play this interview the next time Pete tries to run for president. He tried to feed us an incompetent human as president.

  19. Biden is unwell mentally. He hasn’t a prayer of beating Trump.
    Bernie represents popular American opinion, Medicare For All.
    Bernie 2020

  20. Bernie support want to deny the will of the people by dismissing the fact that Biden got the most votes. I guess they forgot the democrat part in socialist democrats

  21. Democrats are only motivated to vote when there is policy on the table that will make a REAL difference in people's lives.
    If Biden wins (and that's a big IF), we'll easily lose the House and Senate in 2022. It'll be 2010 all over again. No matter who the Democratic president is, mainstream conservative media will always manufacture a scandal to outrage their viewers into turning out. The only way to offset that is by pushing policy that motivates Democrats into FIGHTING FOR IT (Shouldn't need to be said, but I don't mean physically, obviously. In case someone turns this around to portray me as a "violent Bernie Bro").
    If Bernie wins, people will be motivated to pressure their lawmakers to pass his agenda. Imagine Republicans having to actually argue against denying health care coverage for American families who's number one cause of bankruptcy is health care costs. Does anyone ACTUALLY believe that Democrats will turn out in droves to Republican town halls to fight for mildly improving Obamacare? Biden's plan still leaves millions of Americans without health care coverage and wouldn't put much of a dent in the OUTRAGEOUS cost of health care.
    The most revered US Presidents in history were radicals who motivated people to turn out to fight for their values and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
    Is there anyone who ACTUALLY believes Biden could achieve that based on his policies as opposed to Bernie?
    The establishment is afraid. Not because of some conspiracy. But because moderates realize under Bernie they will be deemed no longer relevant and therefore be out of a job in droves. That is, unless they're able to adapt, like all the Republicans who made a total 180 after Trump was elected and now act as sycophants. Unfortunately for them, I think Democratic voters are a little less forgiving, considering the evidence is OVERWHELMING for just how superior a single payer healthcare system is. Just try naming ONE country in the world that regrets having a single payer healthcare system?
    And let's compare that to the number of countries that FEAR their system being switched to a for-profit racket that doesn't take into account the EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE cost of NOT having universal health coverage.

  22. Wow they're putting this disinformation establishment hack on national TV on the regular? No wonder I stopped watching you.

  23. DNMSNBC: Don't believe your lying eyes and ears : Joe Biden is just fine:
    " We hold these truths to be SELFIL-evident: all men & women..created know the thing "
    Ever get the feeling they'd rather have 4 more years of Trump than a victory for Sanders ?

  24. 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  25. Some pretty ugly comments here. Too bad are unable to make reasoned arguments so they act just like man-baby Trump.

  26. You arrogant deranged idiots , Joe is going senile , Trump will chew Biden up and spit him out in the debates , unless your going for a sympathy vote forget old Joe , especially now with his son illegally withholding his financial records and Joe’s own brother now under investigation


  28. What are Biden's values? Endless war for profit monger, credit card corruption, pharma corruption, healthcare corruption, family corruption. Those values?

  29. Biden hides because every time he speaks everyone knows hes as dumb as trump….maybe not as corrupt but fading mentally.Only Bernie out of the 3 has the brains for this job. Only BERNIE can not be bought. Bernie is NOT the choice of big money….big pharma killing people with opiates has put all their might against him because God forbid with a pandemic…we all had health coverage

  30. we lost something special when pete dropped out 🙁 I'll be voting for joe bc of petes endorsement but still…

  31. As an elected official you are not supposed to serve your values. You are supposed to serve the American people.

  32. Have a YouTube debate between joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. You could do this over google hangouts and easily stream it and share it via Facebook.

  33. I will lose all respect for the Dem party if Joe is nominee. Dem members are too dumb to have any sympathy for if Joe wins. If "status quo Joe" is the nominee, I will have deaf ears to any complaining about wages, health care, Trump, racism, global warming, etc… You get what you deserve.

  34. Tear down the elites!! In 2020! Trump isn’t perfect! But the elites hate him just as much as Bernie!!! Vote Trump!🇺🇸😡

  35. This guy is so full of it. Everything he says sound so 1990's fake politician. I really hope people don't fall for his "Malarkey" in the future because sadly it's pretty much a given we haven't seen the last of him in politics.

  36. Note: Every single one of these Bernie Bros in the comment is just a Trump supporter trying to sow division in the Democratic Party. NONE of them are actual Bernie supporters and they do not speak for the progressive movement!

  37. The party coalescing around Biden will not unify people, it will alienate progressives and younger people.

  38. Imagine writing a paper about your hero. Then you fall in line with the ones that oppose him the most. What kind of man….


  40. The life of a career politician. "Biden is no good for this country"

    Once he loses:
    "oh, he's good now, I support him"

  41. Because there is obviously reasons for Bernie not to drop out. Biden is on his way to La La Land. But I believe that Bernie probably will drop out after tonights vote. Bernie will go against everything he said in the campaign and back the establishment candidate that's backed by a hundred billionaires which is Joe Biden. The problem with Bernie is he gets screwed in the butt by the Democrats and he turns around and falls in line just like Pete and the rest of the gang did. If I was Bernie I would say screw you and stay in there till the end. Joe himself can't help what's wrong with him but these people pushing someone that obviously got old age problems should be ashamed of themselves. Stay in till the end Bernie because Joe could possibly do something outrageous because we know that people with dementia can't control their anger and behavior at times. Wait on the broken convention.

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