Persistent Faith—Part 1

Persistent Faith—Part 1

GLORIA: Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory. Pastor George
is back with dynamite Word. GEORGE: Mm. GLORIA: Whoo-wee!
GEORGE: Gloria, we’re talking about bulldog faith.
GLORIA: Oh, yeah, I like that. I like it. GEORGE:
Bulldog faith is a faith that is aggressive, it’s
persistent, it’s determined, it lays hold of what belongs
to it– GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: –and does not let
go. It’s like that bulldog. We’ve been talking about a
bulldog, how it– GLORIA: You know why that is, on
bulldogs? GEORGE: Tell me. GLORIA: Because they’re ugly.
GEORGE: They’re ugly. GLORIA: They’re ugly. They’re all mashed
up. Their nose is all in. They’ve got to have something
outstanding, and it’s because they won’t let go. GEORGE: They
won’t let go. And that’s–that’s why they were designed that way.
They have a protruding jaw, indented nose because– GLORIA:
Yes. GEORGE: –snout, because they bite down on something, and
they keep breathing until it’s theirs. GLORIA: I didn’t know
that. GEORGE: You can’t–you can’t pull it from them. You
can’t take it from them. And that’s the kind of attitude–
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: –we should have. We should have
a bulldog faith attitude about the– GLORIA: Because– GEORGE:
–the Word of God. GLORIA: –the devil’s going to try to stop it.
GEORGE: He’ll try to kill, steal, and destroy. And we stand
against that. The fact that there’s so much
going on, there’s such–I have to tell you, this is my
40th year with the ministry. And I have never seen it like this
before. I’ve never seen such momentum, such–we are believing
for so much at the same time. Not just one project– GLORIA:
Time’s short. GEORGE: It’s short. And we need to get things
done. And that word that the Lord told Brother Copeland, he
told that word to him in 1976. “Get this uncompromised Word of
Faith on every available voice.” And we had–he told me himself.
He said he had let that word go, and the Lord corrected him, got
back on it. And that’s when Dish TV opened up. So we are going on
every available voice. As a matter of fact, Gloria–and this
is something that Kenneth was interested in because the
church–the church services are now being broadcast on shortwave
radio. GLORIA: Well, isn’t that– GEORGE: And that goes
around the world. And there are–you’d think that shortwave
radio was kind of going out of style, but it’s not. That’s
primarily how many nations listen to their–the input, and
that is through shortwave radio. Millions. GLORIA: Oh, how about
that? GEORGE: Millions of shortwave radio. GLORIA: Wow.
GEORGE: So that’s just another voice. So point being is, I
believe that we’re seeing Brother Copeland entering into a
new phase of his life, this new–this–this–this Caleb-like
phase. “Give me that mountain. I want that mountain.” GLORIA:
Yes. GEORGE: “And I’ll take it right now.” GLORIA: Amen. That’s
good. GEORGE: And that’s encouraging. GLORIA: That’s
good. GEORGE: You know, Caleb said– GLORIA: I like it.
GEORGE: He said, “I am more–” He basically said, “I’m more on
fire now. I’m–I am as strong now as I was at 40 years old.”
And he was 85 when he was saying that. GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: So that’s an inspiration– GLORIA: That is.
GEORGE: –to everybody. GLORIA: Caleb faith. GEORGE: That’s
Caleb kind of faith. GLORIA: Mm-hmm. GEORGE: I like that
Caleb kind of faith. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: Well,
today–ha-ha–and we’ll see just how much we do stick with the
notes, Gloria. This has been so much fun. But I will remind you
that, you know, whatever we don’t cover on our notes on this
broadcast, you can go, you can download these notes, you can
get everything that we’re talking about here. GLORIA: And
you should, and study them. GEORGE: Yeah, study them out and
just get them down on the inside of you. We’re talking today
about persistent faith. And I want to use this example in Luke
18. Let’s take a look at Luke 18. And let’s do this, Gloria.
You have it written down on your page there. Let’s just read it
from the page, because I have little comments that I make–
GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: –as we go through. GLORIA: All right.
GEORGE: But this is an example of persistent faith. And I’m
going to do something a little backward here. If–if you would,
Gloria, look at your second page. I want to give them the
definition of “persistence.” GLORIA: Okay. I’ve got it.
GEORGE: “Persistence,” bulldog faith. Faith is a force, and
it’s a determined force. It’s a–an aggressive force. It’s a
persistent force. And the word, “persistence,” is defined as “a
firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of
difficulty or opposition.” So that’s what–that’s what faith
is. It’s persistent. It is firm, and it has an “obstinate
continuance in a course of action in spite of the
difficulty.” In other words, that “obstinate” word,
when–when you’re obstinate about something, you’re–you’re
not going to give up until you get what you want.
That’s–that’s an–that’s the definition of obstinate. GLORIA:
It’s interesting that that means hard-headed. GEORGE: It means
hard-headed. GLORIA: I’m not changing. GEORGE: No. (Laughs)
GLORIA: I’m staying this way. I’m not changing. Obstinate.
GEORGE: Well, that’s the thing we love about you, Gloria. You
are–you are determined. You are persistent. GLORIA: I am.
GEORGE: You are–you’re aggressive. I remember the time
you came to preach at–to the staff a few years ago. And, you
know, I was just having one of those really long, long days.
And you came in to preach. And she preached a message of faith.
I sat there, and I could literally feel the words going
down on the inside of me. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: And
when I was through–when we were through with that chapel that
day, I had–the Lord had corrected me and said, “Ope,
you’ve gotten off your faith. You need to get back on your
faith again.” So faith is persistent. Faith will not give
up. Faith will not throw in the towel. Faith will not lay down
and let the devil walk over it. It is persistent. And I like
this in the second definition here. “Persistence applies a
nonstop, constant, continual, steady, relentless pressure on
the situation.” It’s nonstop. You don’t give up. GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: In faith, you just don’t give up. GLORIA:
Bulldogs are ugly, but they’re persistent. GEORGE:
They’re–(Laughs) They’re not–they’re not pretty, but
they’re persistent. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And they
keep pressing on. And that’s what we have to do. Persistence
does not let go or give up until all resistance is broken and the
desired result is attained. GLORIA: And the battle won–
GEORGE: And the battle won. GLORIA: –let’s say. Yeah. I
like that. GEORGE: So there is a persistence about what we’re
doing. You know, Gloria, this is very interesting. But we’ve
been–we have been persisting and–and being obstinate,
really, in our faith about a move of God in our church. And
it hit–it hit in 2014, in August of 2014. GLORIA: Praise
God. GEORGE: I was in South Africa. And I was getting ready
to speak to some pastors the next day. This was in the last
of our two weeks there. And I was just–I’d just gone before
the Lord, and I said, “Lord, what do you want me to say to
these pastors?” Even though I had notes, I brought things with
me. But it just didn’t seem right. And the Lord spoke a word
to me like he’s never spoken a word to me. He said, “I want my
church back.” He said, “You tell them, ‘I want signs, wonders,
miracles.'” GLORIA: Yes, that’s right. GEORGE:
“‘–demonstrations of the Spirit, the gifts of the
Spirit.'” GLORIA: That belongs to us. GEORGE: “I want that back
in my church again.” GLORIA: Belongs to us, and it belongs to
Jesus. GEORGE: It does. It does. And so we came back from that
trip in that August of 2014, and Terri and I had just been
pressing into this and pressing into this. By the time we got
back, a move of God had already started. GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: And, Gloria, here we are at the time of this broadcast,
we’re–we’re into now 2016, and the move of God has not let up.
GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: It has continued. And our service
just last Sunday–our service went three hours. We had
manifestations of the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We laid
hands on the sick. We worshiped God. We preached the Word. I
mean, this thing went on for three hours. GLORIA: Awesome.
Awesome. GEORGE: And the people just stayed right where they
were. Well, one of the things about it, though, is that the
Lord instructed me to take the clock down, so there is no
clock. GLORIA: Oh, that’s neat. GEORGE: There is no clock–
GLORIA: That was a brave step. GEORGE: –at Eagle Mountain.
In–well, that’s what he said to me. He said, “Take the clock
down.” And I–the day that I took the clock down, Gloria,
it’s hard to describe the relief that I felt on the inside. When
we–when they– GLORIA: The pressure. GEORGE: The pressure
was gone. GLORIA: Pressure of a clock. GEORGE: Because for 23
years, basically, I had–I had lived by a clock– GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: –telling me when to stop. And the Lord said to me,
after we took the clock down–he spoke up inside of me, and he
said, “Now I can train you when I want the service to be over.”
GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: “I want to tell you what to do. I want to
tell you when to lay hands on the sick. I want to tell you how
to do this.” And, Gloria, we’ve just had a continual move of
God. All that to say, we’ve been persistent about it for all
these years. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: We’ve been seeing a time
when this is–when this was going to happen, that we were
going to see revival break out in our church. And it just
seemed like there were times when I got discouraged, and it
just seemed like it wasn’t working, and the numbers started
going down. But we just stayed with it, and we stayed with it.
And now we are enjoying the fruit of persistent faith. It’s
happening. It’s on. And the same thing will happen to you if
you’re persistent in faith. And I want to take a look at this
example. GLORIA: I got a new–I got a book title for you.
GEORGE: Oh, we’ve got a book title. Tell me what the book
title is. GLORIA: “The Day the Clock Came Down.” GEORGE:
(Laughs) GLORIA: Everything changed. GEORGE: “The Day the
Clock Came Down.” GLORIA: Came down. GEORGE: Wow. Wow. That’s
exciting. And you know, it’s really–it’s really wonderful to
be able to do that when we have a guest speaker– GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: –that comes in. And they’ll say, “When do you–when
do you want me to quit?” And we’ll tell them, “We have no
clock.” GLORIA: I bet they like that. GEORGE: And we just opened
ourselves. But let’s take a look at this, Gloria, and let’s go
back to our first page. There you are. Luke 18. I want to talk
to you today–we want to talk to you about persistence in faith.
It says– GLORIA: Luke 18. Okay. GEORGE: It says, in Verse 1–and
I’m reading to you from the Amplified translation. We’re
using the Amplified on this one, so it’s– GLORIA: Let me get my
Amplified. GEORGE: It’s there on your page, too, if you want to
follow it. GLORIA: Oh, okay. I’ll use that. GEORGE: So, it
says, “Also Jesus told the parable to the effect that they
ought always to pray and not to turn coward–” GLORIA: Oh, yeah.
I like that. GEORGE: “–(faint, lose heart, or give up).” So
that’s an instruction to us right there, Gloria, that we are
to not give up. GLORIA: Vital. That’s vital. GEORGE: It is
vital. It is. GLORIA: You know, sometimes it takes people years
to get in–like, say, the financial condition they’re in
right now– GEORGE: Right. GLORIA: –borrowed money and all
that stuff. GEORGE: Right. GLORIA: And they want out in two
weeks. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: It’s just probably not–it could
happen. GEORGE: It could. GLORIA: But however long it
takes, you have to stay with it. GEORGE: One of the things that
Terri and I learned about this was the house–we bought a house
from your sister, and we had it–we renovated the house. We
were going through, we wanted to enlarge some things. Anyway,
Gloria, we did it by faith, and we did it by cash. And it took
five years to do it. And there would be times when we’d go over
to the house, and those stained–the same beams were
still there that were there the last–the framing was still
there on that room that was there last week and the week
before. And we just had to keep ourselves stirred up. But you
know something? As we did that, there was a momentum that built.
And the money starting coming in, and it started flowing. And
I’m so excited that we–we actually–the Lord told us–and
the house wasn’t totally finished. But the Lord said,
“It’s time for you to take the ground. Move in. Move in.”
GLORIA: Think about this, though. How long would it have
taken you to pay it off if you’d have borrowed the money? GEORGE:
We’d be paying, right now–(Both Laugh) And, you know. GLORIA: It
would be lots more money. GEORGE: I think about that. Now,
we’ve been in that house for 10 years, and I walk around that
house, especially on Saturdays when I’m getting ready for
church, and I just thank God I’m living in a debt-free house.
GLORIA: I know how you feel. GEORGE: And it’s a beautiful
home, and it’s–it’s just–the Lord did that. But we had to be
persistent. At times when I wanted to give up, Terri would
be persistent, and she’d be the bulldog in it. When she wanted
to give up, I’d be the bulldog in it. When we– GLORIA: That’s
why they came out of the ark two by two. GEORGE: (Laughs) GLORIA:
We need two together. GEORGE: That’s right, Gloria. That’s
exactly right. Two by two. GLORIA: Uh-huh. GEORGE: And when
Terri and I both would get discouraged, we’d call Brother
Copeland. And he’d say, “Ah, kids, just roll the care of that
onto the Lord.” GLORIA: “Just stay with it.” GEORGE: He was so
good to us during those times, especially when we were–you
know, around the third year? We’re still living in a rental
property, and we’re renovating the house and– GLORIA: Takes
patience. GEORGE: It does. And– GLORIA: Well, you know what the
Bible says. “Let patience have her–” GEORGE: Perfect. GLORIA:
“–perfect work.” GEORGE: Perfect work. GLORIA: That’s the
way you get things perfected. GEORGE: Yep. And he said to–and
this will be an encouragement to you, that in the midst of all of
that–I remember we called Brother Copeland one day, and we
just told him that we’re still standing for this. He says,
“Kids, you need to look at the progress you’ve made. Look at
the progress you’ve made. See how far you’ve come.” GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: “And don’t give up. Don’t quit on this.” GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: And I remember the day that we–we
moved into the house. It wasn’t totally finished. We moved into
that house. Terri had a preaching trip that she did in
December of that year. Kellie, who at that time lived right
around the corner from us, she came and got all of our
Christmas stuff, and she put up all the Christmas for us. When
Terri came home, Christmas was up in her new house. GLORIA: It
was Christmastime. Ah. GEORGE: And it was just such an
encouragement to us. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: But we had
to be persistent. We couldn’t give up. We had to keep going.
And that’s what this Scripture says. “Do not turn coward
(faint, lose heart, or give up).” You cannot give up on your
faith. You cannot quit on your faith. In Verse 2– GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: –let’s look at this. “He said, In a
certain city there was a judge who neither reverenced or feared
God nor respected or considered man.” Verse 3, “And there was a
widow in that city who kept coming to him, saying, Protect
and defend and give me justice against my adversary.” The New
Living Translation there says, “She came to him repeatedly.”
Now, what we’re talking about here, Gloria, is persistence,
repeatedly, repeatedly. And that’s what–when–when we’re
talking about coming to God repeatedly, we’re not talking
necessarily about coming to God, asking him the same thing over
and over again. No. GLORIA: No. GEORGE: What we’re talking about
is not–not laying aside our profession of faith, that we say
it, we declare it. There are things that Terri and I say
every single morning. We declare the glory of the Lord over our
day. We say that “We–we are expecting our greatest blessing
ever today because great grace is upon us all.” And we
go–we–we speak over our physical bodies. We talk about
our finances, and we say that, and we say it. GLORIA: Yep.
GEORGE: And we declare it, and we declare it. And you know what
that does? It puts pressure on the devil. GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: It takes the pressure off of us, and it puts the
pressure on the devil. GLORIA: Here’s your path, too. GEORGE:
It sets–that’s right. And the last thing–the last thing I
normally say, when we’re making our confession and our
declaration every day, is that “Our steps are ordered of
the Lord.” GLORIA: Yeah, by the Lord. GEORGE: And that we–
GLORIA: “A good man’s steps are ordered by the Lord.” GEORGE: “A
good man’s steps are ordered by the Lord.” And I also say that
“We declare the end from the beginning of this day.” GLORIA:
That’s good. And it works, doesn’t it, George? GEORGE: It
works. But you have to be persistent about it. GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: You can’t do it for a while and then say, “Oh,
well, I don’t want to do this anymore.” No. You have to do it.
You have to do it every single day, because there are going to
be opportunities that will come to you whether they are–they’re
world-shattering events that take place or things that go on
in your family. You have to stay strong. And that’s one of the
things that Terri and I say, every day, “We are strong in the
Lord and in the power of his might.” GLORIA: You’re walking
by faith and not by sight. GEORGE: That’s right. That’s
exactly right. GLORIA: That’s what you’re doing. GEORGE: And
we are–we are persistent. Now, in Verse– GLORIA: And you’re
blessed! GEORGE: In Verse 4–we are blessed, Gloria. We are
blessed. In Verse 4, it says, “And for a time he would not–”
talking about defending her. “–but later he said to himself,
Though I have neither reverence or fear for God nor respect or
consideration for man,” he says, “Yet because this widow–” Verse
5 “–continues to bother me, I will defend and protect and
avenge her, lest she give me intor–intolerable annoyance and
wear me out by her continual coming or at the last she come
and rail me–rail on me or assault or strangle me.” GLORIA:
He wanted rid of that woman– GEORGE: He wanted rid of that
woman. GLORIA: –at all cost. GEORGE: I like the New Living
Translation of this. It said, “This woman is driving me
crazy.” GLORIA: That’s it. Did–that’s the New Living?
GEORGE: That’s the New Living. “This woman is driving me
crazy.” GLORIA: “Let me out.” GEORGE: “I’m going to–I’m going
to see that she gets justice because she’s wearing me out by
her constant requests.” Now, listen to this statement. This
is a statement that the Lord gave me. “Persistence
weared–wears down resistance.” GLORIA: That’s right.
Persistence. GEORGE: “Persistence wears down
resistance.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And we have to
decide who’s going to wear down. Is it the devil that’s going to
wear us down with persistence, or are we going to wear him
down? Are we going to wear the situation down and take command
of it? GLORIA: Is it circumstances that are going to
change? GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: Or am I going to change? GEORGE:
That’s right. GLORIA: I’m not going to change. GEORGE: I’m not
going to change. And he said, “This woman is driving me crazy.
I’m going to see that she gets justice. She’s wearing me out by
her constant requests.” What happens is, when we confess the
Word, declare the Word, stand on the Word, believe the Word, we
are resisting the devil. GLORIA: That’s right. The curse. GEORGE:
It says, “Resist–resist the devil, and he will flee.” One
translation says, “He’ll flee from you in stark terror.”
GLORIA: Yes, in terror, yeah. GEORGE: So we have to be
persistent in this. And in Verse 6, it says, “Then the Lord said,
Listen to what the unjust–just–judge says!” Verse
7, “And will not our just God defend and protect and avenge
His elect, (His chosen ones)–” GLORIA: Yes. Thank God. GEORGE:
“–who cry to Him night and day? Will He defer them or delay in
helping on their behalf?” Now, that word, “crying,” there,
night and day, that doesn’t mean, “Oh, God, oh, God. You’ve
got to help me. You’ve got to help me with this.” No. That
crying out is speaking the Word by faith. GLORIA: Crying out in
faith. GEORGE: In faith. GLORIA: Yes, amen. GEORGE: “Lord, we
thank you right now. You are the provider. You are the supplier.”
GLORIA: Crying out the Scripture. GEORGE: That’s right.
“You are the healer. By the stripes of Jesus, I am healed. I
am whole. I am delivered.” Now, what am I doing? I’m
demonstrating persistence right there. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: No
matter what it looks like, no matter what it feels like, no
matter what is going on, faith is not moved by what it sees.
Faith is not dictated to by what it sees. You dictate to the
situation by your constant– GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:
–persistence in the Word of God. And I–and I look back at
certain situations that have gone here, times that we’ve been
in–in financial–got behind in our finances. And, Gloria,
honestly, I wasted a lot of time at night not sleeping. GLORIA:
Walking the floor. GEORGE: Walking the floor, worrying
about it. And, you know, eventually, the Lord would just
really get ahold of me, and I’d get back on my faith about it.
And now I know. Now I know that–that when we run into a
situation that we–we automatically kick that faith
into gear. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: We get persistent about
it. We’ve been persistent about the church’s income over the
last few years because we reached a–a level, a cap.
GLORIA: Plateau. GEORGE: We reached a plateau. And we would
just declare the Word. Terri and I, our staff, we would declare
the Word. We were persistent with it. And what happened
was–and in the year of 20–in the year of 2015, we–we–we are
47 percent ahead of where we were in 2014. GLORIA: Wow.
That’s awesome. GEORGE: It’s miraculous. GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: It’s miraculous. GLORIA: It is. GEORGE: But we’ve gone
down in–in 2007 and just kind of–it was just–but we were
persistent, Gloria. We didn’t give up. We continued to declare
the Word, and we had a breakthrough. GLORIA: Amen.
GEORGE: We had a breakthrough. And we’re having breakthroughs
in this ministry. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: We’re believing
God. We’re believing God. Brother Copeland has declared
over us, we’re believing for–we’re believing for income
of $300 million a year. The church runs about 10 percent of
the ministry. So we’re hooking our faith up. We’re believing
for $30 million of that. What are we doing? We are persistent
with it. It does not matter what it looks like. It doesn’t
matter–it doesn’t matter how many people, pastor, are in your
church. Believe God for the wealth transfer. GLORIA: That’s
right. GEORGE: Stop standing in your pulpit and counting the
heads and figuring up how much each one is going to give.
Forget that. That’s ridiculous. You need to move on over into
the supernatural and be persistent about it– GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: –and stand on the Word. And all of us
need to do that. And so, Verse 8–I’m going to finish up with
Verse 8. It says, “I tell you, God will defend and protect and
avenge them speedily. However, when the Son of Man comes, will
He find persistence in faith on the earth?”
GLORIA: I say, “yes.” GEORGE: I say, “yes,” too. GLORIA:
Glory to God. GEORGE: I say, “yes,” Gloria.
GLORIA: There’ll be persistence. GEORGE:
There will be persistence. GLORIA: Glory to God. George
and I’ll be right back. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.


  1. ABBA Heavenly Father release His Faith in Words , Jesus said in Mark 11: 22 “ Have faith in God “ – “ have the God kind of faith ,or faith of God “ Ephesians 5:1 – I believe , imitating God and Lord Jesus kind of faith and Holy Spirt work up true me guiding me all the time ,I am a child of God in Him🙏 😍🙏 Amen 🙏❤️😘🕊🙏

  2. We wanted to be part of the momentum and the new phase of KCM spoken of in this video so we turned-up our partnership commitment last year. It has been inspiring to see a ministry continue to grow and continue to be relevant through the years despite the challenges.

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