Pence joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to detail Trump’s Europe travel ban

Pence joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to detail Trump’s Europe travel ban


  1. I guarantee you that every major Sanctuary City in America, like in New York, will be in lock down within days by the Federal Government because of the Coronavirus. ICE will begin to sanitize and cleanse these areas easier because everyone will be home, and easy to find.

  2. Why did the media hype up the corona virus like this. Even when there were reports that it was not as deadly as they made it seem they ignored that and continued the hype. I used to work in media and believe me when I say they love to exaggerate and hype up everything. They get excited to report bad news.This is the truth and now the public must simply forget the fear p0rn the media has pumped out on the public. Anyone who has a pre existing condition is more susceptible than the general public. We already know that.

  3. Coronavirus is already here. It doesnt matter that Trump put the travel ban in. He shouldve done that couple months ago. The virus is already here.

  4. If only Canada and the UK can smarten up and take the situation alittle more seriously, I mean we arent doing anything to prevent the spread I mean hell we are still accepting flights from areas that got hit hard as if we are mentally disabled

  5. No Don't wait till we turn like Europe. We must starve the Covid19 now. Lockdown now. One life lost to a family is one too many. The countries they lockdown already their spread is going down. Look at the statistics. The fact is that it is spreading here fast too. Only thing this virus can't live is if we starve it. Don't let it connect with humans. Let's use common sense. Just for a while until we find med. or vaccine. Lets not lose any lives while we are able to contain this now.

  6. But young kids can have it and not know it and spread to seniors. The fact is that nothing will contain from this virus then starving them. No human no virus !!!

  7. The fact is that it is growing ..I am sure it will et bigger. Do we really want to wait till it gets larger? Larger people affected mean more it will multiply more. Coivid19 can't live without humans as a host. To freeze this Virus is to starve them by the lockdown.

  8. China says that coronavirus in China has closed. How dare you ? I believe that pandemic will restart in China . Undoubtly.

  9. Mr,Vice President Pence Sr, Your A Great Man And God Is Protect You, This Is Just Another Storm We Are Going Through, God Is Watching Over Us ,People God Is Telling Us To. Wake Up And Stop Your Hate, We Have To Stick Together, Thank You Sir For Everting Your Doing,儭

  10. The EU contributed to spreading the virus because they let everyone into their countries without any checks or background-checks. It's extremely naive and dangerous.

  11. So we are supposed to "magically" forget that Trump ignored the data…ignored the advice of professionals….ignored the advice from countries already in the thick of it? Then he claimed that coronavirus was a hoax that the dems made up to bring him down? His lies are killing people.

  12. Hey it's not a thing about "haters" moron. It's a virus that is spreading. If you think we were told first off: Hoax by Democrats, nothing to worry about, Obama, now it's we have everything under control and taking precautions. What fool of an administration would take these chances??? Since he was Governor he has the experience in what might I ask??? Our great country has been laughed at and shamed buy the most "INEPT" 4th grade administration ever. This is not the "APPRENTICE" or any other show, it's the great USA .Making excuses and covering up the inability to act properly doesn't fly!!! This great country of ours needs sound, proper, ethical, professional, levelheaded,honorable thinking instead of trying to be tough and talking tough and filling your pockets. (JESUS)

  13. I didn't think he was especially interesting when he was first nominated as VP, but my gosh, this guy is a great operator. He's been dutifully carrying out the Trump agenda since day one and hasn't abandoned Trump like some Republicans did in the early days and fought with him to protect America.

  14. Practice common sense? What makes you think everybody possesses that! Intelligence plus wisdom creates reliable intuition that was once commonly known as common sense! You need wisdom in the recipe to create any kind of common sense a commodity sadly lacking within people today especially on the left

  15. China cannot be beleived they are communists and are lieing to save themselves from collapse. We can't trust anything they say.

  16. ASKED to self quarantine? Lol. Heading straight for the mall, the grocery store, theater & yummy american style food in restaurants.

  17. If the dumbass Trump had just listen to the CDC to begin with this would not of turned into a pandemic but he pretty much said the CDC was fake news, so now we have an issue on our hands! ?The idiot has now put everybody into a recession one of the worst in a very long time! Such a smart man!

  18. Harris Poll just showed the seniors have the least concern for catching it. So when they get it, & get it bad, they want rescue.

  19. Personal space!!! Americans have long embraced at least 3 feet of that. Yet, we import more ppl (most with no conception of "personal space").

  20. There's nothing quite like locking the barn door with a wolf inside. A travel ban will do nothing productive at this point, on the other hand getting more testing done will tell the CDC where containment efforts need to be concentrated. As a Canadian I'm astounded at how poorly the US has responded to this disease.

  21. A week ago Trump claimed Corona to be a " hoax of the democrats ". And now people are dying. THANKS FOR NOTHING , Mr President!!!!

  22. Coumo is just like his brother. A bloodline Mithra worshipping serpent. Pushing for the old Roman Corpus Juris system like the best of the shills. Shame.

  23. The stupid EU fool just wants the USA to be infected as much as they are because they have open borders and could not control it , they want Trump to fail.

  24. Research 60GHz 5G and Oxygen!!!!!

    60GHz 5G affects OXYGEN which may explain why people are experience extreme Pulmonary Distress in these areas where 60GHz 5G has been switched on….

  25. Trump would do the whole world a favour if he would just self-isolate himself for the rest of his term in office.

  26. Didn't trump tell people that the covid-19 virus was no big deal? I believe there's videos of him telling people that it would be ok. Now pence is saying that the Democrats are downplaying the virus, something trump has done all along. Stupid trumptards.

  27. Trump is so smart , We are getting used to seeing Pence now on TV , hands on training , just in case there is a bump in the road

  28. Pandemic? hogwash. Thirty people in my state have it out of millions of residents. That's not a pandemic. Pandemic would mean thousands of people would have it in each state of the union. Can't every one see they are politicizing this in order to topple Trump? Sick of the leftist media using a virus as a political weapon.

  29. If you believe China has a grip on this, then you have forgotten how they have lied about SARs, their economy, re-educations camps and harvesting organs from Felung Gong.

  30. EVERY year 60,000 die of flu. Corona has killed 50 here in 3 months. This is a scam to hide financial crimes as the economy tanks worldwide.

  31. if we expect any kind of truth out of any of these folks,,, we are fooling ourselves . i have fealt that several countries have banded together and released this virus, and it seems i was not wrong….. sad to say!

  32. For any AMERICAN COMPANY selling products MADE in CHINA, After china has HINTED of withholding ANTIBIOTICS as 90% or more are made there could withhold them, AND HINTING this WUHAN VIRUS is a product of US, YOUR COMPANY NEEDS TO BE BOYCOTTED, Never should any american BUY your product.This Virus has proven that we as AMERICANS need to be self reliant.

  33. i personally see,,, more lock downs, and maybe even martial law.. not kidding ! wow ! this came about in an election year, look to see another illness to come about in 2024….. it seems every 4 to 8 years, something comes around…. swine flu, ebola, west nile disease, and the list goes on….

  34. I know Fox was dying to ask : How many cases in the US are a product of common sense NOT being exercised (e.g. "students in Milan, IT, come on home, and 'self-quarantine' and don't forget to give yer Gram a kiss.").

  35. If Corona infected employees don't get paid if they don't turn up for work…. they'll turn up for work and infect their colleagues.
    Great job, 'murica….

  36. Many Americans from Europe seem to want to live in the Middle Ages again! If you see some "Christians" in the US!
    And not just since Trump!
    But don't forget, in the Middle Ages you were old when you were 25-30 years old!

  37. Just as the virus came from the east in Europe, it came from the west in the USA, that is from Asia!

  38. They did that in China and it is working idiot ! Why isn't the stable genius out here telling us what he had in place to handle this kind of problem? Mike say's PRAY real hard and it will go away! Idiots

  39. She asked the VP if there were enough tests? Mike used about 200 words to spin your head around and didn't say anything. idiot

  40. You no longer have all chickens on the ladder!
    Those who believe Trump and his vice also believe that the earth is flat and the moon is made of cheese.
    In other words, you're as stupid as a straw!

  41. Would love to see you interview those that contracted COVID-19 and have fully recovered. Would love to hear from them and I think it would calm fears.

  42. They want to take away our freedoms once again! Quarantine = martial law = house arrest !

    I work at a metropolitan huge hospital in Chicago and we have ZERO cases !!!


  43. Stop panic, I have nothing to fear as I live in America. 綾賅綾賅President Trump will protect American peoples, Im fully respect & 100% trust Our President Trump. 歹綾賅 Barrack Hussein Obama, Crooked Hillary Clinton andDemocRats + deep state + SNBC, CNN Mediathe Wuhan Virus the diseases is from their own mouth!! They spreads diseases out to scares American peoples, they wants to take down our good economic for China Communist!! Wake Up American peoples!! Freedom is not Free. The Clinton Dynasty & Barrack Hussein Obama sold our country to China Communist!! President trump bring back America start in 2016. 綾賅綾賅President Trump always America & American First 綾賅綾賅 President Trump make America great again綾賅綾賅 But Barrack Hussein Obama, Crooked Hillary Clinton andDemocRats + deep state + SNBC, CNN Media want to take down United States of America!! God Bless America & God Bless President Trump & his Family !! Remember, this is back fire you idiots deep state DemocRats, no body doing good business like President Donald Trump & 2020 Trump will get elected again because American peoples we need President Trump to be Our leader 綾賅綾賅 Because he is American Patriots he fights for us and he is Our voice 綾賅綾賅 American & America First 綾賅綾賅

  44. None of you has kids, unless you have baby goats. Try harder everyone, stop calling children kids, please.

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