“Page 5” Internet Business Plan – The Shortcut To Creating A Million Dollar Online Business

“Page 5” Internet Business Plan – The Shortcut To Creating A Million Dollar Online Business

Hey Miles here, milesbecker.com now this video
is going to reveal the “Page 5 Business Plan” for online entrepreneurs because a lot of
you guys feel like: “I’m not an expert,” “I don’t have a product,” “I don’t know what
to promote.” So this is going to teach you a really specific
method. And this idea, I’ve talked about it before,
I don’t think I have a direct video on it and essentially this is coming off the heels
of a phone call I just had. So I just got off the phone call with a big
time publishing company, Digital Marketing Publishing Company who worked in the personal
development space. And what they do is they work with product
creators like Melanie and I to essentially help scale the reach of our products. Now I’m going to be honest with you, Melanie
are pretty good at selling our products, right? Like we’re not necessarily hurting for cash
flow, but there’s always an opportunity to do more. So I’m intrigued by this offer and by this
potential partnership because what they have is a team of advertisers, a team of copywriters,
a team of developers. They were really closely with clickbank and
the idea is that they’re so good at selling products and they have such a great system
in place for selling products that they will be able to take a large percentage of the
revenue they generate, right? And they’re potentially leaving us with a
very small slice of the pie, but that’s going to be made up for based on the amount of volume
that they do in sales. Okay. Now this brings us to that idea that the page
five business plan, because here’s what’s going on. There’s people trying to sell products in
every niche imaginable and they’re not being found. They’re nowhere to be found. They’re sitting on page five of Google right
now and no one goes to page five of Google ever, right? If you’re searching for something, maybe you
go to page two, odds are you don’t even go to page two. So the whole business model in the business
plan is that you have an opportunity to essentially go partner with these individuals who they’re
experts in their field, they’ve already created the courses, they’ve got their courses out
there trying to make sales. But they just don’t know the digital marketing
stuff that you are totally able to learn right here on my channel and or they don’t have
the time to get in and actually build that out so you can partner with them and ultimately
help them boost their sales, help them rank better, help them make more money. And for that effort you can get a piece of
the pie, you can get a percentage of everything that they’re doing. This is a really, really powerful business
model. The first time I heard about this was from
Jay Abraham and it was his answer to if you were starting all over from zero, what would
you do? And he said he would go to page five, six,
seven find all of the products that are from clearly from experts and go from there. So what I would look for, if I’m doing this,
I would look for someone who’s published lots of blog posts. I would look for someone who’s published youtube
videos. I would look for someone who is actively taking
the actions. They’re just not optimizing things. Because if you find somebody who just put
up a product and they’ve never written a blog post, they’ve never done a video, maybe they
don’t understand how much hard work over long periods of time it takes to really get to
their destination. But when you find those people who they’ve
been doing their podcast for four years, they’ve been doing their youtube channel for three
years, they’ve been doing their blog posts for 10 years, they just don’t optimize anything. They don’t know what keyword research is. They’ve got the products, they’re clearly
the expert. They’re clearly trying and they’re getting
minimal results. You have the potential to essentially reach
out to them, forge a relationship, and you could effectively become their hired gun and
you would get your pay based on a percentage of the kind of sales volume that you’re able
to increase for them. I think this is a brilliant model and why
I’m bringing it up again is because of that conversation I had. Right? So I just had that conversation. Melanie, I’ve done a couple of million dollars
online. So at the higher levels of business, which
I think, you know, making a couple of Mil online, we’re at one of the higher levels
of business online. It’s still works for us, but I also went to
a couple of masterminds here over the last month. I went to one, it was a seven day mastermind
in Vegas. Man, even at this mastermind there were so
many people, they’re trying to figure out how do I sell my stuff? I have a method that will help people with
this. The of everything from chiropractors, the
personal develop, like all kinds of things and they’re just like, how do I sell my stuff? So on one hand of the kind of on one perspective
or one side of the coin, if you will, there’s these individuals who, they’re experts, they’ve
been doing whatever they’ve been doing for 20 years. They’re trying to break into the digital business
because they want the lifestyle, cause they know there’s a better lifestyle doing this
and actually being in the office doing their chiropractic work. Then on the other side of the coin, there’s
people like you who are like, man, I need a break into this internet marketing world. What am I going to sell? What am I going to do? What can what pro? I’m not an expert. What can I create? And it’s like how do you, and they connect
to create a business model that offers value to the masses because they have what it takes
to help people get transformation. You have what it takes to get the eyeballs
and the conversions on their products. It’s just a process of how to connect and
honestly, that’s on you. That’s where you got to roll up your sleeves. You’ve got to dig in. You got to do the work, and you’ve got to
find them and you’ve got to reach out and you might have to reach out to a hundred people
to get five actual conversations with real people. Then you have five conversations and out of
that you might be like, you know what, for these ain’t no way I’m working with them. Right? I think it’s easy. They think it’s a magic solution. They don’t have their mindset in the right
place. Out of a hundred conversations or 100 outreach,
you might get one person and then you dominate for them. You build cashflow based on what they’ve already
done in the market based on helping them grow with their doing. Perfect. At this point, you start to have a testimonial. You start to have the ability to create a
system that is effectively duplicatable and you can go find other product creators and
other product creators and other product creators and you can essentially go one asset at a
time. You help them generate their sales. You make 50% split on all the sales you generate,
help them make a hundred grand a year. You’re making 50 grand a year right there. Do that four times over. You’ve got 200 grand coming in from four separate
brands. That means your income is going to be stable. Your income is going to have a lot of opportunity
to effectively kind of whether any storms, if one person is, you know, falls off the
face of the earth, their product goes out of favor to hit Google slapped, et cetera. You’re not hindered by that sort of a solution. Well that sort of a situation you’re able
to keep going because you’ve got your others and you get better at making the individual
kind of components required. You get better at making out your marketing
funnels, you get better at running your paid traffic, you may be bringing in a team and
that team is able to help you do all of the bits and pieces and you focus your time on
finding more potential partners and you scale this. It’s literally a multimillion dollar business
idea and it’s literally something that dozens of you could go execute simultaneously because
there’s so many people out there who want the benefits of running a digital business. They already are the experts and they need
a digital marketing geek in their back pocket. Somebody who understands traffic and conversions
and sales and sales funnels and and one click upsells and autoresponders and all that stuff. And there’s so many of you who need an expert
who can put out the content and who you can work with and partner up for. So I call it the page five business model. I think it is one of the absolute smartest
ways for someone to get started who can’t really figure out their own niche. You don’t feel like the expert, there’s so
many people out there who wants you there. Like literally you are in their prayer, they
are praying for someone like you to actually show up to email them. They’re like literally praying like, man,
like I just need this to work. They want to semi retire at this point in
their life and you could potentially help them get there. Plus some of these businesses could easily
scale to $500,000 a year, $1 million a year, and if you’re getting 50% of all of that,
one of these working right, may very well be that kind of pop that you need in your
world to create that lifestyle of your dreams. So I don’t know, remember that your biggest
problem is someone else’s solution and you don’t have to go do everything, build everything
and be everything. There is an option and an opportunity in this
world for you to just go find the right person who you can absolutely add value to their
lives and then you jump in and like I said, it might take you a hundred outreach to get
10 conversations at a 10 conversations. There might be one person worth working with. You do that five times over and maybe one
out of five actually pops. Man, it’s worth it to me and in many senses,
that’s what I did with Melanie. Right? So I knew everything I needed to do about
growing a business online, me and my first money in 2003 on my space and from o three
two oh nine I dabbled in a bunch of stuff. I made a couple of ECOMMERCE websites. I did, man, I do real estate investing. I did all kinds of other things all the time
knowing exactly what I needed to do to grow an internet marketing business. I wasn’t doing the work right. Then I meet Melanie. Melanie runs forward with content and I start
optimizing, tweaking behind the scenes. I come up with product ideas. I helped her build out an email list together. We’ve grown a multimillion dollar business. I had all the knowledge, I just wasn’t doing
the things. And for some reason I needed a partner. And that’s how I found my partner. And your partner, your potential partner who
you could kind of replicate this process with is literally sitting on page five of Google,
hoping someone like you reaches out to help them grow their business. So whether you take action or not, that’s
up to you. Whether you follow through enough to do enough
of that kind of due diligence and lay that groundwork to actually meet them, that’s up
to you. But now you know the trick. You know the game. You also know it’s a possibility. And you know, I’ve lived it and I’m now talking
with a team to possibly do this for our business right now. So this is real deal y’all. So there it is. Um, so the page five business plan, I think
it’s well worth your time. I think it’s well worth your effort. You’re going to questions, get them in the
comments, give it a like, give this a share. I appreciate you. I hope you move forward. Go help somebody change the lives of others. If you’re not the person who can change the
life of others, you’ll be amazed at what you create and I’ll catch you on the next video. Cheers.


  1. This is exactly the plan that I mentioned to my brother a couple of weeks ago. Build a system then plug in the expertise of others. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who sees this opportunity. I'm turning myself into an expert digital marketer for this exact reason. Funny thing is, I have a real MBA and the stuff I've learned on your channel is arguably more valuable. Thanks for everything. I'm on day 63 of my 120 day challenge. Still figuring it out, just now starting to actually do key word research. I just got going, spilling my expertise. But I did take action. We will talk. We will meet in the next couple of years. I'm on my way and I appreciate your contribution.

  2. There are also many of us who have advanced degrees and are on page 5 but trying to learn from you how to get on page one . it's like if every time you wanted to drive your car you had to know how each piece of the engine and transmission worked to where you want to go.

    I tried to get help with Upwork and in the Philippines but the people turned out to know less than me . One thing about bootstrapping it is, once you get there you can fix it all and keep going by yourself, just like you can keep your Jeep going if it breaks in the boonies.

  3. Another great idea Miles! Thanks for all the value you provide this community. I really need to learn WordPress and Thrives Themes. Any suggestions or referral?

  4. What do you think of offering what you propose as an option, and traditional paid for services as a separate option (choose one or the other)? Do you see how you might have a mixture (say 30% split and some monthly fees)? I suppose it could all be negotiable.

  5. To be clear are you suggesting sweat equity up front in the hopes of optimizing the crap out of their existing assets?

  6. Great idea Miles – we have many products and also the expertise in marketing but would always be open to speaking to an expert marketer to share in any revenue generated via their efforts

  7. Massive thanks bruv I was starting to lose hope because Iโ€™m living in a third world country…but it turns out that an advantage.

  8. I have heard of this before, but never thought of the possibly of adding it to my digital marketing business. I just got a lead that is perfect for this! I know the payment model is negotiable, but do you have an example?

  9. Love it. I think this is achievable for a lot of people, and it's a win-win. What would you say to these people and how would you structure the relationship tho? Something like "hey I'm a digital marketer, you need digital marketing, I will market for you (you pay for ads), and we split profits from ads I run"?

  10. Great idea and thanks. How is the progress measured, input safeguarded etc? You can't ask clients to show you their sales or accounts can you?
    Or can you? Does one need to take control of the product somehow?

  11. Iโ€™m an online business owner whoโ€™s on page 5 of google, message me if you want to get experience, a good review and high percentage of sales

  12. Wow, thanks Myles…Myles, is this also me starting an agency …what service do you suggest to start with me helping someone…i just studied copywriting!

  13. Excited to see what's coming! That's a pretty big beach you're walking on, nice place to film. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  14. How would you arrange payment for the 50/50 split if you're essentially getting paid off of conversions? Would you have to create a system that tracks every conversion then wait for them to pay you based on your numbers?

  15. Great idea. Beautiful in its simplicityโ€ฆ People ranked on lower SERPs are clearly in the game and may just need a little extra something. Mutually beneficial as well.

    On a sidenote, I know you are Miles โ€œOne Takeโ€ Beckler. But your ability to deliver all of that so eloquently, while staying in frame and casually walking down a beautiful beach, is beyond impressive. ๐Ÿ‘ maestro!!

  16. Of course! Google page 5! Iโ€™ve always wondered where to find pp to partner up! Thanks for the value ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  17. Man miles you are the man. This isnโ€™t my thing but for folks in that space this is a perfect strategy.

    Never would have even occurred to me

  18. This hits home. I love that you learn the problems of your master mind group. Soooo good. How is this different than affiliate sales? Is this trading time for money initially?

  19. Seems like value investing, pick the "under-valued" valuable ones and help them realize their potential. ๐Ÿ˜€

    You are right, I have helped to create 5 websites for free for my family members and friends in the last month. And boy…. new revenues can come in with a website + shopping cart. They were on eBay type of business, Facebook selling and haven't try website before.

    Let's do more of what makes us and others happy! Cheers bro! Happy to see you on the beach sharing what you enjoy doing!

  20. Shit Miles! I should not have watched this! Stinking good titles, A-hole!! You even said the pray word and POP!! lol PISSED

    How do you fit it all freaking in!!!????

  21. Bingo, you nailed it, real stuff there Miles, I was contacted by an individual a few weeks ago. I better get back to digging for these fellows.

  22. Damn Miles that's exactly what I thought about doing recently ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the vid now I feel even more excited to just do it!
    Are you like a mind reader?

  23. What kind of contract would you do? Would you want to take literally a 50% stake of the company or just have deal where you are payed 50% of revenue? Like how to do this best and be save not to get ripped off when the business actually takes off and people might start to get greedy?

  24. I have some questions, if anyone can answer, i'd be happy. I'm pretty new so if some of this stuff sounds dumb then you know why

    1. Is Page Authority a good estimate that keyword's difficulty? so if you google a keyword and the highest page authority within the first 5 results is say, 27 it's pretty easy to over take right?

    2. What does "easy to over take" mean? should I be excepting within a week of creating my website, putting a few SEO blog posts about something to over take that keyword's highest page authority 27 within the 5 results of google? If it's really dependent on something other then page authority then what?

    3. Is it possible to make single page website, that target specific keyword? Or what you really want to do is find a niche, find very easily targeted keywords related to your niche with good search volumes and hope of them gets a good ranking on google? Is it a BIG gamble to make a single page website focusing one keyword?

    4. If you're producing SEO HQ blog posts, when should you see some sort of results? First week, month, few months?

    5. Is it possible to make your money back + then some within one month of hardwork writing SEO HQ blog posts? Money back from the Domain, server hosting.. ect..

    I'll probably add some other questions as I think of them

    Thanks for answering if you did

  25. Hey Miles! So, if you now had to choose building your own business with content marketing (for example, as you do here on Youtube), or partnering with others like you're talking about here in this video, which do you think is the bigger or better opportunity?

  26. Hey Miles, captivated by your content here on youtube; so I "opted-in" and recieved an email with my login information; but the website link runs to a page that says 404 page not found! Get back to me if at all possible! Thanks!

  27. I'm a new fan of you Miles! Your content has added so much value so thank you. I'm on the creative side of marketing (graphics, video, photography) and am now getting into affiliate marketing. The page 5 approach is so good! Also, I've been reading your free Million Dollar Blueprint and have learned so much in so little time. TRULY inspiring.

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