Paddy McCann – Welcome to my Youtube Channel | Shoot Video With Smartphone | Business Video Tutorial

Paddy McCann – Welcome to my Youtube Channel | Shoot Video With Smartphone | Business Video Tutorial

Hey, I’m Paddy and like you I love making videos but when I was in high school, all I wanted to do was be famous on TV In 2019, armed with a good idea a smartphone and a social media account. Anyone can be famous But back in 1988 when I was at school things were a little different. For starters YouTube was still 17 years away from being invented and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook was only 5 years old! So this idea of shooting and creating content and finding an audience for your own content is very new and there are a lot of people out there with lots of questions What equipment should I use? What software do you need? What do you need as far as coming up with a great idea and what about monetizing? how do you get people to act naturally? So many questions and I’m really pleased to say I’ve covered these questions the hard way, the long way around, if you like over the last decade of Producing video until I got to a point where I actually do it for a living so if any of these questions resonate with you What I’d love you to do is drop a comment below and introduce yourself Let me know where you’re from in the world and what you would like to know about video then each week moving forward I’m going to do my best to answer your questions So before I go here’s a question for you If you create amazing content on YouTube that people really want to view. Do you need to ask them to subscribe to your channel? I don’t think so. Either have a fantastic week and I’ll post a new video next Sunday. Catch you later


  1. May you please put your Instagram in the description of your videos because I want to follow you because you deserve it

  2. I'm in the Manning Vally. I met you at a maccas with a bunch of friends when you was trying to get your spare tire out from under your rv

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