Owning My own Business / 2 Months in / Strongest CPA in Florida

Owning My own Business / 2 Months in  / Strongest CPA in Florida

whatever everybody wants to promote
business and respond to you respond to say you know my father and everything
about normal business business of thirty years old so I’m old I just actually you
know what to call everyone start college 331 just got my CPA license arrangements
and did some preliminary stuff behind the scenes like I for higher for my
business for my company dornan CPA LLC but I’ve been renting office are you see
this jury rest of the world is fucking around the law office next warehouse
thanks to measure whether Afghans and actually which one of these you know
first I think that the main reason you know like lives and some other videos
about how they start making some money but actually jobs two years ago I am
doing something tomorrow the work for you guys I actually do have relied on
him by his house probably no 34 years ago publishers and homes last time I saw
before the meeting was actually the last time I got a whole two years ago so it was so embarrassed third of the
way there it with you don’t want to get from my clients third of the way there
and I had a firefight get a certain round every every month bringing this
was revenue or profit per month in 10 runs I would you know result sustaining
that’s what first goal was going to result sustained so this is where I far
away yes harder than I thought no no I find it very demanding have good days
and bad days you know left at that price that I thought you know or care of
emotions and unusable and I want to do so is what I thought things were pretty
much on schedule and has been gone is like every time I get to paying calling
only work and health or clients mostly for most of the clients two weeks out his own work like homework
and other foreigners so I’m just gonna give up their parts but does not going
to give up please let us one thing that seems like people don’t know how close
they are to success and they didn’t give up on things like being nor and/or
nearly who is this day over a key part of the house has persisted and will keep
on knocking on the door and detested and I was like whatever so no business why I
don’t know I was thinking about it I was born I got my CDL license and there was
a seven year goal and then it was like what I really wanted to bring you down
to 200 pounds and their ongoing search for me I wanna do four or five minutes
16 nerd alert and sleep well but another goal so I was going to the gym in a
license and I just need another call and pretty much a decent job more money
than I ever made in my life for me and I supplies and you know it probably more
higher and I think promoter one part of my life hard to try to dissuade me from
doing this but what do I read before and this role I hated it and talk to people
all everybody’s work you know we’re supposed to foreign words you know I
want he’s working on a nearly everything is so fucked that and more arrested a mental hospital and I have a
feeling business really do anything from a safety thing about doing so business and and I got injured two years
of harsh Rockies I don’t want to over 500 expose browse never started playing
the lead agent I was always like radar senior people hold me that I wasn’t that
good and as one of my regrets was letting other people tell me what I do
what I was good and so I will know that happened I want to do this I wanted to
my business so yeah so all over all over the place but two or three or four or
five years as you look at me like five years ago over like oh my god those
pixels icon pixel home people in pics all but you know there was a time like
all the single flicked a PhD doesn’t focus on 17 20 18 be like you know like five or 10 years
you can possibly will you 300 horrible for me and see what happened you know
what October 2015 and I’m hopeful I guess on
target or business know it’s about right part it’s really
hard I didn’t think it was going to be easy and so you know six months or a
year or so days I see you again and yet


  1. If you could go back would you try to get into big 4 accounting or start your own company when you were recently a certified CPA?

  2. I'm thankful I came across this video. You really are inspiring. I'm in my early 20's in OC, CA and starting a specialized marketing company. For my whole life people (especially teachers) have basically told me I'm a loser. They don't walk up to me and say "hey you're a loser" but they will hint it off. I did not get good grades because I wasn't interested in what was being taught. I was an all american baseball player and everyone (except my parents) told me to stick with baseball basically saying you're not good for anything except ball. I played at a juco here and topped out at 91. I was a closer. About half way through my freshman year there… I quit. I was not having fun. I thought there was something else out there for me and it wasn't what everyone else told me to do. I feel like I have wasted so much time. So I quit and worked at a Jersey Mike's. Found out I was interested in business. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. Then I did research on what business is and how it works. You know that gut feeling you got, yeah I got that too. My dad is a business man. He started a law firm that has been around since 98 and it's a very solid firm. He's a very bright guy so I am grateful to learn from him. I'm blessed to have a supporting father and mother in my life. So after a year or so of straight business talk and research everyday I found out that not only do I love business in general but I'm attracted to marketing. So I quit Jersey Mike's and worked in my dad's firm as a marketing analyst. I'm still in school trying to get into University of Southern California. But in the mean time I'm also starting my own firm with a few software developers, a great salesman and looking to bring another marketer into the mix. People have given me shit for quitting baseball. Most of my buddies faded away. My girlfriend of 2 1/2 years dumped me and said I'm basically a loser. I got shut down by society for following my dreams. Hearing you talking about your journey really brings a smile to my face. I really appreciate this video. Thank you. Sorry for the long message. I don't talk about this very often. -Matt

  3. You are the truth. I love your videos. I also opened my own Bookkeeping company. I too want to just go for it…I'm in school finishing up my bachelor degree. I had one client for a year and that company went out of business so now I have a company with no clients but became a student. Thank you for this motivational Video. I am from NYC…Best of luck to you.

  4. What kind of job/work you do while working towards your CPA? I heard some people said you have to have a job in the field you go to school for so that when you graduate you have the experience also to help you get a job

  5. Thank you for this video. I am interested in working for myself and have a lot of the same thoughts but I must do it.

  6. I think it might be a good idea to drop a link in the description whenever you mention something.
    For example, I was looking for a link to more info on your LLC but I can't find any.

    Or if you mention a course or someone's video, it might be a good idea to leave a link to that in The description.

    Thanks for all the videos
    Keep it up

  7. Can you make a video about living the low life..
    You mentioned you got arrested and that you were homeless and that's why you're not scared of it

  8. Hey man awesome video!! What software do you use for your accounting practice? I’m about to get my cpa I know Quickbooks is used but which ones u use?

  9. Hey! How did you get yo first and second client?
    By the way my first job doing taxes the cpa owner , i asked him , he said he started with 4 clients. He got quite weathy with a mansion and another house in florida and a high end mercedes he was in love with. I am the same as you. Anyways yeah bro. I feel like you. Best of mega luck to you. N

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