Oscar Snubs for Women & An End to Cory Booker’s White House Bid | The Daily Show

Oscar Snubs for Women & An End to Cory Booker’s White House Bid | The Daily Show

The Academy Awards, the biggest night
of the year for actors and red carpet salesmen. Today, the Academy announced
this year’s nominations, and as always,
it was who got left out that’s got everyone talking. This year’s Oscar nominations
were announced this morning. And there were
some big surprises and some big snubs, as well. Joker taking the lead
with 11 nominations. No women nominated
in the director’s category. Greta Gerwig definitely was
snubbed this morning for Little Women. ISSA RAE:
The Irishman, Martin Scorsese. Joker, Todd Phillips. 1917, Sam Mendes. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,
Quentin Tarantino. And Parasite, Bong Joon-ho. Congratulations to those men. (laughter, groaning) Wow. Issa Rae. Damn. You know you’re in trouble when someone can throw shade
by congratulating you. And I’ll be honest–
I get why she said that, right? Because those aren’t just
all male directors. Those are all very male movies. Like, if you take out Parasite, women probably have ten minutes
of dialogue in all the other films combined. Like, there’s no reason women
shouldn’t have bigger roles in these movies,
except for 1917, because women weren’t invented
until the ’30s. -(laughter)
-That’s a fact. I mean, like,
where’s Little Women? -Personally, I loved the movie,
right? -(applause and cheering) Also, the Oscar voters loved
the movie, which is weird. It’s really strange, because
it was nominated for six awards, including best picture,
best screenplay, two acting nominations, but then somehow Greta Gerwig
wasn’t nominated for director. How the hell does that happen?
Uh, it was just two people like, “What an amazing movie.” “Yeah, and did you know
the movie directed itself?” “Wow. That’s incredible!” I mean, I’m glad that at least one black woman
was nominated for best actress. Congratulations,
Cynthia Erivo. That’s exciting. (applause and cheering) Although,
it is kind of predictable that it was for playing a slave.
Yeah. I’m not saying she didn’t
deserve it, but just imagine if every white actor
who was nominated got it for playing a supervisor
at Whole Foods, huh? White people,
you’re more than just that! But you know what was
the biggest snub for me? Film editing. How are you not
gonna nominate the guy who edited the Jeffrey Epstein
security tapes? How?! How?! Speaking of snubs, the Democratic Party
has been criticized recently for its debate stage
becoming as white as the Oscars. And today’s news
is not gonna help. MAN:
Breaking news on the 2020 race. Senator Cory Booker is out. The senator making
that announcement online just moments ago. Today, I’m suspending
my campaign for president with the same spirit
with which it began. Campaigning over this last year has been one of the most
meaningful experiences of my life. That’s right. Cory Booker has announced that he is officially quitting the Democratic
presidential race. And look,
you can quit however you want, but I do think it’s weird that his quitting video
doesn’t look like he’s quitting. (laughter) He’s out there
with crowds, shaking hands. (laughter) And everyone does this.
My opinion is, if you’re going
to drop out of the race, your video should look like
you dropped out of the race. It should just be you
sitting alone on a park bench, or cleaning out your desk. I want it to look depressing! (laughter) But, yeah,
whatever happens in November, America will not be electing
a black president. And you know, Obama must be
secretly happy about this. Yeah. He’s probably
in Martha’s Vineyard like, “Ah, that’s right.
Ah, first and last, bitches!” (cheers and applause) “I’m the blackest
of all time. What you know about that?” And you have to admit,
between the Oscars and this, this is definitely not
a great week for liberals in America, right?
Because think about it. Democrats in Hollywood
are always talking about how important
diversity is, but they’re the ones
who always seem to end up celebrating a bunch
of white people, you know. And this is almost like
finding out Greta Thunberg secretly hunts
polar bears in a race car.


  1. Stop acting like y'all surprised! Everybody knows in the back of their head, after how well Obama did compared to other presidents there's no way the old white lady in Wichita Kansas who call her self independent or a Conservative Republican that's going to vote for another black man. It just not going to happen right now, and no time soon. There are a lot of peoples who don't like the idea of black people holding powerful Authority and wielding it.

  2. I hate how polarizing this show tries to be. Its like your trying to make people mad about race and gender issues. No one cares about the oscars and theyre obviously rigged, and corey booker wasnt out of the running because hes black its because noone knows about him.

  3. I love reading these comments shitting on how fakely woke this show can be. Really you guys arent any better than russia when it comes to trying to seperate the population ideologically.

  4. Why does everything on the left have to be about identity politics?!
    Booker was polling low the whole time. The only candidate that has the white privilege (if any) is Buttigieg. Has essentially 0 experience and a sneaky snake with platitudes, stealing ideas from Yang and others.

  5. I wanted Cory Booker to say good bye in Dothrokee. Like he did in one of the debates….. oh that was suppose to be spanish?

  6. So the other directors don't deserve to be on there? I don't think people should just be nominated based obln gender that seems like it'll be unfair

  7. Lol what an ahole. Let’s have a quota for women in every Oscar category <sarcasm>. Next he’ll rant about why no trans people were nominated

  8. Well Trevor, I’m not sure if you’re single and/or what you think about Rosario Dawson but it looks like Cory Booker won’t need to pretend to be in a relationship with and/ or engaged to her anymore so…… I would look her up if I were you! 👍🏾 You’re welcome! 😂😂😂😂

  9. Dare I ask if Jordan Peele's 'Us' received any nominations? Just curious/want to witness the chaos this comment will generate…

  10. I dont get why people care or even pay attension to what actors get rewards… there just rich entertainers who mean nothing to me when I'm not watching TV aside from maybe a few chicks who also occasionally assist in wanking material lmao

  11. Trevor, I love you but this is my first time leaving a dislike. You’re asking “where is Little Women?”. It got nominated for Best Picture. There are only 5 Best Director spots. I’ve seen all awards films this year and loved Little Women, but there’s no irrefutable argument that it was better directed than the 5 nominees. When you say “where’s Little Women?”, you’re implying that one of the 5 nominees needs to be kicked out, regardless of quality.

    Yes, we need more diversity in Hollywood but the answer is more opportunities, more female directors, better roles for actresses and equal pay. Giving nominations or awards to fill a diversity quota is NOT the answer.

  12. This award stuff is getting old, pretty soon they just gonna reserve an award for a random female director 😆 weather or not they actually deserve it.Out of the top 100 grossing films of 2019 only 12% movies are directed by women

  13. I don't get why would women or black people or any group (it's usually these two) have such self pity when there's none of them nominated or winners.

    Isn't it just terrible to feel all that pity coming your direction?

    And how about, instead of calling the Oscars misogynistic or racist, maybe, just maybe, the movies directed by women were shitty?

    Just a thought

    There's absolutely no reason to HAVE to include women or black people just to be inclusive. That's how losers get rewarded

  14. If there are limited spots for nominations they are gonna try to choose the best. Now I haven't seen half of those movies so I dont have an opinion on whether little women should have been there or not. But dont make the case for Little Women to be there just so we have at least 1 female director up there.

    You need to argue why it's better than one of the other competing movies in how its direction is better. If you cant, then it simply doesnt deserve to be there.

    And remember that category was on direction, not the subject matter. Saying their being picked for best director relies on the fact that they are male oriented movies is not a very strong arguement.

    I would like to see more female directors nominated, but not simply for the sake of it. They have to direct better than enough of the other movies to earn their spot, just like the male directors are supposed to.

  15. Honestly surprised that Little Women is getting so much hate in the comments. I though it was a beautiful film. The casting, acting, and cinematography were all great. 10/10 would recommend.

  16. Don't understand why everything has to be about race and gender. Don't get me wrong, I am not racist or a misogynist by any means. And I am all for women power and respect both genders equally. If there was a better director that needs to get nominated for Direction, put it that way.

  17. Probably because Little Women isn’t as good as the other nominees,… or did the Academy needed to fill in a quota instead of selecting the best?

  18. Good movie =/= good director. Two VERY different things. 1917 was literally filmed to look like a single continuous scene. That’s why it’s DIRECTOR was nominated, because of the DIRECTING. Little women had great screenwriting and such but just above average directing which is why it wasn’t nominated. C’mon man

  19. How is it a snub if little women got 6 nominations. Just bc people wanted gerwig to win an oscar doesnt mean there was ignorance or ill intent involved, not to nominate her. The directing category is disappointing bc its one dimensional, not bc gerwig was left out

  20. Those guys got nominated on merit. Simple as that. If a female director makes a film as a great as Joker or 1917 and doesn't get nominatef it's understandable. But that didn't happen. So get over it!

  21. Fuck diversity why is it that any other group except Caucasians have a awards show but others like BET or foreign awards show don't accept american nominations! I think the academy awards did something good this year and chose the real talented actors and directors!

  22. This really hurts the case of serious issues, women are still facing all over the world, if you start crying about an Oscar nomination. I can't be sorry for anyone making millions in Hollywood, that's blatant ignorance of the hundreds of millions of people suffering. That it's even a thing, shows what's wrong with this world. Why are we talking about this and not about the fact that 10 women are killed in Mexico every day? That 10 year old girls are married to adult men in the middle east? Etc, etc, etc. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

  23. Yeah…. identity politics….nope policy is not that important as long as gender and the skin colour match up. -.-

  24. It isn't the Democrats fault that their stage is so white. Does everyone have to support a candidate just because they're a minority? If more sensible diverse candidates want to run that's awesome, but you can't blame the party for the fact that there were over 20 candidates at one point running and only a small number were minorities.

  25. Even if Gerwig was nominated for Best Director, people are still gonna complain that only one woman was nominated for Best Director. I know Emma Stone will.

  26. Why are we making this such a big deal? Those movies got elected due to doing great in the box office. It doesn't mean men are better or w.e it just means more people (male and female) enjoyed those movies more. Jeez can't have nothing nowadays!

  27. I think the cry for diversity is gone too far.. if something isn't good or not as good as other things, we shouldnt celebrate it and make a big deal out of it just because it shows diversity or what not..

  28. How do you know the difference between a years where the Oscars actually snub women, and a year where the performance of male actors were just better than the women?

  29. I believe we have a great heritage that stands on the back of our ancestors who were strong black powerhouses and slaves..It is because of that prism we see injustice n international oppression clearly…GO Cynthia Enrivo..I love you Harriet Tubman n hope I make you proud..Marching in womens March today

  30. Sorry dude but I'm not going to vote for some one based on their race. Currently, the candidate that has the best chance of beginning the process of bringing this corrupt system to heal is an old, white Jewish man by the name of Bernie Sanders.

  31. Diversity for diversity sake is a waste. But if we want to focus on that, why weren't more Jews nominated? The Oscars are anti-Semitic!

  32. Most of the commenters here only saw the Netflix movies, Joker, a d Detective Pikachu. Of course they'll support these old white men awards.

  33. Seems like a lot commenters think the nominations were racist/sexist but based on merit. If that's the case, you should be fine with only women, minorities, and LGBTQ members being able to vote. Should come up with the same nominations if it's truly about merit, right?

  34. Why dont black Hollywood put their money together and just come up with there own version of the Oscars and etc? Black people always get nominated for playing Slave roles and I wonder why?

  35. yep diversity is a marketing ploy for a lot of these liberal organisations! It's not really in their core values … how many Pacino, Pitt, DiCaprio.. Scorsese, Tarantino.. nominations do we have to bear!?

  36. Trevor Noah jokes are so obvious and hacky compared to Jon Stewart. That red carpet salesman joke was a joke straight out of 1980

  37. This is so stupid, all the movies nominated above were better than little women. I couldve understood if the movie was snubbed despite being better than the ones that are up on the board.

  38. White liberals have always been the enemy of black and brown people. The sooner you realize how they play their bait and switch game, the better off you'll be.

  39. Who gives a fuck if women directors got "snubbed"? The award goes to the best director, and there's only so many movies that can get nominated before you go off the deep end and include every movie made in 2019… Are we supposed to reward something JUST because of race/gender/sex issues? If female directors wanted to get nominated, maybe they should've made better movies. Sorry, not sorry, I fucking hate this PC culture nonsense…

  40. I think the real question we should be asking here is, "How diverse is the pool of people nominating the films?" When we see more diversity there, I think we'll see more diversity in the films being nominated. I don't want films to be nominated for the sake of diversity, but I'd love to see it happen organically.

    Also, I confess that I have not seen Little Women, because that story has never appealed to me. Did Gerwig manage to direct it in some way that made it stand out from all the other adaptations we've seen over the years?

  41. I seen all of those movies besides parasite; those movies were amazing. But hey, lets nominate a women because she has a vagina. PC BS

  42. I'm glad the Oscars doesn't play identity politics…because that's what Trevor is complaining about, whether he knows it or not. The Oscars (nor any award) shouldn't be subject to a quota system…that means sometimes women, Hispanics, etc. might not be included in every category. That doesn't mean those identities are any less valuable or important to society…it's just that specific individuals didn't warrant those prizes. We should focus on individual success without the whole of society, not on dissecting us into variety ethnicities, religions, and political affiliations. That's not America.

  43. Face it, the November election will be a contest between 2 old white guys… again.

    Which 2 is still up in the air… a miracle may yet occur and it will be Pence without Trump.

  44. Good movies are just good movies it doesn't have anything to do with gender and race .Please stop dragging about race and gender all the time

  45. The Oscars don't matter. The people who vote for them are out of touch loons with no actual insight into what makes a great film. Think about last year's best picture nominees and the winner. Green Book, a story that boils down to "Thank god this white guy was here to teach this black guy how to reconnect with black culture." won best picture. A terrible story only made watchable by the fact that the two male leads are phenomenal actors won the best picture category.

    And to make it worse, this "thank god for white people" uncle tom story beat out both Black Panther and Black KKKlansman for best picture. A token "black" film that goes out of its way to put a white savior up on his pedestal beat out two superior films about actual current sociopolitical issues that affect every black person on the planet.

    With all that said I feel good about Joker's chances this year. A shameless ripoff of two old Martin Scorsese films that goes out of its way to pretend to address relevant social issues, while in reality not saying anything of merit about any issues and instead telling the story of an angry white fuckboy and his quest to become and even angrier whiter fuckboy.

    Joker is trash. Joker is Oscar Gold. It's a shame that those terms mean the same thing.

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