Oracle Database 11g Express Edition – Part 1 (Download and Install)

Hi guys. In this video I’m going to show you where
to download the Oracle Database 11g express edition software and how to install it. So let’s go ahead and get started. Ok, first thing we need to do is go to the
Oracle website so we can download the software. That’s And then just click on the Trials and Downloads
link here. On the lower portion of the page, you can
see all the software you can download. We’re going to go to the database section. Ok on here, we have different versions of
the database so we’re going to go with the 11g express edition on this one. So this is the official download page for
the express edition. Here’s the quick overview of the software. Let’s go ahead and download. We need to accept the license agreement. I’m using a windows 64 bit windows 7 edition
so I’m gonna go ahead and download this one. Oracle requires you to have an account in
order to download their software. If you don’t have an account yet, you can
go ahead and create one here. If free and easy. Let’s go ahead and let me sign in with my account so we can go ahead and download. As you can see here I’ve already downloaded
the software so I’m not gonna do that again. Let’s just go ahead and proceed with the install. We need to extract the files. Ok. Here we go. On the download software, you will see a setup application. Just go ahead and click on that to begin installing. Now preparing to install. Welcome to the installation setup wizard. Click next. Accept the terms. Just make sure you a checked box here and
click next. I’ve already installed this before so that’s
why I got this error. We need to specify the password for the SYS
and SYSTEM account. Go ahead and do that and click next. Take note of the port for the database software because we might need to use it later. Then click install. Ok now that the installation has finished,
go ahead and click fininsh. To check if the installation was successful,
we can go to Programs and you’ll see a new icon for the Oracle database here. We can just click on Run SQL Command line. Ok so… we need to… In order to connect to the database, we need
to execute the following command. Then we need to enter the password we created
earlier during the installation. Here we can see that we’ve successfully connected. Let’s execute a simple command to get the
current date from system. As you can see here everything is working
fine. Thanks for watching.


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