Odd For An Election Year: Trump Proposes Massive Health Care Cuts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. The media also said the economy would crash, moving the embassy would cause WW3, pulling out of the paris accord would cause the sky to fall, there was russian collusion, there was no road to 270 for trump, quid pro quo, a recession, etc. So I'm sure they'll now claim this is some earth shattering disaster lol Trump 2020!

  2. Medicaid is giving to people that have broken our immigration laws! So yes if you don't follow the law you don't deserve the benefit's! Right!

  3. Corrupt Democrats state media is laboring furiously to rewrite the narrative of the left-wing corruption epidemic as a tale of the American people coming together behind their wise and noble Communist leadership, rather than the existential crisis for Party leadership that most outside observers are seeing.

  4. Let's see,
    Illegal aliens are criminals
    Rachel Maddow is a liar
    Liberals feel entitled
    Not everyone will live to 90
    Others $ isn't your $
    A liberal arts education isn't
    SS was meant to assist
    Medicare drives cost higher
    Your behavior = consequence
    Nancy Pelosi= delusional
    Adam Schiff = liar
    Jerry Nadler= arrogant
    AOC = radical socialist
    Ilhan Omar= traitorous racist
    White people do not = racist
    White males do not = evil
    These are all opinions based on evidence not conjecture and can be proven by statements, newscast, historic records, legal statutes, personal observation, sound reasoning.
    For those that insist they are better educated, endowed with superior morals, divinely entitled or otherwise gifted, please show evidence.

  5. Well Maga folks, here we go, healthcare is going out the window with any other vital programs the lower class need and just wait when he needs extra money for some other mistake he made along the way and that will be our social security and Medicare, bingo mr. President your doing a fine job screwing the American people once again, but you Maga people hang in there because I'm sure you won't mind when you retire and the funds aren't there for you. You can get foreclosed on your home and if your lucky live in a tent!!!

  6. Now ask yourself, WE THE PEOPLE PAY into these programs so that they are there IF and when we need them.. So the Republicans want to cut it yet keep giving breaks to the rich.. That doesn't bother you at all???

  7. Trump and Republicans tried mightily to repeal the Affordable Care Act — and its expansion of Medicaid, which has been adopted by three dozen states.
    Though they failed, Trump continues to support a lawsuit that could wipe out the law entirely, which could cost nearly 20 million people their coverage, many on the Medicaid expansion.

  8. One thing that Rachael does that I think is not important to the majority of Americans who mostly don't listen to her is that she makes historical references that might apply to current topics. I love her but I disagree with the premise.  
    Back in "the Good Old Days" politicians operated strategically and this thing she is talking about, dramatic healthcare cut proposals, a tactic that Romney suffered with in 2012, might apply to what trump is doing now.  
    Is what trump doing a strategy? His strategy is impulsive gestures that can be pulled back without effecting damage to his cause if needed. He's throwing stuff up against the wall and seeing what sticks, what resonates. He is a witless, stupid man operating in a way that allows him to win…his need and impulse to win is the driving force, his recognition that his base are dopes and suckers is disrespectful but they don't care. The problem is that there are so many of them and they have been let out from under their rocks and out of their cages.

  9. It's because the republikans and Trump are planing to steal the election ! Why wouldn't they ? Would that surprise anyone ?

  10. DANGER! Will Robinson. $1 trillion dollars in cuts to health csre, social security, medicare etc. to give more tax breaks.

  11. Everyone with a brain knows MSNBC is pushing fake news…lmao remember RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!! Democrats are a joke. Can’t even count votes, but they want to run (destroy) this great once again, country! Trump will dominate 2020!!

  12. …Trump rallies are just a reminder that a great deal of Americans are undereducated, hold no sense of ethics or morals and are psychologically broken. We understand that Trump's initial attraction to this particular demographic was that he sold himself as a "warrior against the establishment and the elite" but that was just a con, as he is playing everyone who was inept enough to believe his BS. Trump solely rides on the "illusion" of success – but is actually a failure as a leader, a failure as a businessman, and a failure as a human being.

  13. My best guess is, that buried deep in that budget is massive cuts to the Veterans Administration, medical center. Get ready vets.

  14. Of course you mental midgets who got your jobs for diversity sake are shocked by a leader leading instead of bending over to the corporate lobby like your beloved obummer.

    But, since you spout nothing but opinion Rachel, it's not your fault your miniscule viewership laps up your lies

  15. Cutting health care is only the tip of the iceberg regarding all the damage Trump is doing to our country. After only 3 years in office, I honestly don't think we will recover from all his misdeeds during the rest of my life. I hope he dies before me so I can have the opportunity to spit on his grave!

  16. America First = weeding out politicians that aren't for better fairer trade stopping cheats in the free market. America First = More Made In The USA and proud to say IT not many politicians will or do say Made In The USA, Decent pay instead of welfare and Government Earned income that bails out companies from paying a fair wage. America First= Stopping and exposing cheating companies and politicians on unfair trade deals against the American worker. America First= Better Border security to help stop a lot of crime. America First exposing slanted Media.

  17. TRUMP 2020, WE LOOOOVE OUR PRESIDENT. Hydrate now….. chooo chooo!!!! OMG the lies you spew. Cant wait to see your face again lol come election time.

  18. Why does he cut our budgets? Which reasons?
    Our taxes must use for our country.
    Cut our budgets and then stole our taxes for his pockets. Lol.😂🤣
    Unprecedented thief and schemer in human’s history. Absolutely.

  19. Turnout for the Dem caucus in Iowa was surprisingly low. The reasons? Nobody is excited about the candidates or the chances of beating Trump AND a lot of Dems are actually going to vote for Trump. 😳

  20. The left has NOTHING to offer except socialism, that's why all you hear from them are comments about Trump's hair, his tan, his kids, etc… Nothing at all of any substance to go head to head in November against the juggernaut known as Donald Trump! Trump 2020!

  21. Hopefully this works against him … well, at least to all but his most loyal followers.
    GOP Media will likely keep silent about this lil' fact.

  22. It doesn't matter what he proposes, his followers will vote for him anyway, if karma exist and he gets re elected, his followers will all lose their health care or lose their medicare benefits and suffer extremely to teach them a lesson for being ignorant sheep.


  24. Many Republicans live in the poorest states, some of which did not expand health care under the AFA , and they cannot afford health care and have pre-existing conditions. Trump's budget will hurt them and they just cannot make the connect to how it will affect their lives. I support Trump's cuts to health care if that is what it takes to wake people up. Their loved ones will have to suffer and die before they wake up. So be it. Their deaths will not be in vain if we all get universal health care.

  25. Well, when you are absolutely positive that you will win, (thanks to the ENORMOUS amount of cheating that will be done since he can get away with it) why bother to do anything the public wants and needs.

  26. After what Obama did to health care? There's nothing you can say about Trump that the American majority of voters are going to listen to. Trump would like to reform healthcare, and the same people that destroyed it, at standing in the way now. This is a poor angle to use to attack the President. Obviously you don't look at the stats before rambling about something you know nothing about, Madcow.

  27. Trump is certain he will win this year's election so he is making plans to cut peoples' health care affordability if they aren't millionaires or billionaires.  He and other selfish elites are planning for this planet to be for the rich only. Everyone else dies.

  28. Trump is just going for the cult that just wants to destroy the U.S. and take away all good things about our government and reputation. Trump is still Putin's man in America.


    Coming for you TRAITORS next January:
    Rudy Ghouliani, William Barr, Steve Mnuchin, Devin Nunez, Rick Perry, Don Jr, Mick Mulveny, and the MAGAT God himself. Can't wait to see the Orange Cheeto in an Orange Jumpsuit!

    Coming for you too Moscow Mitch McConnell for interfering with the bipartisan election-security bills and for taking Russian oligarch bribes to reduce sanctions.

  30. With the cuts to health care trump is bringing about I guess he's not worried about the Corono-virus. Maybe now is the time for Chinese representatives from Wuhan to have a White House meeting with trump, sans mask of course!

  31. Rachel, what u r forgetting is… Trump will outright lie about it and blame the “fake news media” and there isn’t a debate moderator or democratic nominee that will call him out on that lie. He will duck and dodge, his supporters will back him, cheering with their arms held high holding his banner, while being pickpocketed and robbed.

  32. He knows he's going down, so do the GOP, so times running out for them to line their pockets, and still try to make deficit look good.

  33. The electoral college put Trump in the white house if he gets a second term it says that their intention is to assist in the destruction of this country.
    He knows he is going to lose so his intention is set everything that made this country what it is on fire
    Truly the work of a devil he knows not compassion for poor suffering people

  34. Granted, Republicans and Democrats both need health care. However, this is about Trumpers (who do not want you to have health care) and Not-Trumpers (who want health care).

  35. Trump is about maximum damage….A Russian asset that was installed to unleash just such chaos. Wait…it will get worse…it is how it has been planned all along. Then he will refuse to leave the office and start more chaos. Remember this is what Putin specializes in for the KGB. He played the undereducated like a fiddle and his asset sits in the white house as America reels and Putin giggles like a schoolgirl.

  36. Given that Trump is severely compromised morally, ethically, and has a very severe character/personality disorder ( Narcissism with Sociopathic tendencies), this budget at this time is no surprise. In his head Trump believes he is immortal, will never be called to account, and can do anything he wants and with no repercussions.

  37. 14% of food service workers qualify for healthcare through their employer. In a state that didn't expand Medicaid, their income may be too low to qualify for subsidized ACA. The situation with the food pickers is even worse. When you take the kiddies out for Happy Meals, would you like a little cholera with your cheeseburger? How about some tuberculosis with your tomato?

  38. Bernie/Buttigige President and Vice President! Or Biden/Buttigieg, President and Vice President! Mayor Pete needs a bit of international and Washington D.C. experience before we throw him into the Marianas Trench.

  39. The more I see how trump has been acting lately, the more I believe he actually intends to either totally cheat the results of next elections and/or go full dictator mode before that and dismantle what's left of democracy. I mean, he already controls the senate, he keeps firing everyone that opposes him, has it's own shadow policies and ties with Russian intelligence, he's trying to make it impossible to investigate upcoming election frauds by forcing people to ask Bill Barr for his authorization to dig into the corruption.

  40. Has anyone noticed that the gap between the one percent and the other 99 percent has grown alarmingly while trump has been playing with taxes on the middle class so the rich get welfare. You might notice that your paying for these taxes the rich don't pay but also for trumps tariffs and job loses. Say good bye to healthcare. Vote Blue generations depend on you.

  41. we do have the fiscally-irresponsible GOP trying to juice the economy in the runnup to Election due to their candidate's very historically low pre election poll numbers

  42. Budget cuts to social programs, gee whiz, nobody saw that coming🙄. What will his cult members who rely on those programs do without SOCIALISM when the money that's meant for them is most likely going to end up paying for that stupid wall?
    Anyone else have that Pink Floyd song in their head? 🎶"All in all they're just another brick in The Wall."🎶

  43. Why would trump have to defend that when Trump cult members don’t read or do research? That budget proposal showing those cuts has been online for months. I have posted the link and screenshots of each page to trump cult members and got nothing but insults. They only want to hear the lies and propaganda from their cult leader Trump, or from Fox News. Smdh

  44. The GOP's game plan is to bankrupt the country and then use that as an excuse to cut safety net programs (Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps,…). That's it! That is what the GOP wants to do.

  45. Maybe there's a Presidential Aide who decided to help the Democrats? Who cares why he released such a stupid budget! Fact is, he did, and if impeachment couldnt bring him down, maybe the budget will.

  46. Mad cow always been a political agenda guy? Or chick, whatever? Instead of hating our President, maybe try using your limited, doomed, TV time to endorse someone? Hate and evil is all you have. It’s disgusting. Embarrassing to the world. Shameful

  47. Mitt Romney, the Republican Party's 'solitary boast' and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have more than qualified to receive the American equivalent of the Order of Australia! God help them save the American People.

  48. I think our only saving grace possible is the fact that Trump will do what he wants no matter what & only his cult minded followers will go for it.

  49. Could it be… Trump is actually being honest about slashing funding for every day Americans in favor of endless wars & welfare for billionaires????

  50. My brother has never ever had health insurance until Obama care came along and it saved his life! He ended up super sick and miraculously was covered!

  51. 2020 and the US still have a healthcare system like a 3rd rank shithole in africa lol, for some unknown reason I will never understand the US people just sit back and accept it.
    So happy I live in a country where healthcare is a human right, and where we help each other.

  52. But will the pathetic do nothing Dems bring healthcare/Obamacare/affordable healthcare to the Attention of the American people effectively. Bloomberg need to do an attack ad about IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump 2 trillion dollar gutting of the American healthcare bill.

  53. Trump supporters are too stupid to know there getting screwed by trump!!! They don't read either!!! Scary!! Vote all the GOP out!!! Save our Democracy!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔜💪

  54. RINO rally Romney is done, the implosion of the democratic party is due to the media supporting them being so misleading aka lying all the time!

  55. I hope these Trumpies need to wake up , stop living in Trump's imaginary world in his bedroom , to understand what this 3rd grader no clue one a bee Dictator is doing , there want Trump there need to move and take him and his family with to Russia or North Korea and hope his boyfriend's say yes , America is not a Communists Country .

  56. …and nobody watching Fox will ever know because they choose to be willfully ignorant of how truly awful & incompetent this man is

  57. Maybe Toxictrumpf is determined to cut the population of America. By cutting health care he puts a lot of people at risk
    In NZ we have a health system that works. I can't understand why America can't have the same system.

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