NEW Best Free WordPress Theme for a Blog Demo and Review (Episode 1)

NEW Best Free WordPress Theme for a Blog Demo and Review (Episode 1)

When you click on more info, then preview
a theme in the WordPress repository, you will see something completely different compared
with the featured image almost every time. Hi, WordPress enthusiasts, my name is Robert
and in this video series, I will pick the latest theme on, which I’ll
try to make it look at least like the preview or the featured image. The latest theme today is Consultant Lite,
which looks like this once you hit Preview. It looks almost like the featured image above
its description but there are some missing things, so let’s see how it works once installed
on my website. If I go to Themes under Appearance, click
Add New and go to Latest themes, this is Consultant Lite. Let me check if I have some demo blog posts
on this website, which is installed on my localhost for testing WordPress things. Ok. I have plenty of demo articles so I can go
ahead and start testing the theme. Let’s see how it looks right now on my home
page. As you can see, I have a home section with
other things below but I can’t see any slider as the first section and I also have the sidebar
on, which is not like in the preview on The title is too long I guess, but I can upload
a logo here as well. My menu looks pretty much the same but with
fewer elements and I can see that there is nothing under the Location, Phone and Email
elements above. I think I will find the settings of these
elements in the customizer. So, let’s check out the preview again before
moving on. This is the slider with some blog posts below,
so I’ll go back to my dashboard and click on Customize to see where it is and how can
I activate the slider. Let me shorten the title a little bit in the
site identity. New WordPress themes should be enough, or
I can use only one word, like so. Turning this switch off will display the logo
only, which is a common WordPress theme option, and it works only if you select a logo over
here. I have plenty of other options like color
settings, header image, background image and so on. I think I need to go to the Homepage Settings
and pick Your Latest Posts over here to activate the homepage sections. Exactly. Here is the slider but the blog section below
display the sidebar which is not active on the demo. It could be a setting in Theme Options or
Front/Home Template Options. Let’s check this one which opens the settings
of the Slider Section and all other sections below. It is the Latest Blog Section where I can
turn off the sidebar? No. I think it will be somewhere in the Theme
Options, but before checking those settings, let me go back to the Front Page Template
Options and play around with some settings. I can disable the slider section border which
is this curved shape, something like the shape divider of Elementor. Then I can select the slider overlay, post
category and so on. I can turn on or off any section on the homepage
and if I scroll down you can see that a portion of the header which contains the main menu,
I guess, its sticky. I don’t know why but the only thing I can
see on my homepage is the latest blog posts and there is no other section active below
the slider. Let’s check out the selected page section
options. Just two options here for the selected page
and title. I think it’s nice that I can rearrange the
sections but I still can’t figure out why sections are not displayed on my homepage. Let’s go to Theme Options, Layout Management,
and pick the Global Sidebar Layout as no sidebar in this dropdown. Now my demo looks almost exactly like the
preview on Let me check out the page demo in a full preview. I think this WordPress theme looks promising
for a professional or business blog and it has a couple of options that only premium
themes offer, like the sticky header, for example. But I still can’t figure out why other sections
are not displayed below. If you know what I do wrong please leave a
comment below and tell me. If I narrow down the width of my browser,
you can see that the theme is 100% mobile responsive and it has two menus. To add my own address under the location info
of the header area, I need to go to Theme Options and access the Top Header Settings,
where the content of the header location filed is what you will see under location. New York, for example. And the fields below are for the phone number
and email. The header off-canvas button text can be edited
here and then you can activate it by going to widgets, off-canvas button and add any
widget. There is no preset for social icons so you
have to create something with the HTML widget or install a social share plugin that gives
you a widget too. This is it, guys. As I already mentioned, the theme looks promising
for business blogs but you can use it for a personal blog as well. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments what do you think
about this one and share some good WordPress themes that I would review in the next episode. Keep up the good work and see you in the next
video. Cheers!


  1. What do you think about this theme?
    Share some good WordPress themes in the comments below, and I will review it in the next episode.

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