Navy Veteran Rep. Sherrill On Why She Voted For War Powers Resolution | All In | MSNBC

Navy Veteran Rep. Sherrill On Why She Voted For War Powers Resolution | All In | MSNBC


  1. An intelligent and competent congressional critter! You know she isn't a Republican for sure. She is exactly right on the AUMF. That was for Iraq under Sadam Hussain. Not Iran !!

    And I wish congress would declare war on these "adventures". Please declare war on Russia so Trump can be convicted of Treason.

  2. Of course the majority of the military former & present much like the majority of the Americans are not for Trump.

  3. Wow she is a helicopter pilot who flew in the middle east and there is president bone spurs in the WH. Sure shows the difference between the dems and the GOP I still remember Michael Moore stopping congressmen on the street corner and asking if they were willing ot send their sons to war.

  4. 🙄… 🤔… 😶

    I don't agree with the idea of ​​a war There are errors that cost more than others …

    In this case, incompetence on one side and impatience on the other … the two together do not mix…

    Sanctions yes …
    A war no …

    And To know if they will have a nuclear weapon one day, they are well surrounded and for the moment it is not a necessity: food, economic or other …

  5. Almost 20 years? In the 40s we defeated in a few years Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan that controlled much of the countries on the Asian Pacific coast and much of Oceania with less money and lack of corporate special interest. Republicans are hurting their chances in November as "scary brown people" is no longer an excuse for war or separating families. Our direct or indirect involvements in Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East are the genesis of the immigration and refugee crisis we see today. Our men and women in uniform don't need to be sitting ducks all over the world baiting our enemies to attack we have work to do at home.

  6. That's honest, refreshing Patriotism from a Freshman Congresswoman who has actually got front line military experience having served her country in real, dangerous Theaters of War, unlike POTUS45 who failed to show up for Vietnam War when duty called. The only 'theater' he's familiar with is entertainment, of the lowest kind. Trump is a Chicken who is relying on a turkey in Senator Mitch McConnell tuR-Ky, to avoid Impeachment Trial in the Senate for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. The GOP has been taken over by FOWL!

  7. US Congress isn't "Brave Enough"!
    That's why the Legislative Branch gave up the Congressional Power to Declare War to the Executive Branch in the first place.

  8. 3 reps voted with Dems on this if they also still care about the law Dems only need one more Rep to vote with them to make 4 and that will FORCE the senate to allow witnesses and documents. To have you know a REAL impeachment trail


  10. Which group and it's supporters who exist in the the world today has killed more Americans than any other since World War II ?
    The Republican Party of the USA.

  11. Treasonous Trump and ALL of his enablers, from Moscow Mitch to Fox's Talking Heads, belong in PRISON for the rest of their anti-American lives!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!

  12. Donald Trump's Military Cowardice Goes Beyond His 5 Draft Deferrals

    He continuously disrespects those who actually served.

  13. Navy?
    So she was never in a foxhole being and never got shot at or never saw her buddy get his legs blown off in a roadside ambush!!!

  14. Putting power limits on Trump? Why don't they just kick the brainless walking Cheeto with a wig out of the White House now!!!

  15. I voted twice for Hussein Obama and I voted for Trump ! I'll stay with Trump! And the democrats talk about abuse of power yet they do it every day? The democrats are acting like dictators and if they ever get back in power OMG we will lose are country forever not to mention our constitution! Dems seems to be practising Dictatorship… I just watched MSNBC. I'm convinced MSNBC does not report the political news. I believe they make it up to suit their hatred of President Trump and then pat themselves on their backs at how righteous they are. What a disappointment in people who are simply supposed to report the news and not twist it. DEMS don't care about the facts, wake up America Democrat socialist dreamer party are mad that America is doing good the best in American history ever because they want poverty Democrat socialist dreamer party want to keep you in poverty America is now seeing this they've done nothing but spread racism to divide our country! Dems are prime example of abuse of power.

  16. Who's The Man? A Modern-Day Parable.

    Tucker: Time to leave Iraq

  17. Keep raising simple things like smoking cigarettes. Can go die for country at 18, but can't smoke a cigarette or drink a beer?

  18. They do not support this pos. This should have been done long ago. That pos could start nuclear war without congress. Thank god this is coming into play. This POS should have never had that general killed. He lied again

  19. The Constitution states that Congress has the sole right to declare war, but how did the president end up declaring them? Clearly it is the Republicans fault for the need of the War Powers Resolution based on the vote count.

  20. Trump proved he doesn't understand the country and its history, the Constitution, or the oath of office of the POTUS when he tried to argue in court that he is allowed to shoot people.  Trump is unfit for Presidency.  Remove him by any means necessary.

  21. And how many IEDs did Sherill drive over??? She acts like she was AWOL when Congressman Brian Mast gave his FACTUAL speech on House floor debate.

  22. Another gripe with the Corporate Media (I seem to have one every minute). The discussions around the war powers resolution is talked about as if Trump is the target. He is not, and shouldn't be. We can't undo what he just did, but we can restrain all presidents going forward from being able to start a war from their holiday retreats based on hasty and sketchy intelligence that may have been massaged by people with vested interests.

  23. America will now be forced to child-proof the Constitution against the toddler tyrants and gruesome grifters of racist, regressive, seditious Republicans.

  24. Republican:  "Between our election rigging and Trump cheating, compromising himself with our prime foreign adversary, Russia, we won in 2016!  We're going to repeat that "winning" strategy again, in 2020!"

  25. Trump administration engages in felonies and high crimes, then covers it up by blatantly lying to American people, Judicial Branch, Legislative Branch, and various governmental departments, such as GAO.  They're all in the loop; all need to go, pronto!  Five-alarm fire in the White House…VACATE IMMEDIATELY!!!

  26. On vois que cette dame a porté un uniforme, elle sait de quoi elle parle, contrairement à un Président qui était un"coward" par ordre médical. C'est toujours un décision grave de décidé de la mort pour certains, il faut une bonne raison car chaque mort est un mort de trop, il faut brider le pouvoir de ce Président et de TOUT les Présidents dans le futur.

  27. To see the US of America's Republican Party appoint Mr. Trumpf&*%k as King and make a throne room of the Oval Office makes me feel hollow inside. It seems that at least 30% of your population does not understand the separation of powers under your Constitution and seems to thirst for strongman behaviour from their President. Your country is going down a dark road. Is Mr. Trump using his latest escapades, directed from his golf cart (mobile throne?), to hold onto power? Whatever you folks decide to do, please don't drag the rest of NATO into it. We've (Canadians) just lost dozens of citizens in the Ukraine Airliner shoot that is a direct result of Mr. Trump's adventurism; just lovely. Please get a grip.

  28. You Stupid democrats, you don't understand / If the president wants to NUKE anyone he has the authority to do so. Trump doesn't need Congress to start ww3 and send the Poor Democrats to fight WW3.

  29. If Trump and his party try start a war, they should enlist they’re adult children to fight in the war…let’s see Don jr. and Eric Trump enlist.

  30. Donald Trump: he might make for an acceptable leader if only the entire population was as demented as he was. Talk about the weakest link – sitting right there in the White House – protected by phoney "poiticians". Ever since the assassination of JFK, the rest of the world has known the USA is horribly corrupt. At long last, some Americans are waking up to the fact.

  31. That ‘s what a democracy is: the president,unlike the king or the dictator cannot declare war without consulting the .will of the people

  32. Juan Cole and Laurence Wilkerson .. "The WH's massive inhumane sanctions that are squeezing billions of dollars from Iran, making it unbearably difficult for innocent women & children to survive, are now adding more (instability, chaos, desperation, violence) to the country by sanctioning them even more harshly. This is on top of the reckless & impulsive assassination of Soleimani .. leaving the entire region (and world) in a sense of bubbling unpredictable dread!!" Saddens me greatly that these ill-equipped actions have left so many unanswered concerns!!!

  33. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    She is terrible!!!!

  34. Obama killed more people with 542 drones strikes killing 3797, so all of the libturd sheep can just believe the bull that the demon-rat party tell you, because they like the fools that follow them.

  35. TRUMP proved to the world that America is the evil aggressor. Now we can't count on our allies to follow the MAD THEORY OF NUCLEAR WAR. MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION. Use of nuclear weapons by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender. RUSSIA will strike AMERICA, our allies will stand down. Trump will surrender America.Russia will make Trump PRESIDENT FOR LIFE.

  36. As great as this is, it has to have Senate approval now, so it's as dead as a bug on your windshield..the Senate will not offend Herr Trump

  37. Pres. Trump has been very restrained using military force. Obama used drone strikes a heck of lot more and had weak policies with respect to aggressive states. The Congress should not complicate efforts to establish deterrence. Pelosi for example is grabbing at power, "power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.”

  38. People who think Donald Trump wants to start a war are not listening to what is being said. Why? Because they have a set of preconceived ideas, or are willfully biased and will only accept as truth whatever fits their agenda. The President has said repeatedly he wants to bring back military personnel to America. At the very beginning of his presidency, he revamped the armed forces to enable him to do that. A strong well-equipped fighting force is a great deterrent to aggressive nations. Once again, Trump is not the aggressor, Iran is. How many Iranian embassies have been attacked since Trump's inauguration? None! That should tell you something about the man! To try to limit his power to protect your country, sends a message to the enemy that he is in the wrong and that they are right. JUST HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET??????!!!!!!!!!

  39. She is crap. So she thinks that the tail is wagging the dog when she says that if soldiers are willing then the WH should support them? Being a Navy chopper pilot does not make you a hero – particularly in the Gulf War which never posed a threat to the USA (only its financial interests.) Typically Americans portray themselves as brave patriots which the rest of the world interprets as self-serving war mongers.

  40. Here we have a president who lied to avoid military draft pretending to be more of a soldier than actual soldiers! It won’t be HIS sons n daughters going away to die! To go to war under false pretense!

  41. The whole Iran mess seems less unlikely when you consider the President's 3 years of political suicide and the upcoming impeachment trial. At this stage the mad Trump is capable of anything.

  42. Whether Republican or Democrat or whatever, if you approach issues with respect for their importance and complexity, you can work with anyone else who takes the same approach to deal with the issues. This member of the House shows respect for the question of war powers in the 21st century, for the future of American-Iranian relations and stability in the Middle East, as well as the principles behind the process leading to war clearly stated in the Constitution. The president does not show respect for the issues facing the American people. He respects only one issue and that is his reelection, and so makes rash decisions on virtually everything else without doing the necessary research and considering all options, including those that benefit the USA, but not necessarily him personally. Conversely, he makes rash decisions that he believes will benefit him personally but harm the USA. He ought not to be in office, any office that involves service to the American people, a concept completely alien to him.

  43. One man cannot be trusted to make the best decisions especially when it concerns war and the lives of soldiers and Donald Trump has repeated ignored his experts and claimed that he was the best expert , the biggest , the smartest , the most non racial, the shiniest and best smelling expert on the Universe and everything in it. How can you you trust a 9 year old (based on that answer.) ? He makes Kim Jung Un's claims sound ordinary. He makes Putin sound like a little girl !

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