Nadler gets fired up during Senate trial, calls Trump a dictator

Nadler gets fired up during Senate trial, calls Trump a dictator


  1. Uh, yeah Nadler, and there were Dems declaring impeachment before the man even took office. And it's been nothing but a 3 ring circus with the dems since Trump took office of the President.

    You need to waddle over there where the clown section is and let the real man handle this rodeo circus. You know, that orange man?

  2. Can you imagine all this country has been through, fighting against all odds for independence, battling it out in multiple world wars across oceans to stop the spread of evils like nazism and communism. All the while producing great leaders like Washington, and Lincoln and many more, And then After all that, elect the likes of Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler and AOC, and let them get rich while running the nation to the ground.

  3. I'm ok with a dictator, we already have a dictator anyway with the powerful people that really run this country, it would be a nice change of pace to hear and see the dictator directly. Trump 2020

  4. I'd ignore the witch hunt subpoenas too. What president would allow a group of rogue elected officials that use their positions to undermine the American government and people? They got used to people backing down with threats and shady deals. Sorry not this time mfs

  5. looks like the nwo has its wheels falling off , as d j t will not go with the narrative , nadler is not happy !
    so which qwarf is he ?.

  6. Nutty Nadler is a complete fraud and is now a lost soul, all he has is hate for am elected president.😮

    The Democrats have nothing except deceipt and lies.😮

    Trump 2020.😁
    Brexit 2020.😃

  7. Didn’t this guy play the Penguin on the old Batman show? I see he still hasn’t changed his ways! Seems President Trump is Batman and he will crush this criminal democrat, Schiff must be the Joker!! Neither criminal want to see our president or our country to succeed but both will if they like it or not!!

  8. Exactly! Trump is a dictator wannabe and the real question will be for Trump supporters and those Republicans is do you want TRUMP to be a Dictator or a President. You have can't have it both ways or Trump want to use a IRON CURTAIN BY HIDING AND COVERING UP HIS MOTIVES BUT REALLY BEHIND THE SCENES HE BEHAVING MORE AND MORE LIKE A DICTATOR AND IF YOU CANT USE YOUR COMMON SENSE THEN YOU ARE IN THE LOOP OF TRUMP CULT. FALL IN LINE! OFF THE CLIFF!

  9. When a man like Trump does the jobs others promise the others become Lying Whinging Windbags. Mr Trump please label them so 😉😊

  10. Sleazebag Nadler tore up the House rule book & threw out 200 years of precedent by forcing through new rules to hold their sham impeachment which denied the president any rights to attend and have counsel present and ask questions of the witnesses. Nadler also denied both the President & the Republican representatives any voice in calling witnesses. So here we have the person who set up the kangaroo court telling people that the President is a dictator when Nadlers own actions will be responsible for having this sham impeachment inquisition thrown out. Nadler has abused his office and denigraded the impeachment process by turning it into a partisan vehicle for political theatre. Pot belly calling the steam engine president black.

  11. Big Mac Naddy (stole this from someone on Twitter lol) knows that the democrats can't beat Trump on election day this year, so naturally, he wants Trump removed from office to tackle this little problem. But! It's going to backfire on ole Jerry and the dems once again! Can't wait.

  12. Jerry, you accuse Trump of all the things the DEMS ARE GUILTY OF!!! CANDACE OWENS EASILY RIPS YOU A NEW ONE, and you still exhibit such a childish, silly tantrum before America! SHAMEFUL FOOL!!!

  13. If Stalin was a dictator, then that is what Trump is wants to be… Are we collectively making believe that when a mob connected New Yorker says: 'Take her out', he means: 'fire her'? Really??!

  14. If the president was a dictator this trial would not be going on. If the president was a dictator he wouldn’t be held back by all these partisan judges. Maybe we should investigate these Democrats and their kids and find where the real corruption is. They just don’t like him because he’s making a shambles of all the backdoor deals they set up.

  15. No Nadler, he’s a President with a big beautiful set of balls. He doesn’t cow down under the thumb of tyrants or shy away from calling out the media manipulation and lies.

  16. President Trump is already defying this useless Congress in many ways. The border wall, immigration, trade, foreign policy, and so on. Not only his defiance, but he's rewriting the rules that Congress couldn't.

  17. What is wrong with these fools. Trump did nothing wrong, Biden did, no Russian collusion, dims colluded with Ukraine. The utter contempt they have for Americans makes me sick.

  18. I love when a real wild effective cowboy challenge worthless politicians – with one weapon RESULTS. They just dont like it, so he, the result driven cowboy becomes the enemy.

  19. Dems want a do over. If they dont get their way they cry and try to change the rules. Its disgusting watching these sore losers embarrass themselves over and over again.

  20. Right minded people need to see these people out in the open…the left has been betraying the people for due to the internet you can actually see them do it in front of you

  21. Nadler was morbidly obese for most of his life until he had to have his stomach stapled. Here’s hoping those years have set him up for a major heart attack at the end of this absurd impeachment. When the final gavel falls and our President is found innocent and can continue doing the incredible, unprecedented job of making America Great Again, May Nadler’s eyes roll up behind his head, foaming at the mouth, and drop to the floor clutching his chest. Now that’s entertainment.

  22. So ironic that it is the Marxists in our own country who are trying to scare everyone with tales of Russian interference, when it is they who are the true communist collaborators with Putin, Red China, Iran, and all the rest.

  23. Could somebody tell me why President Trump has a recording what parnas saying get rid of Ambassador Ivanovic a year before she was fired to the guy who says he does not know parnas it's not right mr. President TRE45ON

  24. They don't show the half empty People's gallery…Hearing Democratic dribble for days might be why…Stay tuned for a good old fashion tongue lashing…. Just a couple more hours….

  25. emmmmm ya right, trump is a dictator, that's why he's letting clowns like bug eye schifty schiff and jabba jerold nadler harrass him non stop for 3 years – culminating in this impeachment farce

  26. Nadler is starting to loose his mind in frustration over their weak innuendo and lies they present in a constant replay.
    They need the ring binder to remember all the lies.
    Put an end to those fundamentalists that don't do nothing for USA or the people.
    The complete waste of taxpayers money is astonishing and the dems should stand on trial for treason.

  27. Ok so bribery, extortion, quid pro quo, now a dictator. Why non of these chagers are on the actual impeachment articles🤔🤔🤔

  28. Trump 2020 ! For prison ! Along with parnas and gulliani and barr….but parnas gets a little extra credit for rat-ing out trump.

  29. An outlier, Jerry? You mean he doesn't have any handles for you to manipulate? You've failed, Jerry. You're not the answer you told everyone you are.

  30. If Trump were a dictator you, most Democrats in Congress, and the liberal press would be imprisoned or dead by now! Stop with the dramatics!

  31. There will be a political price to pay for that, Mr Nadler.

    Let's hope that the devastation that this Impeachment brings will be the sort that totally remakes and reforms the Democrat party as a pro America party.

  32. The only dictators or the democrats and the swamp. Tyranny will not be allowed by the dems and thr corrupt constituents.

  33. Jerrold Nadler: ‘President Trump is a Dictator and He Must be Removed From Office’, Just when you thought you've seen it all another idiot goes and proves you wrong. Democrats behave like little children fighting on the playgrounds.

  34. Jerrold Nadler: ‘President Trump is a Dictator and He Must be Removed From Office’, Just when you thought you've seen it all another idiot goes and proves you wrong. Democrats behave like little children fighting on the playgrounds.

  35. NO this is about Congress not respecting a party and the President and Chief of the country and your boss! If you work in government your boss is the American people and your Chief is the President! You have never even accepted the outcome of the election! Your angry that Hilary lost. The house must be checked and the President has the power to finally put his foot down and say NO MORE! Senate and Judiciary branch must back the President!

  36. Separation of power! Not obstruction. Your opinions could have been filed with the Judiciary branch? Umm but no you choose to bypass the law and claim your higher than the law! Since when do we answer to the House? They are infested with liberal 🐀 🐀 🐀 .. s.

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