My TODDLER started her OWN BUSINESS?! Rymingtahn’s Real Life Vlogs

you could be the world’s youngest
entrepreneur now before you forget go ahead and subscribe yeah they’re always me about
orange and though they can smell it morning guys
we had earthquake this morning I like six something that it wake you up yeah
you came running in my room yeah guys I was a if you tell somebody you’re
running to tell somebody and I’m cramping my cousin’s in town yeah show
them your necklace oh it’s Friday if I didn’t say that already so it’s the end
of the week thank you little h2o a little bit mango butter shea butter coconut oil and
a little bit of avocado oil.i melt everything using the double boiler
method and then I put it in the refrigerator so it can get nice and hard
that I split up some for her and some for me and I just reuse this container
that I got from Target this stuff was pretty good too if you don’t feel like
making your own all right good to go zari that’s too much this is
hers she has her two two favorite all right we got to hurry up
we’ll work on that when we come back okay
and then we’ll mail it to lahna this one’s for Vidal because she loves belle
and this one is for Emma my little crafter three years old making
your own beaded necklace and such a big girl yeah proud mommy all right let’s
put Snow White in the middle now zari what if you had your own jewelry
line what if you make necklaces and bracelets and then all the money that
you made you can save for college or whatever you want to do you get older would thing what is you started would
you guys support sorry if she started her own little jewelry making business
that would be so cute or whatever money you made we could
donate to a charity charity donate to an organization or to a group of people in
need help we could do that I could do both we could donate some we could save
the rest I would be really cool all my goodness you could be the world’s
youngest no it wouldn’t be the world I guess but you could be the world’s
youngest entrepreneur no I know people who have kids younger than zari they
have their own business like a nail polish business or something like that but yeah
you got a pink nail polish baby oh cool idea
my mind is spinning right now because she’s doing this by herself like she’s
making these bracelet to necklace worth the necklaces oh she did make bracelets
yeah in the in my previous vlog she made bracelets for her friends
for Lahna before they had to go away to Texas are you excited by having your own
business yeah that would be so cool it would you can get like a tax ID
number and everything she’s so serious about it too like she’s so focused I’m
so proud of you I have no idea she because you guys know Carolina and Vidal
gave us this of course we have beads hanging around but I never like
gave her beads to see if she would enjoy this and she genuinely loves making
these beaded products let’s go check it out
oh wow I’m gonna get that good job yes hey good morning
oh where is zari who’s our open door the chairs are very hot okay because
it’s I think they’re metal give it a hug we’ll probably see her one more time or
yeah okay a little dance break want to see more
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in the next one

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