My Mom Worked At BuzzFeed For A Day

I recently started a little support group, the JMA group, the Jewish
Mothers Anonymous group. (audience laughter) Last week we were talking
about weaning our sons off of breast feeding
by the age of nineteen. (audience laughter) (light music) Alright guys, so I recently
got a job at BuzzFeed and my mom, she made faces, she doesn’t think it’s that hard of a job she’s not impressed. It’s an arts and crafts job that you get paid for. You have to make a video today. Yes, I’m up for the challenge. You think you’ll do well?
Yes, I know I will do well. And then you’re going to perform stand-up. Okay, how many minutes? Five minutes. Five minutes? Okay, I can talk for five minutes. I’m funny, people laugh at my jokes. I kill me. Tell me one funny joke right now. So the guy goes to the pharmacist, he puts his penis on the table, puts a dollar next to his penis. Nope. Nope nope. My mom does this terrible
Seinfeld impersonation that just, she finds hilarious. What’s the deal with taxi cabs? (laughing) I’m going to have the best time at BuzzFeed, I think it will be just fun and exciting and interesting and the time is just gonna fly by and I’m gonna produce a
25 million views video. So this is the BuzzFeed reception. Espresso mild, espresso
bold, espresso bland, americano, double espresso. I had to make several coffees because this was a very
complicated process. Okay, this one is better. I don’t know what to do with this one. I’m gonna trash it, carefully. I have to go find my safe space and be productive. This is productive workspace. It’s like a (beep) dreidel. Oh my god how do I get off this chair? Alright, I think I’m ready. I’m ready for this. I can do this, I can’t hear anything. I’m deaf. Whoa. It’s dying. Oh here it is. Oh shit, it’s under the table. This is not intended for my age group. I need a rest. I need a nap. I need lunch. So I did a little research on kind of what you guys do well, what are the good statistics. And it seems that videos that
have animals in them go viral. That’s true.
Right. So I was thinking, how cool would it be if we did a video where people act like certain animals for a day? And you know, like I’d go like this, and like do that kind of stuff. Or like I could be a dog and go like pet me pet me pet me.
Uh huh. Oh yeah. So we could do rooster people, we could do a cow person, like. (sped-up speech) What has been the best
idea recently at Buzzfeed? Farts in a jar off eBay. And had people smell them, so. Maybe that, is that getting
juices going in your– I could do it without the jar. Can we do farts without the jar? Just smell farts? (laughing) People smell farts? Maybe we can do a video where you try to recognize your relatives by the smell of the fart. This is very challenging. I need to actually find people to film in this ridiculous video that I’m doing. Excuse me. I’m looking for a cast,
for guys who can recognize the farts, or girls, of
their significant others. Oh. Would you be willing to be my cast? He’s married.
He’s married? So he should definitely
be able to help you out. No? You know I hate to admit it, this was not as easy as I thought. I got my idea approved, so that was good, I got to that point,
but then the equipment completely threw me off. So I’m gonna focus on my stand-up routine. So that I can at least succeed
in one part of this task. Here’s the thing at comedy mic. We really just want to be the most supportive mic in New York City. (beep), it’s a full house. I was not envisioning a real place, I thought that this was going to be staged and scripted, and it’s (beep) not. And there’s like real people in there. Our next comic is making her comedy debut. (audience applause) Give it up for Irine Tabach everybody. Hi guys. Yeah, I have to figure this out. How do you use this? My son came out to me. This is still a little
sensitive, you know, I’m from the old country, a different generation, totally different upbringing. He sat me down and told me that he’s not going to medical school. (audience laughter) So my son took me to take
your parent to work day. I kid you not, they have that at BuzzFeed. It was like a really cool
daycare for older kids. (audience laughter) Yeah, they do arts and
crafts projects all day and they get paid for it. (audience laughter) Everything free, free coffee, free candy, free massages, free alcohol, play room, game rooms. You know, I grew up in
the former Soviet Union but I found communism at BuzzFeed. (audience laughter) Okay, that was pretty impressive mom. I was very surprised with myself. Actually, people laughed. Have you learned anything from today? I’ve learned that my son actually has a very challenging job producing these viral videos. These guys are very talented. – [Eric] My mom’s got a
new special coming out on Netflix, it’s called– – [Irine] I kill me.

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