My Business in Thailand profit or loss Vlog 19 Part 3

My Business in Thailand profit or loss Vlog 19 Part 3

I go swimming there again part three
business in Thailand fail succeed fishing lake
so one of my hobbies is fish fishing breeding fish tropical fish I just love
animals but with having a bit of land in
Thailand when I built my house you you buy the land of these rice fields and
it’s quite low so you have to build the land up and then leave it for a year to
build your house on and any build anything on basically so when I bought
the land I dug a large hole at the back of my land use that soil to put a pad
for my house and I quickly realized that I could put a pond in here for the
future and so that’s what I did it naturally filled up with rainwater I
think I did put some extra water in and then I put a lot of plants in and some
of the pictures you can see so this is a natural pond it’s that I did which is
four meters five meters long by about three meters across and seven meters
deep so it’s girl deep pond and my thought was I’ll get some small fish
fattening up mainly car and then I’ll transfer them to the rhythm of the lake
there next door and then I’ll put fishing in that lake and build some
tables and chairs with the little canopies over this or bamboo type and
you put the seats and tables around the round the lake and that you serve food
and beer people pay for they don’t pay to come fishing but whatever they catch
you you charge on the weight of the fish they want to take away so that’s how
that works oh they’re all over tile out to go fishing that’s what you’ll find
some ledin got telephones at their little tables and you can order food and
drink telephones which is great good idea so
really good fishing in Thailand and is mainly carp a lot of the lakes so this
was my idea of something to be going on with for a few years to build it up get
him ready for when I live there so what I did I filled the the pond and I went
to a local fish wholesale market well bike 50 kilometers away vocal and I
bought some small carp only pork at 100 I think and I put him in my pond and the
walls quality was great thought yet great then I kind of lady with a bag
three or four kilometers from my house who breeds and does the same and I
bought two thousand baby carp offer for about hundred pound pennies so I put two
thousand carp into this pond being so deep I thought the harems and birds
aren’t going to get them and it will be fine mmm how wrong was I that you should
always take advice from local people about these things so when I put these
two thousand fish in my core my brother-in-law and if you’re looking
we’ll just kept smirking at me and laughing and Michael kept saying to me
tor young tor tongue Ginn and I what the hell’s he on about like no idea and I
haven’t been getting love it so couple of months in and they kept saying Tony
uncle Dong Jin and last so I got older the wife and said right what what are
they talking about so in Asia in in Thailand you’ve got
these Asian water monitors they’re the huge lizards you see and they’re all
over the country and there Road in grow maybe 810 for massive and
around my land over there’s a forest to one side as rice fields behind as a
reservoir behind you see them quite regularly and then when Michael said
torn young tilt on ginn Ginny’s basically eat ah so what happened over
the next year year and a half all the fish disappeared they all went gone
what’s going on what the wave they’re gone what happened so in Thailand you’ve
got catfish with you bar dig which in rice fields just dug dressing slightly
where people have got loads of rice fields they’ll dig one section and put a
pond in the middle and let trees grow around it for a reserve the water you
find these lizards and snakes live around these ponds and in these ponds
now the bar big catfish they’ve known as walking fish because they’ll go from
pond to pond from the rice fields now the catfish don’t need car as far as I
know they’re not interested so that’s not a problem but there’s another fish
called the bar Xiong now that one eats fish and they go from pond to pond and
they can actually crawl across and go pond upon so they had been eating some
of my fish but the biggest culprit was the lizards they’ve been going into the
water and they stay under water for ages and I just it’s free further just
filling themselves coming up having to sunbathe under the tree next door before
they going off somewhere else so I lost a two thousand fish gone and I didn’t
realize at the time and that’s why everyone was laughing at me they’re just
like stupid fairings just put free food in the pond for the lizards as long as
Allah girl what I should have done and will do in the future is build some like
little concrete vats little square sections of concrete maybe two foot high
three four high and put the baby fish in and move them from section to section as
they grow and then when they’re big enough put them in the big link but then
I can hear you asking in the big lake they’re going to get eaten again by the
lizards and things how do you not because the big lizards they don’t like
the deeper water and the bigger Lakes they just tend to stick to the the
smaller ponds or if they do go in the big leagues they’re not going to get
that money because the fish can get away is so big the area water area but the
fish the bar Shan will eat some of your fish but when people come fishing in the
future they if they catch the bar Shan whistle eat you turn to as the fishing
leg you tend to let them have those free to encourage them to catch those hopefully you keep restocking and the
money will tick over so fishing in Thailand is a good
business if you’ve got the land and if you can get the people to come fishing
in a village is not going to be foreigners really unless I bring friends
and things I’m too far away from the main roads so it’ll be local people
providing I get the right food and drink there the right prices it should do well
so the fishing is going to be a win okay I’ve lost a bit on those fish but it’s a
learning curve I’ve got the pond there I’ve got the latest case of builders and
concrete vats and build it up the other side of the fishing I did buy when I was
at the wholesale market a shop had gone bust and I bought twenty twenty-five
aquariums I think they were about two foot by fifteen inches by twelve and all
the stands so I put a big row of these tanks behind the house and I’ve got some
discus fish and sand beaches and some other
Go Fish and again I thought rival to a breeding program so I started that but
had to come back to the UK and the person looking after them didn’t do a
good enough job and lost they all passed away sadly again I need to teach
somebody to the pasture to do that for me
and definitely money in breeding fishes well things like discus and beaches
there’s a big market especially if you’re prepared to export out of
Thailand and so that’s another little business for the future but fish fishing
nate is going to be a win lost a bit on those fish and that is a business that’s
going to be ongoing and I will do in the future so smoker was good and then bad
ticking over Carlos was good bad Dolly’s fishing day
is going to be ok and what else
another new business I’ve just started I’ll do in the next vlog and that is
cows hmm I’m not a farmer fact that I’m touching but that’s the money spinner I
would even go as far as saying you as a foreigner if you can get a bit of land
and a little bit of money to invest there’s a good earner there and I’ll
tell you all about that on the next vlog thanks for watching and see you next one


  1. Hi Simon, your blogs are great, down-to-earth, plain English. I cannot help watching them as you tell the good and the bad things what may happen. Are you sure your brother-in-law is called Michael, should it be Rodney I presume this time next year you all be millionaires. Thank you, John, from Manchester.

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