My #1 Tool for Leveling Up My Business

My #1 Tool for Leveling Up My Business

Okay, so one of the ways that I have
leveled up my business in a huge way and continue to do so is by getting out
attending live events and live conferences, workshops, mastermind
sessions, conferences. And this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it in these
videos, because it is so key. When I look at the learnings that I’ve had,
the trainings, the things that I’ve truly gotten and taken and implemented in a
huge way in my business, the biggest, most important ones were
ones I learned at live events. When I look at the most important joint venture
partnerships that I’ve done… in fact, if i look at the top 20 key joint venture
partnerships, I would say that 19 of those 20 were first
developed with people that I met at live events. I like to say of my top
partners, I’ve gone out to dinner with pretty much every single one of my top
partners at one time or another. If I look at the absolute top mastermind
partners, relationships, friends… all of those people I’ve met at live events.
Almost every single one of them I met at live events. Let’s say maybe five percent
of the most important relationships I have in business—either friends,
mastermind partners, joint venture partners, content partners, whatever—all
came from attending live events. If you look at all this in sum total, I’ve
been out to a lot of events. I think my first event I attended was
probably about five or six years… no, it was about four years into my business. And I wish I’d gotten out to one earlier, but back
in those days there weren’t events, you know. I think I started my business in
’96, and the first event I went to was in early 2000. And then I went to
another one in 2001, then in 2002, then 2003 I went to two, then in 2004 was like four… and I
continued on like that. They weren’t always convenient to get to. Sometimes I had to give
up other things to go to them. I had to leave my young family behind; I had to travel.
But I’ve gone to them on several different continents now, I think
probably three or four different continents now. I just made it a point.
Now there’s some people that are like, you know, Jeff, I can’t travel, I don’t
travel, they’re all far away. When are you going to come… this is the thing I’ll get from people. It’s like, Jeff, when are you going to come to like wherever? When are you going to come to
Ottawa, when are you going to come to Florida? No! That’s not the point. You don’t wait
for someone to come to you, you go to them because that’s what it takes.
At my last live event, we had people from more than 30 countries. I actually
think it’s more than 40 countries, but I know for sure it was more than 30 countries
and almost every state in the United States. We had people come from Japan
and Australia, from China, from Africa, from South America, just all over they came. And, you know, the people that travel the longest, those are the people
that are the most serious and those are the people that get the most done. So I’m not going to take that as an excuse that you live a long way from an
event. Get out to events. The impact when you’re rubbing shoulders with someone
and realizing that like… if you’re just starting out and you’re just wondering does this
really work, can it really work… get on a plane, get in your car and
go to an event and rub shoulders with the people and then decide whether it really
works. And you’re going to find a whole huge group of people that are having
huge success. And there is nothing you could possibly have that… getting that inspiration, getting that clarity and focus, there’s nothing out there that you can
learn from looking at a forum or looking at a Facebook post or anything
that could possibly compare to that. So I am a huge fan of live events. I’ve been personally doing my live events… the first one was in ’07 and I’ve done a bunch of them since then, I don’t know, probably 10 or 11 big
events and I’ve done I think it’s like 17 smaller group events or more. It’s probably more like 20 or 25 smaller group events. I like putting them
on. I think I do a really really good job of it. One thing I’m super-stoked about, super
excited about, is this new event I’ve got coming up which we’re calling LaunchCon.
Up until now I’ve been doing PLF Live every single year and it’s
grown into this big conference, and it’s basically me onstage teaching for three
days. It’s like this structured curriculum where I walk people through and it’s
absolutely awesome. In fact, the whole thing about can you make it to the event, I
recently had someone… it was two PLF Lives ago, it was a young man who had
come from France. I think he was 16 years old and he came by himself. He’d never
been over to the United States before. He figured out a way to get on a
plane, he flew, connected in Los Angeles, then flew into Phoenix and attended my event. And I was just so
impressed that this 16-year old young man from France came that I actually had
a personal meeting with him. I sat down with him. At my events, my
time is so structured and I’m pulled in so many different directions with a
thousand people that I really can’t afford to sit down and have one-on-one
conversations with people. I’m sure you can imagine if you have 1,000 people that want your
time over a three-day period, it’s not going to work. But I sat down with this young
man and he had an interesting question: what’s the most important thing in
business? So I answered his question. It was a great, quick conversation I had with him.
It was so impressive that he came from France. But like PLF Live—which I
love that event, it’s an incredible event, many of you have been to it…and scroll
down and leave a comment and tell people how awesome it is— but PLF Live is only for
the people of my high-end Product Launch Formula coaching program. The
general public can’t buy a seat into that. It’s very, very limited and it’s me
walking people through this structured curriculum. But my new event, LaunchCon, is going to be epic because I have this mastermind group called Platinum Plus
that I’ve had for six years now. In that group we’ve just developed these
amazing new advancements in the whole launch world. It’s new strategies,
tactics, new tools, new techniques that have just taken launches to the next
level. It’s interesting how brands evolve, how events involve. But I basically have Product Launch Formula, which is this coaching program and PLF Live and
they’re full, they’re packed to the rim. PLF Live is this three-day, long days,
where I’m walking people through this curriculum of how to get a launch done; the same thing with
with Product Launch Formula. And now I’ve got all these super advanced stuff that
I’ve developed with my Platinum Plus group and I just don’t have anyplace to
teach all that stuff… so that’s what LaunchCon is going to be. It’s going to
be this big umbrella over the launch world, like an industry conference for
the entire launch world, where we’re teaching these super advanced techniques
and strategies and tactics that we’ve developed in my Plus group. And unlike
PLF LIve, where I’m the only onstage for three days, now I’m going to have a lot of my Plat Plus folks, plus some of my guru friends
come out and actually speak at this event. A lot of these people you’ve never even
heard of before, because they’re off in their own little niches doing these
amazing launches so they’re not out there teaching how to do marketing
or anything like that. They’re not like super professional
speakers. They’re not going to be sitting there giving you sales pitches, but they’re going to
deliver amazing content that’s never been shared publicly outside of my Plat Plus
group. So I’m totally excited. It’s coming up. We’ll put up a link on
this page because it’s coming up in just a matter of weeks now. It’s going to be in Los Angeles. It’s going to be great. My nefarious plan behind
this whole thing is if everything goes right, I’m going to build this into a
major, huge industry conference, you know, tradeshow conference that’s all
about the launch world. This very first one, what I’m doing is, you know,
we’ve got six years of amazing learnings in that Plat Plus Group to
share with people. My Plat Plus folks are going to be sharing it, and I just want to put
a lot of people into the event so that the word of mouth, the people attending this, the word of mouth is going to be extraordinary. So I want as many people
as possible to experience to make sure that word-of-mouth just goes crazy. So
that’s my plan and that’s why if you click through, you’ll see that
I’ve priced this at such a crazy low level that some people are gonna be like
is this going to be any good? Trust me, it’s going to be absolutely
amazing. But the thing is, it’s coming up in a very short amount of time so go
ahead and click on through and check it out. LaunchCon, it’s gonna be amazing. It’s the thing in my business that
I am most excited about this year. It’s going to be extraordinary.
Can’t wait for it. So I’m Jeff Walker. Wherever you’re watching this, scroll
down, leave a comment. If uou think that you know someone that could really
benefit from this message about getting out and attending live events. You know,
maybe they’re sitting on the fence before they’re pulling the trigger
about going to an event or something… go ahead and share this with them. And
let’s go get ’em this week.


  1. Jeff, I am encouraged by all your enthusiasm for sharing your knowledge. Sometimes i and others can be stuck and we need to be refreshed and recharged. I think i watch every video you produce lately, and i consider you a mentor from afar. I know i can do this on line business! Thanks. Doug

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