1. For the oldheads that consider Roddy not even close to legends like Pac or Eazy, listen to Roddy’s lyrics. Listen to Mustard’s beat with the singing characterizing a classic. The influence of undoubtedly amazing stars that came before Roddy to create this masterpiece of a song. The song is just as good as Picture Me Rollin or Juicy, but with lyrics and beat modernized to fit the hip hop world today(as it should).

  2. Man omfg I love this fuckin song cant understood shit he’s saying but turn it tf up every damn time it come on💜💜💜💜

  3. Perfect song homie, anyone here needs good weed carts pillz or coke? Stay high get inspired like roddy he shops with us you too can shop with us shipping is now available world wide. If you need any of just let me know I would tell you how to get to us. Legit, just comment on mine

  4. "I was broke now I'm rich, these niggas salty"

    That line hits me on a whole 'nother level, every time I hear it

    We thank Nipsey for Roddy Ricch


  5. Emmanuel (God With Us) Macron, the EU European Union and the United Nations are the Palestinians agree to release the peace treaty. They are waiting for Trump and Kyshnet to present their deal on Tuesday and for their deal to be rejected. When you hear peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh.

  6. I swear i didnt know this was roddy,he sounds like 3 different area flows,this sounds like an artist from florida,specifically tampa,the box sounds like an artist from atl

  7. I was listening to this when I got the news about Kobe. Now this song will forever trigger that memory. 😢
    Damn. RIP ❤️

  8. There's really something in this song that reminds me of Kobe and the Lakers' championships in '09 and '10. Rest easy LEGEND, you might be gone but your story'll keep inspiring people forever 💜💛

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