More ways to control your homepage and suggested videos | Backstage at YouTube

More ways to control your homepage and suggested videos | Backstage at YouTube

Let’s talk about recommendations. If you’re a fan, it’s not always clear
why you’re recommended the videos you are and you wish you had more control
over what you’re seeing. And if you’re a creator, you want to know if your videos
are being recommended by our system. Today, we’re chatting
with some of our experts to dive into what we’re doing
to improve YouTube recommendations. Before we start,
let’s all get on the same page. What are recommendations? Recommendations are the personalized content
that appears on the YouTube home feed or theUp nextlist. My team’s goal is to help viewers
find the video that they want to watch and to keep them satisfied. Recommendations all start with creators. You make the videos,
and when viewers start to watch them our systems try to figure out what other viewers
would enjoy your content as well. By now you might be thinking, “Okay cool, but what if I don’t like
YouTube recommendations?” One way to give us feedback
on what we’re recommending to you is through theNot interestedbutton
on a specific video. On top of that, we’re excited to announce
that we’re adding even more features that will give you more control
over what you see, will provide more insights
into recommendations, and will help you find
what you’re looking for faster. First, you can now choose topics
based on videos you watch. One thing I’m really excited about
is we’re now giving more control to users to filter their recommendations
on bothHomeandUp next. This means that if you’re interested
in cooking or comedy, you can click on a button
to make sure that your recommendations are just showing that topic. We’re also looking at maybe other attributes
that users are interested in. For example, maybe someone is in the mood
to watch a live piece of content or something that’s new,
recently uploaded on the platform. So we’re trying to mix
between topics and these attributes. Also, on theUp nextpanel, if a user is watching a video
from a specific creator, we give them the ability
to filter the recommendations on theUp nextpanel to just that creator. Next, we’re giving you more control over what channels appear
in your recommendations. We’re giving users the ability
to block a channel from showing up in their recommendations. But don’t worry, just because
they don’t show up in your recommendations doesn’t mean you can’t find them
when you search for the channel, or if you subscribe to the channel. Want to know why we’re recommending a video? You’ll now be able to see text
under some of your recommendations that gives a better explanation
for why we’re giving you this recommendation. Our strategy here is to tell you
we’re recommending this video to you because you’ve been watching
these other things that are similar to this content We’re also working on more ways
to discover new content. We’re going to be launching something
that allows users to explore more topics without ever leaving the home feed. Watch YouTube on your TV?
We’ve got some updates for you too. We’re also very excited to bring new features similar to what we’re doing
on desktop and mobile to the YouTube app on your TV. For example, if you’re logged in,
we’re now enabling you as a user to tell us if you’re not interested
in a piece of content. But we’re also exploring new ways
to explore topics on TV. So how is it that we recommend
content to viewers? Well, we use 80 billion unique signals
every day to create recommendations for YouTube users. We look at things like what you watch,
what you did not watch, where you watched it, likes and dislikes, sometimes users share content, and sometimes users tell us that they’re not interested
in a piece of content. So we look at all these signals together to determine what’s best
to recommend for a user. Now, if you’re a creator,
we use the other end of those signals to recommend your content. So if you want your videos to be recommended
to more potential new fans, be sure to focus on creating content
people watch all the way through and that has your fans coming back for more. Thumbnails and titles
are incredibly important, so we recommend that you avoid misleading, sensational, outrageous types
of thumbnails or titles because that’s not really
delivering on the promise when people actually watch your videos. A lot of people also ask us about tags. We’ve actually found that tags
give us limited information when deciding what viewers want to watch, so I would say don’t stress about it and really focus on the titles,
thumbnails, and descriptions being an accurate reflection
of what’s in your video. If you are a creator,
you can actually go intoYouTube analyticsand look at the differenttraffic sourcesto figure out where your videos
are being recommended. The suggested videos are the videos
that are recommended alongside or after other videos, and in thebrowse featuresyou can see
when your videos are being recommended on the home feed and otherbrowse features
like thesubscriptionstab. So what do you think about these updates?
Let us know in the comments! Or feel free to comment or tweet at us
at @TeamYouTube. See you next time!


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  28. When can we expect "Not interested" on Shield TV? The problem is compounded by recommendations being different in the TV app than on a computer, which means we can't "train" your recommendation engine by logging on to a different device. It would also be good if your algorithms or neural network looked for hints that a user automatically does not view any channel that uses an OMFGASM!!! approach to titles or thumbnails and keeps those out of the recommendations.

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  31. I have complete 104,827 Subscribers And 548,232 Watch Time hours in the previous 12 months please enable my monetization.Thank you

  32. I have complete 104,827 Subscribers And 548,232 Watch Time hours in the previous 12 months please enable my monetization.Thank you

  33. I have complete 104,827 Subscribers And 548,232 Watch Time hours in the previous 12 months please enable my monetization.Thank you

  34. I have complete 104,827 Subscribers And 548,232 Watch Time hours in the previous 12 months please enable my monetization.Thank you

  35. I have complete 104,827 Subscribers And 548,232 Watch Time hours in the previous 12 months please enable my monetization.Thank you

  36. I have complete 104,827 Subscribers And 548,232 Watch Time hours in the previous 12 months please enable my monetization.Thank you

  37. I have complete 104,827 Subscribers And 548,232 Watch Time hours in the previous 12 months please enable my monetization.Thank you

  38. I have complete 104,827 Subscribers And 548,232 Watch Time hours in the previous 12 months please enable my monetization.Thank you

  39. None of the features regarding recommendations work. I keep clicking the not interested, not interested because I've seen it, and not interested because I don't like the channel and a day or two later there it is again. It's user vicious. A lot of the new content I wind up watching comes from google searches.

    At least please fix the bozo filter, I truly don't want to deal with this more than once ever again. No means NO.

  40. Anyone know how to turn off posts (without videos) showing up on the start page on android? I'm on Youtube to watch videos not to read posts.

  41. I've been having issues with the YouTube home page recommendations for quite a while. Probably over a year now. I've reported it more than once. These are the issues I have:

    The recommendations I get are:

    1) Videos in my Watch Later list

    2) Videos I've already watched and that are in my watch history

    3) Totally irrelevant to what I normally watch

    I have repeatedly set these to "not interested" and "already watched". The irrelevant ones I've set to "don't like the video" and "not interested in channel". Not that it has helped.

    Can you please do something about this? I believe it's the third or fourth time I've told you about this and I know several other people have the same problem.

    A lot of videos I've already watched also show up in the right column when watching a video.

    I have followed the recommended actions to fix this (like deleting history) but it didn't work.

    Another issue that appeared recently is that when one video in my Watch Later list ends, it sometimes skips to a video that isn't in the list, even though I have disabled autoplay.



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