Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Norway 2020

Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Norway 2020


  1. This judging System truely is the worst. So not made for slopestyle, really makes watching the competition a lot less fun

  2. This judging system makes watching a lot more fun – they always seem to get to do a lot more than when they've got 2 or 3 set runs. It's epic.

  3. Can someone explain me why everyone does the same lines and almost no creativity in the runs? And is the course not made well because they all drop in way slower then any other slopestyle contest of snowboarding such a dissapointment

  4. The scoring thing is good for rail jam and knuckle huck… maybe even for the qualifiers but please dont use it in the finals :/

  5. Mc Morris is so boring 😑😑.
    All years the same tricks. No fun, no creativity, less style than lots of riders and always on the podium…
    Snowboard spirit can die with that 😥

  6. Don't really agree with judges. If they're basing it off of overall impression then Mark should of won. He landed more runs and switch it up on more features. Mark should of won in my opinion.

  7. This scoring is honestly boring to watch… I'm all for the evolving courses that really put more emphasis on rails and style, but like… overall impression? Basically encourages safe riding and haults people pushing the limits of snowboarding. You think that Dusty would've gone for a quad cork in the US Open for the first time ever if he didn't think it would help his score?

    Knuckle huck is about the only thing that this format really makes sense for.

  8. x games: how can we kill snowboarding?

    new intern: I have this new scoring system I've been working on.

    x games: now you are thinking

  9. Bias judging is not fair to the riders that put their body and their lives on the line to progress the sport.
    This made me not want to watch anymore snowboarding events.

  10. The judges wouldn't be able to explain their own decisions after run 1… and it s even worse at women's slopestyle…

  11. these x games announcers are so annoying. nobody needs your stupid storylines and hearing about cancer every single time max drops in. stop trying to make tv show idiocy out of this

  12. Hey X Games, are you going to read your comment section and listen to what your fans are saying? I haven't seen one positive comment about the new judging system. It might be time to re-think

  13. Just want to chime in on how much I dislike this scoring system. Here are several reasons why: (1) the riders are encouraged to play it safe and land at all costs instead of taking risks and riding to their full potential; (2) the viewers and the riders have absolutely no insight into why or how the runs were ranked (this was especially confusing when Darcy suddenly jumped to first after falling on several runs); (3) it makes the judging even more subjective and susceptible to bias; (4) it is harder for new viewers to understand what judges look for and why runs are scored the way they are; and (5) the suspense of waiting to see a score is gone. It’s like if they took the point system out of basketball or football and judges just decided which team “played better.” No one would watch it. I understand the desire to make snowboarding more about style and less about spin to win, but I think that is best accomplished through other events like the knuckle huck or the rail jam – not by fundamentally changing a tried and true fan favorite event.

  14. Absolutely RIDICULOUS scoring system. NO SUSPENSE whatsoever. C'mon Craig McMorris you KNOW you hate it. I get it… are paid to say its great… SUCKS!!!! (And by the way I live 5 minutes from LeBoldus in Regina ans was at Mission Ridge on the weekend). Congrats Mark!!!!!

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