Mit dem Fahrrad durch den Iran. Wir finden ein Küken, wie geht es weiter?

where are you from? from germany germany from germany? from germany to iran where in germany? thanks, thanks now we just left the last suburbs of teheran so with the suburbs the city has a diameter of maybe 100km pretty crazy no we are out we made it. we keep going for a bit then we look for a campingspot as you can see real desert, yes, it’s a desert crazy, i’m looking forward how it will be in the next days we are cycling on the shoulder of the four line highway through the desert i’m in the front with all the trash at the roadside i couldn’t notice it immediately and i’m hardly able to avoid the little, yellow piece of fur some meters further i stop while olga stopped immediately we bend down to the chirping, yellow baby chick It’s alive, i say shocked from the jump out of the 70km/h truck it’s lying, shaking in olgas hands no we have to interrupt the video because full of proud and joy, we want to announce that our first book about our journey through iran is now ready and available!
-ONLY IN GERMAN AT THE MOMENT- Inside Iran: How we traveled by bike and with a baby chicken through the country 226 pages, written by michel and over 40, beautiful illustrations, made by olga the link to the eBook and paperback is in the video description thanks for your support now we wish you lots of fun with the second iran video and if you ordered the book lots of fun while reading it! now, back to the video! hello we are close to qom on the highway many trucks pass by. but now just one truck passed and his back door was open and i saw some paper boxes and i thought, maybe it’s a chicken transporter and now, 1km further we found a baby chicken on the road he fell of the truck he looks that he isn’t injured and we will take him now otherwise he would die here and then we will think about what we can do but we can’t leave him behind and let him die he is quite good at least all the time chirping, or how do you say? tweeting but still shaking and afraid that changed fast, now we have a chicken he is really lucky maybe it was 60, 70 or 80km/h when he fall of the truck on the highway we found him and just some seconds later we found him otherwise he would’ve been hit by a car really lucky now he is quite fie, we’ll see i think we will adopt him, kind of her! probably it’s a her we’ll see we did some research what we can feed him potatoes should be quite good. we don’t have too many choices some people said couscous but that’s not available here later michel has to look for some worms we arrived in qom one of the most religious cities in iran as you may have seen in the background the women all of them are wearing these long, black clothes pretty crazy what’s also crazy: we are going to our couchsurfing host now and he warned us that we shouldn’t cycle in qom because for women it’s forbidden to cycle here but we wrote him no, that’s too much we are tourists i didn’t said him, but i think this is more than humiliating not allowing women to cycle we cycled more than 24.000km it’s country no. 29 and we really comply with the cultures and the country and the people we do it, but this is going way too far the nice thing is, the last 2 or 3km where we cycle through the city the people waved and joyed to us so, now i have the feeling that the people really like it, that we bring some new input that olga is cycling here so the people can see the women in a different way than just in this long black dresses let’s see if we arrive safely at our host but will be interesting for sure in qom we want to stay two nights i think we also have a cool couchsurfing host good evening we arrived safely in qom at our host we just went to the first sight the shrine of fatima masuma one of the most holy places in iran olga had to wear a Chador it’s called chador, or? the two showed us everything really impressive, really nice really interesting now we go to a mosque which must be nice at night and how is it? interesting frozen noodles, crunchy with lemon juice and rosewater so this are real noodles which are frozen a special dish in iran, Faloodeh we were two nights in qom pretty nice time with our hosts really nice, an interesting city very religious, interesting here in the background, you can see our little HERTHA, she is fine we got a new box she is very fine full of life so yeah we’ll see, we look forward to go out now in the breaks we can get her out then we have to see how we’ll manage it if we transport her in this box on the back of the bike no idea, we’ll see we just left qom now and made a family break a little picknick and michel drove over some thorns and has a flat tyre now we’ll have to search and patch it and this is our little Hertha she is looking carefully and is helping us then or maybe sleeps a bit tent is already up almost, olga is already cooking helga is also running around helga, no HERTHA! not helga helloo what do we have today? Onion-Lentil-bean-stew hello we are in Kashan, next stop we just check in a hostel looks really nice now we are in the fin garden one of the sights here and it should be one of the nicest gardens in all of iran here are many nice old tress and also lots of fountains and water and stuff like this really nice looks nice, but many people we always have much attention but with the tweeting so much more but now, not only pictures of michels hair are taken also with hertha now? and with me of course, because i have her we hope she gets tired soon so she sleeps in the night a disaster! we can’t leave now we have to wait until she gets tired one of the many historic merchant houses here rosewater is being destillated here it’s cooking the steam goes up into this pipe condensates and is being collected in these jars and that’s the rosewater and in kashan they produce really good quality so good that, someone told us, the kaba in mekka is being cleaned with it once a year so you can see we are back on the road we are leaving kashan now now we go a bit into the mountains we make a small detour to the village abyaneh i think it’s a UNESCO world culture heritage it’s one of the oldest villages in iran and so, also one of the most beautiful come here, little come she hears that a bit more shaking the good soja nuggets which routes do you choose careful what do we have? oats with soy chunks and greens ok, here left? done for today made 30km a lot of uphill we made 1000m in height tomorrow more uphill we just had a little downhill tomorrow we go further into the mountains really nice here quite cold we’ll see we made 20km good uphill now it gets harder, we leave the paved road and go on the gravel road through this vally it’s around 7 or 6.5km uphill 20 or 30m to go 50m then we are on top then it’s a bit flat maybe a bit uphill a bit downhill 5km or so and then it’s really downhill then it’s downhill we just arrived on top 4km to go, then downhill now it’s more or less flat not so steep there you can still see the road which we came zoom in, can you see it? a bit, yeah the last two days 1900m in height probably more quite exhausting for all of us here is the little one it’s quite cold up here but she has it warm there 6°C but there it’s warm in the bag, and if she wants to go out to do her stuff she starts to climb and you can notice it and then you can let her out and let her do her business and then take her back she is really smart maybe the first chicken on this pass morning here we pitched our tent yesterday next to the road it was quite cold last night definitely minus degrees the little one really cuddled with us we didn’t expect it our water bottle freezed completly frozen -3° -4° -5°C… definitely quite cold we cuddled and this morning all frozen but now it’s nice again, sunshine 9.30A.M. i think it’s now 12 or 13km to abyaneh the village, which is the reason we are here in the mountains and blue sky, sun is shining i think we’ll have some nice views she flies away, she already got so big wings good one of the oldest and nicest villages in iran that was nice beautiful a bit touristic but the way to it was worth it beatiful landscapes that was cool now more downhill on a paved road now we look for a campingspot now here it looks quite good away from the road with a nice view to the mountains looks nice we’ll find a nice place for sure how does it feel to be a star, and go from photoshooting to photoshooting that’s crazy that’s life as a star what can i do i didn’t choose this blond and curled hair in iran that’s tough a normal day with Michel Jürgensen let’s see what will happen how many photoshootings we’ll have signing sessions that’s a special experience to walk under a bridge and it’s so huge as you can see, the water is missing hello we just installed a camera for hertha to check what she is doing while we cycle great

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